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St. Charles mother charged with making meth

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - A St. Charles County mother is charged with making methamphetamine with her young child nearby.

34 year-old Natalie Goreham lived in her mother’s basement with her young son.  She’d been there less than two months, when undercover officers caught her with meth.  St. Charles County Prosecutor Tim Lohmar says, “The most significant piece of that was that there was a five year-old child that was in the basement bedroom no more than a dozen feet away from where the meth lab was found.”

It was a dangerous situation for all residents of this St. Peters home, especially for the child.  Lohmar explains, “You have fires that can happen, dangerous chemicals that can impact a child probably more significantly than an adult, and who knows if a child is left unattended with the materials that go into these labs.”

The boy was not harmed, and was taken into protective custody.  Family members are living with a neighbor, since their home is contaminated.

Goreham used to live in O’Fallon, but her mobile home was condemned this past October, also because of meth.  Since then, her husband has pled guilty to manufacturing methamphetamine and two counts of child endangerment.

A former neighbor says, “He was cooking in the bathtub with them little kids in the house. It’s sad.” This neighbor is shocked that Goreham was allowed to keep her son, after all that happened. Court records show this isn’t the first time she’s been charged with endangering a child. She's also faced previous burglary and drug charges.

Lohmar says this time it’s likely that Goreham won’t get her child back. He explains, “Generally, in a case such as this, where there’s an active meth lab, and a child is living in the home where the lab exists, it’d be an extraordinary situation if the child was not removed from the home.”

Goreham is now charged with possession and manufacturing methamphetamine, along with child endangerment. She’s being held on a $50,000 cash-only bond, and faces up to 29 years if convicted.

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    • Ace Baily

      Dude, unfortunately there are many out there that are mothers, that are biologic mothers only. This happens to be one of them. Part b, the father in this case is one of societies leading examples of what not to be as a father, and when 2 people that have no concern for anything but their next dose of any thing such as meth , heroin or any other substance , it is the children that suffer the most.

  • KL

    This is not a “St. Charles mother”, she is a “St Charles County mother”, residing in St. Peters, MO. Fox 2 does not seem to know that St. Charles, MO is a city that is one of many in St. Charles county. It’s like calling a woman residing in Mehlville, MO a “St. Louis woman” just because Mehlville is in St. Louis county.

    • Ben Dover

      I don’t know what you are reading but it states at the very beginning of the article that the story originates in St. Charles County, not St. Charles City.

  • Carol Charleville Gill

    The woman is a drug addict, drug addiction is a PHYSICAL disease, the woman need to be prayed for & to get rehabilitated. I pray none of your relatives are drug addicts, I am sure you’d kick them to the curb too!! Where is the compassion God wants us to have??

    • Ace Baily

      compassion is fine, however there is something in this world called reality. rehab sounds great also, but when the next fix is all that is important to people, rehab is merely a word.

  • John

    This is a perfect example of trailer trash. Unfortunately, the kids are the ones who lose in the end.

    • Kevin

      I didn’t see where it said she lived in a trailer. You have an issue with people that live in trailers. I have a nice double wide. It’s been paid off for 5 years. I know lot’s of very nice people that live in trailers. I have some very nice neighbors and I love my neighborhood. Getting my point?

      • Bart

        Kevin: From the article “Goreham used to live in O’Fallon, but her mobile home was condemned this past October”

  • s sam

    normally I don’t feel like this but she’s had quite a few childrendo food stampsgot food stamps for the one she don’t haveseems to be abusive to her childrenand she clean up after a murderif that’s what you wanna call itshe was the one that gave the guy the drugs and he died is what I heard

  • Mike

    Why do we contintue to call these meth “Labs”? These are not scientists or chemists. By using that word we are giving these loons too much intellectual credit. Its a 2 liter bottle with baking soda and diesel fuel. Not much of a “lab” I would say.

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