Vine social media star makes appearance at Six Flags

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EUREKA, MO (KTVI) - A social media sensation was at Six Flags in St. Louis and if you have a teen daughter, chances are she was there.

Carter Reynolds started posting Vine videos and now has close to 3.5 million followers. His dad who actually grew up in St. Louis told me, "he’s kinda of a shy kid, but when he gets in front of his phone he turns into a completely different person."

Hundred of girls swarmed Carter as he went from ride to ride at Six Flags.

Carter saw an opportunity and went after it by posting Vine videos a year ago. On a family vacation people started noticing Carter.

Carter loads funny videos and relates to his generation.

Thanks to these videos Carter has close to 3 and half million followers, he moved out to LA, he gets to tour and interact with his social media fan base and he just turned 18 signing a deal Aeropostale.

His uncle lives in Fenton and his dad grew up in Chesterfield. Although Carter didn’t grow up in Missouri, his dad is using his home grown St. Louis roots to keep him grounded no matter how big he gets.

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