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Woman claims she was the victim of racial profiling at outlet mall

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI) – Shopper Latoya Williams says she`s angry and frustrated. Her problems started after a trip to the St. Louis Premium Outlet Malls in Chesterfield last Friday.  According to Williams she was having lunch with a friend and 12-year-old girl when she was suddenly surrounded by mall security and police. The 25-year-old claims she was accused of shoplifting from Carter`s, a store William`s says she never went to.

'I felt like I was being racially attacked because if it was anyone of another background they would give answers, details and surveillance. I didn`t get to see anything. All staff from the mall security and Chesterfield police department should have better training on how to treat people of different backgrounds.' said Williams

FOX 2 contacted Chesterfield police about the incident and officials say all of their officers go through sensitivity training. Officials also say internal affairs is investigating and talking to a veteran officer. The investigation should be done in 30 days. St. Louis Premium Outlet Mall representatives responded saying their security staff followed protocol. FOX 2 also made contact with Carter`s management on Wednesday and was told to expect a call back and so far no response.

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  • LaKeisha Thomas

    She just a lonely women that wants attention and money from the public. Nice try! Go to the city outlet and maybe you won’t have to deal with Chesterfield.

  • Julia Bowen

    There is a Latoya Williams from St. Louis (Overland) who has a record for stealing; may not be her…..would like more details of the incident before making a conclusion.

    • Bob

      There’s 145 entries in Casenet for people named Latoya Williams. A very common name in the courtroom.

    • Jim

      A common name. Not like Shaneeka, with can be spelled dozens of ways, with sha, she, shi, with one e or two, i, ie, ei, k, ck, c, q with or without a u. After all that, insert a random apostrophe and the combinations are endless.

  • John

    Acting up…no packages…just trying to go and see what she can steal. Go to the mills next time.

  • Latresha B

    Is it so hard to believe that she just wants to raise awareness. You guys are just racist pathetic people. Sitting around waiting to judge someone?

  • Ace Baily

    a problem that exists, and I expect heat for this statement, is that if one is a citizen of the united states, that is what it is, not german american african american or any other tag in front of AMERICAN.

  • MK

    t’s just odd that when it’s black on white, it seems to never be considered racism, and it’s never really news worthy or at least not headline. Hmmm…….I don’t get that.

  • DC

    So maybe she looked like someone else who was in the store. I get told all the time I have a twin here or there. I guess I am a victim of Blonde profiling!

  • charlie harper

    Are you kidding me?! Its not racial profiling if she resembles a suspect, black or not. If she doesnt like how business is done in chesterfield, go back up north!

  • memegunz

    Racism is a major problem in the St Louis area. It is easy to see that this was a slave state back in the day. Nobody should be treated like this. Everybody should be treated the same. I hope she sues and wins. If you think this is not an injustice, you are a racist!

    • rose

      MEM, Of course you think that, because you are a racist. This is what you do, turn everything into a racial matter, had this girl been white, your comment would have been totally different, that is, if you would have even commented because it wouldn’t have mattered to you.

      • rose

        MK, your right, it would not have made the news. The reason being that she would not have made a racial issue out of mistaken identity, if that is the real case.

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  • CrissyS

    It’s so easy for white Amercians to assume and just think just because your African Amercian and something comes up missing that you did it ..are if your drving in a nice neighborhood that you don’t belong and your up to no good so your pulled over and questioned because of your race hence the whole story line was about get being profiled you idiots which happens to me all the fucking time and it’s annoying .however working in retail I’ve found that white ppl steal too if not more then blacks and they capitalize on the fact that blacks are the one being watched and not them now think about that

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