County police take over investigation into Sunset Hills mayor accused of striking biker

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SUNSET HILLS, MO (KTVI) – The St. Louis County "Crimes Against Persons" unit will take over the investigation of the Mayor of Sunset Hills accused of deliberately striking a bicyclist.   Sunset Hills Police were investigating the incident which has the cyclist’s lawyer crying foul.

Randy Murdick claims that Mayor Mark Furrer ran his car into him, knocking him off his bike on purpose. The says this is not true.  He insists the cyclist started it all. Murdick said he was not far from Old Gravois Road and Kennerly Mayor Mark Furrer pulled up next to him in his red Mercedes and yelled at him.  Murdick said “He kept hollering to get off his road.”

Murdick said his Achilles tendon was torn, and he was badly bruised plus his $12,000 dollar bike was damaged.


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  • rose

    There should be an outside agency performing the investigation. No agency should investigate one of their own, makes the outcome questionable on either side.

  • TheREALByeBye2PhonyPrivilegedLiars

    So, this cyclist did get the attention of the County Police.

    Hmmm – I’m thinking perhaps the cyclists may be wealthier and/or of a higher rank in social class than the mayor! Certainly could be – and because this is the American justice system, I’m guessing that’s the case here. Ordinary folks would have never gotten the police to take it this far. Plus the $12,000 fancy pants bike and the selfish attitude of the cyclist as more important than any other traffic screams rich, privileged guy.

    I hope the cyclist learns a lesson. Maybe next time he whizzes past a stop sign at 25MPH with no regard for anyone but his own arrogant self he’ll really get hit by a car (driven by an equally arrogant driver not paying attention, maybe) and be hurt worse next time.

    The part that seems SO phony on the cyclist’s part is why the mayor would “just come up on him” and start cursing him. Sounds very unlikely to me. What did the cyclist do to provoke that reaction? Running a stop sign, then parking himself in the middle of the lane in front of Mr. Mayor would certainly seem a justifiable reason to “engage” somebody as such. So I still think all the evidence shows this cyclist was just another one of those arrogant “fancy pants” types.

      • ByeBye2StupidRepulicanPeople

        Wow, Neil, you just sound like a childish dimwit. Is that the best you can come up with?

    • Roger

      Cyclist said he didn’t run the stop sign. Even if he did, what the mayor appears to have done was assault and battery with a deadly weapon if he intentionally hit the cyclist. And does this give me the right to ram your car next time you roll through a stop sign? I don’t me accidentally as you are doing it, but follow you down the road, yell at you and ram you. Or can I just take out my glock and execute you on the spot?

    • Rhonda Lee

      So apparently you were at the scene because you can confirm that he was “running a stop sign” and “parking himself in the middle of the lane” (which by the way is a cyclists right to do so — called “taking the lane” in bicycle parlance).

  • lsl guy

    I doubt the bikers story. Very few bikers obey the laws. Many run stop signs and lights. They are horrible.

    • Roger

      No worse than drivers… Almost hit a guy this morning who rolled his stop sign in his elitist BMW. If I hadn’t been riding defensively I would have. Had to swerve around his front end which was half way into the traffic lane. Difference was this morning I would have hit him with my 3500 lb truck not my 17 lb bike.

    • Rhonda Lee

      I doubt the mayor’s story. Very few mayors obey the laws. Many run stop signs and lights. They are horrible.

  • Rose Ohse

    I am a cyclist and ride about 100 miles a week to train for the Charity event Bike MS 150 miles in 2 days, which is held in Columbia, MO the first weekend in September every year and raises a lot of money for those suffering from MS, to help them and their families, and research dollars to hopefully one day find a cure! So not every cyclist out there is arrogant as mentioned above. Fortunately I live in the country and am able to ride on less traveled roads, but still have my share of disgruntled drivers. I personally would not want to ride in all the traffic, but if that is where you live that is where you have to ride. As much as drivers hate us, we do pay taxes and have the right to ride on any rode we choose. Most other countries in the world, bicycles are an accepted means of transportation, but Americans just don’t get that. I agree there are inconsiderate cyclist as well as inconsiderate drivers, we just need to learn to share the road. If you are that driver that thinks bikes should not be on the road and pass us with only 12″ between us even though there are no oncoming cars just to let us know we need to get off the road. Was it worth the way your life would change when you hit and kill one of us and you are accused of manslaughter???

    • Ace Baily

      the way the stories have been presented about this situation, there seems to be 2 very arrogant individuals involved here, and unless there is some eye witness that did see this incident from the start, this confrontation between the 2 will go on forever. the roads are loaded with drivers that make their own traffic laws, and ignore the traffic laws in place, and there are bike riders that do the exact same. put the 2 together, and the situation is ripe for a problem.

      • Roger

        It has been reported there were three eyewitnesses, as well as a 911 tape of one of the witnesses calls as he was chasing the mayor’s car, all of which support the cyclists story.

      • Rhonda Lee

        Where is the arrogance from the cyclist? All he said was that someone swore at him, hit him, and then fled the scene.

  • realhousewivesof

    Is that a man or woman biker behind the plantiff? S/he is wearing a shirt that says “Keep Calm and Hold the Line”. What does that mean? Bikers have hundreds of options to ride that don’t include busy roads, which were designed & built for cars, not bikes.

    • ByeBye2StupidPeople

      I was thinking the same thing. What does that mean? Sounds to me like it’s revealing of their arrogant attitude: I take it to mean “we’re not pulling over or budging when we’re holding up a line of traffic on a busy two-lane road because we’re special”.

      I AM all for sharing the roads with bicyclists, however. But the key word there is “SHARING” – cyclists should NOT consider this to be “hogging” the road, as most of the arrogant ones do. They should pull over when they can for faster auto traffic, and stop at stop signs where there is traffic (even I think it’s okay to run a stop sign on your bike if you’re sure the road is clear, which you usually have plenty of time to determine – seems a waste of energy to fully stop for nothing!) It’s as simple as that!

      But I see cyclists all the time almost every day who don’t stop at stop signs when there are lines of cars waiting at them, especially in the Central West End. They’re just taking a risk – and need to accept the consequences when they lose. I hope the gal (guy?) with that T-shirt accepts that.

      • dcahillane

        “Hold your Line” is a term from bike racing wherein a group of cyclists need to trust their riding partner to maintain their position in the group rather than swerving back and forth. Sometimes a reminder is needed and yelled out “Hold your Line!”. No arrogance AT ALL!.

        I see cars all the time almost every day who don’t stop at stop signs. I’m sure you do too. I see bicyclists do it too. Is this a capital offense that qualifies for immediate execution without trial? The mayor of Sunset Hills seems to think so!

    • Rhonda Lee

      “hold your line” means ride in a straight line and don’t weave. When riding in a pack of cyclists, it is critical that you ride in a straight, predictable manner because your wheels are only inches away from someone else’s. If you swerve just a little bit, your wheels will touch and cause a huge wreck for yourself and everyone behind you.

  • Tim Wilson

    Let’s see what the St. Louis County Police investigation reveals.
    Then we can go from there.
    No matter what happens ALL the people will never be happy with this crash investigation.

  • John

    Sad to say that the Grant Trail is within a few miles of where this happened and that cyclist could have been riding on that. If he can afford a $12,000 bike, he can sure afford a $150 bike rack for his car. He sounds lke a whiner.

    • Rhonda Lee

      Trails and bike paths are great for recreation, but according to the law, bicycles are not restricted to those facilities. Millions of people around the world use bicycles as transportation.

      • Clementine

        I fully doubt that the cyclist type in this discussion with the “fancy pants” and the $12,000.00 or more bikes are biking to work. These bikers are doing this for recreation and a statement. Why? Because the law says they can. If the bikers were loaded with backpacks and obviously biking to work, I would have no problem commuting with them as they would most likely obey the law since they have somewhere to go and make a paycheck. I have seen this type of random bicyclist actually riding with an end goal other than getting 25 miles in for recreation. The enthusiasts that run the stop signs, stop lights and idle up next to drivers in a motor vehicles’ space are disobeying the law and hurting their entire cause. I think the cyclists are going to up the ante and end up with license plates and bicycle taxes :-) if they continue with “equal rights” since they are encroaching a fever pitch with their cause.

        I read some interesting things on Interestingly enough, there is a spot where cyclists can report “Unsafe Motorists.” Unfortunately because bicyclists are anonymous, ie, no license plates and absolutely no way to identify them, motorists cannot report an unsafe bicyclist.

        Under Missouri’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Laws section of, there is a MS Word download “Bicycle Tips/Bicycle Laws–safety tips for bicyclists” which states: “Bicyclists have the same rules, rights and responsibilities as other drivers. For example, bicyclists must stop at stop signs and drive on the right-hand side of the road. Anyone riding slower than the speed limit shall stay as far to the right-hand side as safe.” But yet, on the other side of the column under “On-Road Safety Suggestions,” it states: “Obey the law. Not stopping at a stop sign is dangerous and makes motorists feel that a bicyclist isn’t being fair.” Interesting statement since the bicyclist is breaking the law and not only not being fair, it is putting the cyclist in danger and motorists.

    • JB

      What’s the point of owning a bike and using a car? Of course he’s a whiner he has a $12,000 bike. The link is obvious $12,000 bike = Whiner.
      Grant Trail = mountain biker
      Road bike = road.
      John = dumbass

  • jim

    first off, old gravois where it happened does not have a lot of traffic. second, the cyclist in question is an elite athlete, having him ride on multi use trails is a danger to him and others. third, on the 8th there is the sunset hills triathlon, and event he is participating in and was training for and get this—it’s the 5th annual event. fourth, the mayor has to sign off allowing it to happen “on his roads.”

      • JB

        Arhh did mommy and Daddy not buy you an action man. I know, buy yourself a pointless SUV, that will give you that Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry feeling, although I suspect his dick would be bigger than yours!! Not the one between your shoulders the one in the folds of your fat.

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