Durbin, Kirk push for federal action on Asian carp

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CHICAGO (AP) _ Illinois’ two U.S. senators are pressing federal officials to take action against the threat of Asian carp and other invasive species.

Democratic U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and Republican U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk sent a letter Thursday to the White House Council on Environmental Quality. Other Great Lakes senators also signed the letter.

They say urgent action is needed to protect the Great Lakes and Mississippi River basin.

The senators say an Army Corps of Engineers report earlier this year proposed long-term, multibillion-dollar solutions to prevent the spread of invasive species. Those recommendations continue to be debated.

But the senators say officials should take action on other, short- and medium-term actions that could more easily get regional consensus. They say that should happen as soon as possible.


  • Mascoutan

    Awesome! Setup a big fishing program where commercial fisheries catch the fish, process the fish into patties and fish sticks and feed the poor – like all of the South American countries sending children to our bourder.

  • morrow

    With all the strange foods that we are eating today , why isn’t there a receipt for this fish? I worked at a dye manufacturer for years, and i grind thousands of pounds of beetles (bugs) called Cochineal imported from South America that had the color extracted from them to be used in food products such as pink grapefruit juice and other natural red products. The finish color is called Carmine.

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