Argument at family reunion turns deadly in Blanchette Park

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) – An argument turned fatal during a family reunion Saturday night at Blanchette Park on the north side of St. Charles City.  Police report it resulted in the murder of a 24-year-old man.

It happened just before 7 pm in front of the Grove Restroom building and just yards  from picnickers.  A private party was underway at the park swimming pool half a block away.

Lt. Michael Akers of St. Charles City Police Department said the victim and his assailant knew each other.  Police are looking for a 19-year-old who fled the scene on foot.  The Metro Air Support helicopter assisted in the search.

Chakita Fields was in the park enjoying the evening.  She said she administered CPR to the young man who had collapsed.  “It took a long time for the ambulance to arrive,” she said.

Tracy McKinney of Wentzville shared the same concern.  She was attending a pool party with her family.  She saw the ambulance arrive.  “The police never came to tell us anything about what happened,” she said.  Her 14-year old daughter Holly said,” what would have happened if the guy with the gun came back to the pool?  It scared me.”

McKinney complained police failed to block off a park area from children where the helicopter landed.  She added, “I think the police should be more involved and around.  I don’t think they did a good job today at all.”

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  • thinkaboutit

    It all goes back to parents/schools not being able to punish there children like they were able to years ago. When a child talks back or says a curse word in school there hand gets smacked with a ruler or dosent obey there parent, they get there back side tanned. Thats whats wrong with our society now days. Not the color of your skin or where you may live.

    • Jeff

      I think you’re close. Zero tolerance in schools is the problem in my view. Kids don’t learn to lose a fight and walk away. Everyone gets a trophy so nobody learns to lose. They just continue to escalate knowing that everything in life ends with a win.

  • Notmyname

    Then they have the nerve the police should of done a better job, shouldn’t of allowed one of your bro’s to bring weapons to a family get together in the first place. Always someone else’s fault.

  • Someone that cares

    This is a very unfortunate thing that happened so close to home. I feel the deepest empathy for family and friends of this young man that was just trying to make it in his journey of life.
    I don’t think it’s really anyone’s place to make remarks about st. Charles being ghetto or north county being ghetto or you are going to move to Wentzville. There’s crime everywhere. There’s nothing we can really do about it. EXCEPT our police enforcers couldve and shouldve done a better job. I know how the st. Charles county 911 number works it’s like calling a hr company in over seas. They need to figure out a better way to run things with a boy running on foot they should have had him.
    Sorry for my rant but mostly sorry for the family members and loved ones that lost someone special in their lives today.

    • Dj

      This is just beyond disgusting how people are reacting to this. White people kill white people too. People are people good and bad in all races. Why does there even have to be a race mentioned a Man/Father/Grandson/ and Son died for no reason last night. My heart goes out to the Family of him I did not know him but, as someone who cares for others I feel saddened by this. Bless this Family and his Children. And, why did the police not get there quicker or the Ambulance faster? This needs to be fixed. maybe they could have saved him or caught the kids who did this.

  • 6stn

    Crime isn’t everywhere. Police aren’t the problem. Teachers aren’t the problem. The problem is at home.

  • kristin Kitrelm

    These comments are absolutely disgusting. You all didn’t even know him and how great of a guy he was! You think there isn’t crime everywhere? Its in the “rich areas”, its in wentzville troy warrenton. Everywhere! All you guys can do is talk about a dead man you never knew and pass judgement? Its sickening. He was a good man with a brand new baby boy. Not a hood rat or thug or gangster. Look in the mirror before you try to blast a dead man you know nothing about. You all are the reason ignorance and racism still exists.

    • Joe

      Just shows how comments on stories are unnecessary. Back in the day people who just whine to their friends, now they can whine to a larger audience.

  • Bec

    Seriously?! It’s a family reunion. I’ve gotten angry at a family before, but to go that far. That’s insane. Why do you need to take a gun to a family reunion to begin with? My empathy to this family.

    • michelle

      I’m pretty sure it was the st charles picnic. They don’t call it that anymore so its called a family reunion

      • Margie Heath

        And? So what point is there that it was the “St. Charles Picnic” which historically was called the August Picnic? I attended a few of them myself years ago and it is irrelevent that it was this picnic. It’s also irrelevent that it happened in St. Charles. Murder has been happening in St. Charles since…well, forever. I am in my 50’s and a friend of mine was murdered when we were 17 years old. It wasn’t “hood rats” or thugs that did it. And to Darryl-yes, I did live in a predominantly black neighborhood. And I am white. Never once had my car or home broken into. Not once. Free your mind people. It isn’t a “color” that causes crime. It’s a mentality. It’s how familes raise their children. It’s many things but you cannot blame a particular race.

  • Allen Mo

    99% of these problems wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have any bridges over the Missouri river.. Right wing red necks? Call people what ever you want, words don’t have any power unless YOU give them power. My guess would be that the two individuals involved in this (if registered) would fit into the left leaning party. So if calling me a right wing red neck defines me as being responsible for my actions and holding my children and people around me to a high standard, then I guess that’s what I am, and thank you for acknowledging that and giving me that badge of honor… I have to ask, why does everyone in STL and STL county come over here (right wing red neck communities) for parties and reunions?

  • Kelly

    I’ll tell you what bothers me! I can’t watch the video unless I pay to download some “hook player” video player.

  • rose

    Doesn’t matter where your at, when you see large groups of a certain race congregating, LEAVE. Nothing good is going to happen.

  • St. Charles Resident

    I must agree that calling 911 in St. Charles is a joke! You call, get put on hold, transfered, called back and told you were transferred to the wrong dispatch etc. Then they cock an attitude because I want answers. Glad i wasn’t murdered…the killer would have been long gone before my phone call was complete! It’s absolutely rediculous and dangerous. I am moving out of St. Charles soon and so glad. Not knocking all law enforcement but St. Charles needs to step it up, especially with all this booming crime!

  • Bob

    Why can’t people show up for a high school reunion or a family reunion without loaded guns ready to shoot someone? No, this doesn’t happen everywhere, just in certain cultures.

  • tax paying citizen

    This is very sad and sickening. I’ve gone to this waterpark twice due to the coupons they sent out and tried it out, everyone has always been nice and polite. It’s sad to know this happened and as for the comments, people of any race will always have something to say, words are given power, they don’t mean anything. If you know who and what you are, there’s not a name “man” can call you that will stir you. Sending prayers not only to the person who lost his life, but society as a whole because regardless how you feel, unless you make your own island with yourself and corner it off from the world, you will encounter people of all races, opinions and lifestyles. Teach your children from birth respect and moral, racism does exist yes, but only when you allow it.

  • iamwinstonsmith

    Wow. Another racist gun made a black thug shoot another black thug.

    We need to stop violence by punishing all these racist guns that are making black people commit violent crimes at ten times the rate of white people.

    Stupid racist guns.

  • Shannon

    You people make me sick. He was a good man, a father , a son, a brother and you sit here and belittle him not knowing him at all. How is he trashy? Is it because he is black? You people are sick. He was raised in St. Charles. Does that make him gangsta or too thug? Color of his skin shouldn’t matter…he lost his life over someone else being petty. He just became a father, and a great one too. That’s what we need in this world. He was building a life for himself, going to school and working to provide for his family. That does not make him a thug! That makes him a great man in my eyes. He had a heart of gold and would help anyone he could. All I can say is I hope they catch him and I hope he rots in hell. RIP Martell

    • Brenda

      My condolences to the family we were on the sidewalk when it happened headed to pool party. Tragedy is not nearly a strong enough word. It is terrible that some are using this as a platform to spew racial venom. This world lost another dad. When will we connect over the human element we all share.

    • Bob

      Martell Crump of St. Charles, MO: Deliver/Attempt to Deliver/Poss/Deposit/Conceal Contrld Substance at Corr Fac, City/Co Jail or Priv Prison/Jail { Felony C }, Possession Of Up To 35 Grams Marijuana, Property Damage 2nd Degree (twice), Resisting/Interfering With Arrest, Detention Or Stop. 2 pages of “criminial infractions”, sounds like he was supporting his drug habit.

      • tigerrun

        What a wonderful man. Too interested in breaking the law instead of being a productive person in society. Next the family will be asking for money to bury him. Sell some of his drugs to pay for it.

      • ashley

        So even if he had made some bad choices in his life that doesn’t mean he deserved to die! why look up a man that was just murdered and then commenting about them? What’s the point? This man lost his life… He has a newborn son that now has go through life not being able to grow up with his father because some 19 year old killed him! Why don’t you post about the KILLER? Why be so negative towards the father that lost his life?

  • Sara

    Bad things happen everywhere and because you are white and live in St Charles will not save you. I grew up in St Charles. Its doesnt make me special. The only diseased way of thinking is the way the minds of our kids are being poisoned by the hatred and closed minds of the parents who are teaching them and guiding them. Skin color doesnt matter. Take a step forward not back. A man is dead. Killed. That is a tragedy no matter the situation. Get off your high horse and just shut your hillbilly racist redneck mouths and go back to shit talking the president. Lastly heres a fun fact cops in Berkeley are stopping young white males and searching them especially from the St Charles area because little rich kids are bringing heroin over the bridge to sell it. Lol

    • rose

      SARA, Oh my, that would be PROFILING!!! But that is not uncommon in Berkeley. I have a friend that moved there 5 years ago, from a rural area and not having a clue, until her house was broken into 4 times, windows broken, doors kicked in, her car almost totaled from vandalism, not to mention a 15 year old daughter. Berkeley police told her she needed to move because she was causing too much trouble being white in that area. THEY went to her landlord, got her out of her lease, got her deposit and all rent back for her so she could afford to move. Now, what do you think would happen if that happened to a Black family in a white neighborhood? Besides making the headlines on the news. Profiling has been around a long time, in more races than one.

      • Sara

        It is. I work in St. Charles and I dont know how many of my customers complain about getting pulled over for a “dwb” driving while black. Lol I dont know if this is true or not but profiling happens everyday. Its sad but I dont think it will ever change.

  • Fred

    He was a good guy… Yeah right. He only had a robbery charge, property damage, and possession with intent. Yeah real swell guy!

  • Brenda

    My condolences to the family! Everyone that I encountered with that party was very friendly and one lady even offered me her spot as she was leaving. I had my sons powerchair that I had to unload so I ended up parking on the back side of the pool. We had just walked through the parking lot, headed to the pool when we heard the shot. It was chaos, a large group of teenagers ran screaming into the field. That was when the reality hit me and I realized it was not a firework. I was overwhelmed with emotion when ambulance and police showed up. My children played blissfully unaware at the back to school pool party. We didn’t know if we should stay or go, whether the shooter was still in the park or apprehended. Our van was all the way on the other side in the last parking place by boys and girls club. Twins, a toddler, and my sons powerchair to all be loaded made it difficult to decide which was safest. It was the assumption of the majority that surely the danger had passed or else the police would have secured the area and informed pool staff to lock down pool. It would have been so easy for shooter to jump in someone’s car and force them to take him out of park. There were no vehicle checks upon exiting the park or anything.

    Again, my deepest sorrow to his family and utmost respect to the woman who began CPR before first responders arrived.

    To those with the racial comments: it is sad your hate does not allow you to identify with the human element. In just the last few weeks there have been meth lab busts, high speed chases, stolen weapons recovered in our predominately white ST. Peters. Crime and violence exist in all cultures/ethnicity.
    ~when will we realize our similarities are far greater than our differences~

  • tigerrun

    A good man ?? Please . You consider a druggie a thief and someone who damages property a good person ?? This resulted in jail time. And case net shows a pattern of this behavior from 2007 until 2013. NOTHING BUT A THUG. Probably a drug deal gone bad.

  • Bill

    1. 911 response-dispatch can’t tell where a cell phone call is coming from and have to locate which precinct to forward it to.
    2. Response times-on a busy saturday they have calls from all over to respond to, many ridiculous (my neighbors dog is pooping in my yard, their cat is in my flower beds again, their music is too loud, their kid just called my kid a bad name). I monitor a scanner at work every night and you just wouldn’t believe some of the calls. When an officer responds to a large group he needs backup first. Why does he immediately become the bad guy instead of the criminal ? This is too often the case (one bar fight I responded too involved about 30 drunk GI’s. When my partner and I walked in the door, the brawl became 30 good buddies against 2 MP’s.)
    3. How many witnesses volunteered information to the responding officers ? “I didn’t see nuthin man” ! MOST white communities cooperate with police, too many black communities don’t.
    4. The problem isn’t race, it’s culture. Kids react to what they see around them and perpetuate the problems they witness. Do as I say, not as I do just don’t work.
    5. Guns ? I’ve carried one most of my life and they only time I ever used it was in the military. Three times I was robbed at gunpoint and didn’t have one with me due to employers policy. Now my employer requires it. We have a plethora of gun laws on the books now AND THEY ARE NOT BEING INFORCED so why pass new ones ? It’s easy for a politician to mouth platitudes about stricter gun control but if he talks about stiffer enforcement of existing laws, stricter prison conditions, he gets hit with protests accusing him of racial profiling. Rikers Island in NY is the largest prison in the world with 120,000 inmates-and 80,000-90,000 staff ! Now that is a crime !
    6. A famous American once wrote to a friend that “negroes are a sub-human race with no rights and will never be assimilated into American society”. It’s too bad that too many blacks are making his words a reality. Who wrote it ? Abraham Lincoln ! (Don’t believe it, read “The Real Lincoln”, by DiLorenzo. Gives you a WHOLE different outlook on the man.)

  • He b a good man

    Look up Martell Crump (victim) on
    Ya he was a good guy alright.
    !!!!!!! HOOD RAT!!!!!!

  • Luke Theisman

    Look at statistics there is more violent crimes committed by blacks. Don’t cry and argue. ….fix it. Raise your kids don’t let Jay z and fitty cent do it

    • tigerrun

      I agree!! You reap what you sow . Act like a thug you face the consequences. Shouldn’t be allowed to be around kids when u are guilty of dealing drugs and stealing. They will grow up the same way.


    I’ve read all yout comments. And this is what makes me want to hurt you cowardly closet racists. I hate this man has been killed then have his name drug through the mud. How were you closet Nazis raised? You look up the mans record and judge him in death? It’s a shame. Being a commenter make you the decider now. But know that people like me exist, im legally carrying and I hate you 10 times more than you hate me.

    • Bill

      Here’s to your face, what level did you drop out of school, or do you choose to misspell words or rant like some gangsta rapper ?

  • Lost

    First of all I am disgusted that you people are this ignorant and racist. Someone gets murdered and the first thing you have to say is, it was because he was black, and because he was black that makes him a thug or a hoodrat? Second “problems wouldn’t exist if we didn’t have bridges over the Missouri river” Seriously? I don’t know what hole you just crawled out of but white people are criminals too. Look up the majority of St Charles County and how about Lincoln County, which is where I’m guessing most of you with racist comments are from. You have just as much crime, color does not matter. Third most of YOU people bring stuff on yourselves, if you go into a place acting like you are better than everyone else, go in flaunting what you have in front of people who don’t have much at all, or run your mouths thinking you cant be touched… then guess what, its your own fault. I came from an all black neighborhood, never had any problems, because I treat everyone with respect. Moved out to St. Charles 10+ years ago, and trust me St Charles is no better than St Louis. It all depends on how you carry yourself.
    Last but not least RIP Martell it is a tragedy that you were taken so young. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. You will be missed!

    • Allen Mo

      About a 2 second web search came up with these numbers, yes they are 2010 but I would bet the trend would be very close to today and honestly your not worth anymore effort… copied from ….
      St. Louis: In 2010 the city violent crime rate in St. Louis was higher than the violent crime rate in Missouri by 283.95% and the city property crime rate in St. Louis was higher than the property crime rate in Missouri by 129.91%.?????

      Now lets look at St. Charles: In 2010 the city violent crime rate in St. Charles was lower than the violent crime rate in Missouri by 57.87% and the city property crime rate in St. Charles was lower than the property crime rate in Missouri by 14.03%.

      So what did you base your comments on??? Do you want to throw down your racist card again, because that is the only thing you have to win this discussion??? Go ahead, I am American Indian…

  • Jen

    First off I’m sorry to the family who lost a father, son and husband! Second this is to all the mean people in the world and commenting on this article, people do make mistakes in life and turn themselves around so just because he has cases on case net and has spent time in jail or whatever does not mean he is a bad guy. I am sure you have made mistakes too, but your not letting others look you up or you never got caught. So you really have no room to talk and you did not even know him so why are you even judging someone you do not have a clue about. Plus, blacks are not the only problem so stop being racist jerks. Maybe if white people were not so racist then blacks would not act the way they do. Just so you know I am not black either I am white, but I will stick up for black people all day because they are no different than anyone else. This is not the time when we have slaves so get on with yourselves and stop segregating blacks from whites and maybe we would not have problems. You think maybe if they were accepted, then they would not be so violent??? Duh, white racists like you guys on here are the problems with this world!!

    • rose

      JEN, Most segregate themselves, you can stick up for them all you want, most still hate you and are racist against you simply because you are white. Blacks are the most racist race in our society.

  • Carmine

    Sorry, but why let criminals attend the reunion anyway, I wouldnt want my kids anywhere near him, family or not…”Lamiquious, could you put your gun down please pass the potato salad? Thanks, fam”…I dont think so

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