Argument leads to 5 people being shot

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – An argument gets out of hand, a brawl, then gunfire erupts in a north St. Louis neighborhood and now police are looking for answers.

There were about 20-30 males involved in a fight in the 5300 block of Ruskin. When officers answered that call and were on their way, they received another call that shots had been fired. Five male victims between the ages of 15-and-27 were shot on Ruskin.

We're told that the men were related and this could have been a possible drive by shooting targeted at the 5 victims. The 15-year-old was shot three times in the back and is now listed in stable condition. The other four victims suffer gunshot wounds to their leg, side, foot, and hand.

After being shot the four men ran to different locations but one of the men was found in the 5100 block of Thekla. Church services were going on at 1:50 pm at the Unity Chapel Church down the street and the reverend tells me the church’s security guard called for help. All the men were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive.

Police are following up on leads in the shooting and are obtaining surveillance video at a neighboring business. An investigation is ongoing.

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  • Tim Wilson

    Don’t tell Fox 2 News.
    Report the incident to the St. Louis Police Department with information concerning WHO did
    the shooting.
    Then go court, that will stop the violence in your neighborhood.

  • Just Me

    Gee, Blanchette Park had a shooting at a family reunion and all comments were considered RACISTS.
    Did any of these incidents involve an Irish guy? And English guy? A German guy?
    Nope he’s a Black guy/

    I know…….It’s hard to figure out.

    Yeah, you thought correctly. . …. ………………..


  • ihatebyebye

    Why can’t this trash just keep living their trashy lives in PEACE?! It’s really not that hard.

    • Ace Baily

      while monkeys may be trained to fire a gun, this shooting was not done by monkeys. why do other members of the animal kingdom keep getting the blame for crimes such as this?

      • Cit Riverview

        Because we have some people who associate black people with Apes or Monkeys. I don’t pay attention to those who have that position. I look at behavior by people,and those who make excuses for that bad behavior. That is how I judge people. And we can, Judge people.

  • rose

    I hope the parents of the 15 year old, and any others , if under18, had health insurance on their kids, most likely they do through their employement. I’m sure the rest of them up to the 27 year old does have it. That is good, because with these types of injuries the medical bills could get costly. I hope their employers are willing to hold their jobs until they are fully recovered from their injuries.

    • GiGi

      Rose – thanks for the laugh today…. You know as well as I do that NONE of these individuals have health insurance nor jobs. Their medical bills will be at the expense of you and I. Maybe if these individuals did have jobs and were productive members of society they wouldn’t have time to go around shooting one another. But we can all dream!

      • justice

        How do you know? You guys really need to look at yourselves in the mirror..on judgment day, all the things you said, did will be brought before your own eyes. It will not be pretty. Continue to spill these foolish comments if it makes you feel great but you will answer to a higher power. If you were believers, one you would not be calling those created in God’s image monkeys or make fun of them; two you would pray for a change of heart because there are demonic spirits working in this city and you never know when you might be next. Crime does not choose it’s victims just remember that. You can be at your job and a fired co-worker might show up armed and go on a shooting spree..and you know what! You can be the one shot which might lead to the end of your journey. Never mocked others as you don’t know when your turn might come.

      • Cit Riverview

        To Justice. Lets put something to bed right now. “Judging Others” When people such as you and those whom are like minded get that passage wrong. Ask any reliable religious scholar. You and I CAN Judge BEHAVIOR.(results of) WE CAN”T JUDGE WHAT IS IN A PERSONS SOUL. GOT IT! only our Creator can do so,for he/she knows what we think.

      • Northsider

        I live in that neighborhood and I have two jobs. Sometimes I have three jobs. I have three degrees including an MBA. How slow and stupid do you have to be, to assume that everyone in my neighborhood does not have a job. Most people that live on the Northside have jobs, do their best to pay their bills and keep their yards clean.

      • rose

        NORTHSIDER, I don’t believe a single comment made was directed at people as yourself. Comments are directed at lazy, money sucken thugs and their baby mama’s. You don’t sound like you belong in this environment and must really stand out. Get out while you can and are still able to use your education and able to go to your job. Entire lives have changed in that community in a matter of seconds. Run and don’t look back.

  • Cit Riverview

    WE want it stopped.Suggestion: that should the slogan on a tee-shirt. you can sell them at your next we shall overcome parade. with the proceeds hire a doctor to implant NOPLANT “Without public or private insurance coverage, Norplant can cost between $500 and $750 for the medical exam, a pregnancy test, the implant, and the insertion. This amounts to $100 to $150 per year over a five-year period.” to all the young women 12 to 35 for twenty years. Wait two generations and it will stop.

    • justice

      Really..what about whites who murder their children, eat people, shoot innocents folks in movie theaters, schools..invade countries, bombed innocent civilians in the name of oil, stir up political unrest in other countries to steal their wealth, put those who have welcome them with open arms in reservations…do you want me to continue? If I were you, I would be smarter by taking a low key…many of the things you use at home were invented by blacks in case you have not educated yourself. Just research and you will feel like an idiot. Lack of knowledge is a disease that can’t be cured…feel sorry for you to display such ignorance but who can blame you..your parents didn’t teach you any better so go on…

  • Bob

    When I read headlines “shooting at family reunion” or “5 people shot”, I automatically think one segment of our society is involved. People say my opinions aren’t fair, but so far I’ve always guessed correctly.

    • Suzie Q

      I completely understand – just like when I read, “St. Charles mother charged with Making Meth,” I know what “segment of society” is the culprit.

      • justice

        You just shut him off. Way to respond to idiots..should i add the following: when I hear toddlers drown by their mother or father kills his two children, I know what segment of society is the culprit…

    • J

      It’s not called “unfair” It’s called stereotypical thru a racially charged thought process. At times, I too, suffer from the same disease. I see headlines of parents killing their own children or someone shooting up a school, because no one played with them. I see headlines of serial killers or a Nurse/Dr. purposely kills babies over several years, I too judge “unfairly.” The main difference is when it’s a person of color, the pigment becomes the blame. As if melanin is the cause. Isn’t that what you’re truly saying? When it’s a white person, then there is an excuse. There’s postpartum depression, there’s “chemical imbalance, ” etc. Even turned being fat into a disease to cast blame elsewhere. How about the simple fact that humans are like every other animal on this planet? There are killers, there are saviours. There’s a hero and a villain. Skin color doesn’t decide this. But if you want to base EVERY action on skin color, whites have been the most barbaric race on the planet. Go back to your years of History classes in grade school and remember the atrocities. I’m not only talking American, I’m talking worldwide. Whites have absolutely NO right to call any other race savage.

  • J

    Let’s see, Jesus is considered White, correct? So by that President, all these Middle East images bombarding my TV screen is of other Whites?? Correct?? Savages?? Oh wait, we CANNOT possibly consider THEM White. That would go against the grain. Russia attacking Ukraine?? Yes, we can go to atrocities in Africa but then, that would make us equal. That would then blur the lines and ruin your arguments. Stop grouping actions of individuals into racial standards, it makes you look like idiots.

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