Law allowing timely insulin injection approved

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) _ Gov. Pat Quinn has signed a measure into law that allows diabetics to inject insulin where and when they need to.

Sponsoring Sen. Mattie Hunter _ a Chicago Democrat and member of the Illinois Diabetes Caucus _ says people with diabetes could risk being charged with indecent exposure because they needed to quickly inject insulin into certain parts of their bodies.

Hunter says, “When someone needs an insulin shot, they do not have time to find the nearest restroom sometimes.” She says the law will end embarrassment, make it easier for people dealing with a difficult disease and save lives.

Hunter says she has worked to protect funding for diabetes research. Last year, her idea for a “diabetes awareness” license plate became law.


  • me

    There has to be a law for this? You’d think it was common sense, like pushing someone out of the way of an oncoming car and not being charged with assault for shoving them.

  • Groovy Chick

    People who are not exposed to what a diabetic has to do freak out easily. Once I had my testing supplies laid out on the vanity of a row of sinks in a church restroom when a lady came out of a stall and washed her hands. She hurried so fast to get out that she left the faucet running. I thought it was funny. It was just an example of how easily freaked people get over simple things that diabetics deal with daily.

  • Bill

    Exactly! What a waste of legislative time. I’ve been diabetic most of my life and have never had a problem taking a shot when necessary. Though my endocrinologist would probably cringe, hundreds of those shots have been right through my pants leg. In an “emergency” any sensible diabetic can manage. We don’t need a law to tell us what we can do. What next? A law telling us we can drop trow on the sidewalk if we have a “bathroom emergency”?

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