Missouri woman finds valuable treasure inside used book

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LIBERTY, MO (WDAF)-A western Missouri woman who loves to read made an surprising discovery in a book she recently purchased: 18 $100 savings bonds worth an estimated $1,400.

The woman often buys books from a local thrift shop, Savers. She’s tried to find the rightful owner of the bonds, but has not been able to locate her.

For more on the story, visit FOX4KC.com.


  • Bob

    According to FOX KC, they are concealing the person’s name who purchased them. Well, how is that going to help the public find the owner? They are afraid someone is going to falsify the person’s identity and claim them. Hardly think that’s going to happen, as there are ways of confirming someone’s identity other than believing the first that says, “Hey my name is Julie, gimme my bonds”.

    • Alene L Wesner

      I agree with Bob. How is the public supposed to help find the owner (or her family if she has passed away or is incapacitated) if they don’t tell us her name? The person who claims it would have to prove their right to claim it I’m sure. They give out names for other things, why is this so different? Just saying.

      • cettina

        I agree and only the person who’s name appears on the bonds can redeem them. So why not post the persons name.

    • Ryan Buechel

      Probably because the bonds haven’t fully matured yet… The face value of that bond is only worth that amount after a certain length of time has passed.

      • lbk's gurl

        Only someone that has purchased or dealt with savings bonds would know that. This is why some people should not speak on things they know nothing about.

    • Bob

      Those bonds are worth face value in 17 years. The Fox KC story says they were purchased about 15 years ago.

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