Police still searching for gunman in Blachette Park homicide

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) - Police continue to search for 19-year-old Daveon L. Morrison, the person they believe shot and killed a St. Charles man at a family reunion in St. Charles’ Blanchette Park Saturday night.  Among those who were there, there is very little doubt as to the identity of the killer.

Willie Brown, 62, was walking in the park Sunday morning; about twelve hours after the shooting sent those attending the annual August picnic scrambling.  He was in low spirits.  His nephew, Martell Crump, was the one killed.

“Been around him all his life.  From the time he was born,” Brown said of the 24 year old.  “We heard this ‘pow’ that sounded like a firecracker.  And I looked, I was standing right there, and I seen him fall in slow motion.  And the dude went running off that way.”

Upon releasing the original details of the shooting, police would only say that the killer and victim knew one another.  But those who know both men say there was more to it than that.

“They’re friends.  For them to happen, them two together, they’re together all the time. They’re close buddies,” Raven Edwards, a friend of the victim said.

Several people who witnessed the attack told us, both on and off camera, the same name when asked about the killer.  Countless witnesses saw him run off.  All we spoke to were shocked that a squabble between Crump and the man universally believed to be the killer would end in violence.

“Great friends, like go out to the club friends,” Edwards said of the pair.  “Like you see them in the car together.  Earlier, I was in the car and saw three of them in the car together.  He waved at me and everything.  Like they’d be on Facebook talking to each other so this is like a surprise like, whoa! You did this to him?”

Crump had had his share of problems.  He served prison time on drug and robbery charges.  But his uncle says he had left that life behind.  He was the father of a four month old baby whose pictures are prominent on his Facebook page.  A second child is on the way.

“Changed his life around,” Brown said.  “He just got out of prison and stuff.  Changed his life around and got a job, a couple of jobs actually. And he was in school.”

A changing life that came to an abrupt end in front of dozens of friends and family Saturday night.

If you have any information contact St. Charles Police at 636-949-3330 or they can do so anonymously through St. Charles Crime Stoppers at 636-949-3333.

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  • Bill Hitchcock

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      • rose

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      • rose

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      • rose

        DJD, I already know you are missing the point of any help or solution. Actually, you may have the right idea and cheapest solution, DO NOTHING. Although your solution is not working, but if your happy with it, so am I. Just stay out of my area, right now our neighborhood watch is at 100%.

    • DJD

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    • David

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  • Tim

    It’s sad that a death of a father, son, and brother can birth such racist remarks. Crump was my cousin. Stop believing everything you read or see. The person who killed him was not a family member. And I live in Missouri and work for DFS and the ratio for welfare recipients is 62% white and 38% minorities. Dc of if you decide to spew poison, at least get your facts correct

  • sammy

    Why say anything about race period… A man lost his life, a baby lost their father a woman lost the love of her life, his mother lost her son, his family lost him and go the misfortune of seeing him get murdered at their family reunion. You people aren’t just racist all of you are cold hearted. Why can’t you simpletons keep your racist comments to your self and those who took the time to respond are worse. Try telling the family your praying for them and say your sorry for their lose. Anything Other then giving condolences is selfish simple minded and unnecessary. He was a good man.

    • Liz

      Amen! I lose more faith in humanity every time I read an article like this – not because of the crime itself, as horrible as it is, but for all the comments I read. I appreciate this voice of reason and truth.

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