Army seeks public comments on future reductions

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FORT LEONARD WOOD, Mo. (AP) _ The U.S. Army is seeking public comment on possible future cuts at Missouri’s Fort Leonard Wood and other installations nationwide.

The Army estimates the southern Missouri installation could lose more than 5,000 civilian and military positions by 2020 after a round of much smaller cuts last year. The Army anticipates trimming its overall forces by more than 140,000 in that time period after 13 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan

The Sustainable Ozarks Partnership, which promotes economic development in the four counties that surround Fort Leonard Wood, is encouraging the public to weigh in by the Aug. 25 deadline for comments. The group’s website offers a link to the Army’s comment site.

Online: Sustainable Ozarks Partnership:

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  • ByeBye2ObsceneMilitaryWaste

    Cut cut cut!! Let that budget ax fall where it should – on the MOST EXPENSIVE WASTE OF ALL in the American budget!

    So 5,000 people may be cut? Will anybody notice? LOL Of course, no, we won’t. ‘Cause they’re all doing nothing important now.

    I realize the tough part, though – that’s 5,000 people living the gravy train of living off the taxpayer for life without any real work or skill required, who will have to find other, normal jobs then! And that may be tough – many will have no skills or detectable talents whatsoever to do anything useful in the real world.

    P.S. Hey, how about that additional $235 MILLION Congress approved to handout to Israel the other day? It was almost unanimous in the Senate and the House. If there’s one thing all politicians agree on, is we MUST shell out welfare on a daily basis to Israel, on of the wealthiest countries in the world, at working class taxpayer’s expense! Well, they NEED the money, you understand, to defend themselves against all the people they oppress every day! This brings the total to almost ONE BILLION DOLLARS just for defense just for this latest offensive.

    And I find THAT AMOUNT OF WELFARE HANDOUT TO ISRAEL offensive. Most people would, too – if they knew the truth about how much we give to Israel every year, year after year. A few years ago, it came to $1,750 of American aid PER ISRAELI citizen, and almost $400 FROM each American citizen. The biggest crock of all.

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