Atheist group asks for removal of Bibles from St. Louis military recruitment center

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – An Athiest group has recently written a letter to the U.S. General Services Administration and the National Guard concerning the government’s distribution of camouflage Gideon Bibles in a St. Louis recruitment center.

According to a release from the American Humanist Association an anonymous recruit felt pressured to take a Bible from the government officials handing them out. The letter calls for the immediate removal of the Bibles due to their breach of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution, which orders the separation of church and state.


  • Brandy

    Atheists destroy any argument they have when they act as control freaks and do stuff like demanding that Bibles not be handed out to soldiers who come from all walks of life. If you really don’t want a Bible, just say ‘No thank you.’ If you’re so cowardice that you can’t reject something and always feel forced to take everything that’s presented to you, well then I feel sorry for you. Some people are too thin skinned for survival of the fittest.

    • Danny

      “Control freaks”? You have it backward. We demand our government adhere to the Constitution, specifically the first amendment. Read it, comprehend it.


    Brandy would sing a different tune if Korans,the Torah,the Witchcraft Handbook,Hindu writings…were handed to her children at school! She would demand that they be removed!

    • rose

      RETIRED1- I agree with you often, but this time I don’t. I have 1 daughter and 3 sons in the National Guard, all have been through deployments, and all, since day one, proudly put that uniform on, place that small camouflage Bible in their pocket. If any other religous or non religious item had been offered, they would have made their own choice to accept or refuse it. I was given one at MEPS in 1975 as I was loading for Ft. Leonard Wood, Basic was tough at 17, served as a great comfort. It is a choice and not forced upon anyone. If someone is giving away free turnups, you can take one or leave them, and go on, it’s just not for you, but are for some people, just like anything else.

      • Danny

        The government/any branch including the military has zero business with religion other than protecting our right to choose it or not. Handing out Bibles or any religious literature is a clear violation of the first amendment. If you’re ok with our government doing this than you don’t comprehend nor respect the first amendment and that is your right. Unfortunately, my child could die defending your right.

      • rose

        DANNY, Your child, 4 of mine are in right now, and with the breaking news this morning, I am worried, had no word from him yet. But one thing I do know, he has his pocket Bible in his pocket, the one he picked up on his own and no one HANDED it out to him. Believe me, our government isn’t strong enough right now to endorse baby wipes.

      • rose

        DANNY, So far today, 16 Americans soldiers were shot, one dead so far, still coming in. Fox 2 has nothing on its cover page reporting this, should be the top story right now. Many Missouri men and women are there right now. Festus, Perryville, and many others. I am going to exercise my right to pray for ALL of these soldiers safety, I don’t care what, if any, religion they are. Also their families, just like me, waiting for news, of any kind. I, like you, am going to let my personal feelings and opinions interfere right now.

      • Danny

        “the government’s distribution of camouflage Gideon Bibles in a St. Louis recruitment center.”
        Apparently our government is handing out baby wipes.

      • rose

        DANNY, You need to contact Jeff City, Dept. of Corrections. Many churches donate Bibles to make them available for free to any inmate that wants one. The State does not pay for them, but, they are, (as you say) promoting making them available. Of course, I know of NO Mosque that donates the Koran for Muslims, so they are constantly complaining that if they want one they have to buy it on canteen or steal one. They are not handed out, simply places in a bookcase for them if they want one. Some actually read them, others use them for rolling paper, some for wicks to burn. Which ever they choose, needs to be addressed, don’t you think?

      • Danny

        You’re missing the point. I didn’t address what Fox chooses to report on, who donated the Bibles or your right to pray. The point of the story and mine is the first amendment violation by our government.

      • Danny

        That’s your response, “stop stressing”? Who has used caps lock, exclamation points and has been unable to stay on one topic? Stressing indeed. Have a nice life.

    • CME

      Well here is the thing “smart one”. (Sarcasm). America was built in the belief of GOD. If you ever seen our currency, when you testify in court you place your hand on a bible,and many more American things.

      • Danny

        Hmm. Yet another unable to grasp the first amendment and it’s establishment clause. Unable to address the article and using personal insults. A sure sign you don’t have a clue. Why am I not surprised?

  • EnoughPC

    Horse $#%& Retired!! It’s a free country. No one is forcing the bible on the recruits. Are you that spineless that you can’t say the word NO? or “Religion is not my thing”

    • Danny

      “Horse#@! $”? Read the first amendment. Comprehend it. Our government is not to endorse any religion. It’s not about wether or not he has a choice.It’s about the government’s endorsement of Christianity. A clear violation of the first amendment. Get a clue.

  • dumbass

    The American Humanist Assocation is, if you can believe it, a HUMANIST group, it has nothing to do with Atheist. Idiots.

  • Strangletooth (@Strangletooth)

    Hey Dumbass, (your name, not one I gave you) Have you even read their webpage? In the about section, the very first paragraph says…

    We strive to bring about a progressive society where being good without a god is an accepted and respected way to live life. We are accomplishing this through our defense of civil liberties and secular governance, by our outreach to the growing number of people without traditional religious faith, and through a continued refinement and advancement of the humanist worldview.

    Check your facts before you you start calling people idiots, or any other name since you’re incapable of having a civil conversation, as most liberals are, sadly!

    • rose

      STRANGLETOOTH, Thanks for the enlightenment on your belief, but what does this have to do with a soldier picking up a free pocket size Bible if they want too? Shouldn’t Civil Liberties protect them also? The report is poorly written, but why would the subject of the report even matter? We all have choices?

      • Danny

        It’s about the first amendment. Read it. It’s not about wether or not he has a choice. It’s about our government endorsing one religion (or any or all of them). This is a clear violation of the first amendment.

      • rose

        DANNY, Right now i am more concerned about our 2nd Amendment and protecting it, taking from or altering the 2nd amendment could effect our physical state if we are not allowed to defend ourselves from foreign and domestic idiots. I don’t care if someone wants to pick up a Bible, Koran, or any other religious or non religious item, we have the 1st amendment in tack to protect that choice. Each group has the right to promote or advertise as they see fit, except to threaten you, or try to force you into their beliefs. I strongly believe in the 1st Amendment, it protects our freedom of religion and choice as it should be. In this day and age nobody is going to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do, except pay taxes.

      • rose

        DANNY, i honestly do not feel that our Government is endorsing anything here in this article. these items are donated to anyone that wants one, were there 35 years ago when I was there, and before that, and today. Anyone can put literature out as to make it available to all. That is their Constitutional right, which I defend, even if I don’t agree with any, and, or, all of them.

  • Lucy

    I think these people really need to get a life. I am ex military and going through basic training was tough for me. I needed all the literature. For those who dont believe in it or need it, please just ignore it.

    • Danny

      If you needed literature, why didn’t you go to the library? This not about our choice to refuse the handout, it’s about our government endorsing one religion (or any or all of them). A clear violation of the first amendment.

  • dustin

    They are not handing bibles out, they are there for the taking. This country has turned into a bunch of pussies. I believe by freedom of speech and press they have a right to have a bible for others who may want it. If you dont want one and believe there is no god that’s your business, don’t take one. All these people whining about the 1st amendmant and not wanting the bible there are complete idiots. People need to realize that seperation of church and state was not to stop churches from “taking control”, but rather protect our religious rights by denying governmental control over it in any facet.

    • Danny

      ” the government’s distribution of camouflage Gideon Bibles in a St. Louis recruitment center.”
      Regardless of wether or not they choose to take it is not the point. Read the first amendment again, specifically the establishment clause. It applies to all, religious and non religious alike.

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