Homeowner wants refund from contractor that failed to repair wall

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EAST ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – An East St. Louis homeowner is not at all happy with work done on her foundation. The crew responsible for the rebuild left a brick and mortar mess.   What started as a gaping hole in the foundation is now a strange combination of cinder block, mortar and concrete fragments.  It has the homeowner asking for a refund.

Keena Billops Martin bought this house five years ago.  Imagine the family's shock after discovering there are issues with the home's foundation.  Keena says, 'The whole wall fell in, the whole wall.  It exposed my basement.'

That was this past December.  Keena says the cause could be one or all of the following.  There`s an old tree stump there.  Or maybe water settling against an aging foundation.

Relatives referred her to William Hayden.  He calls his business Hayden and Hayden Construction Company.  Keena accepted his proposal.   It included tearing out the old cinder block and install new concrete cinder material.  Keena says he did install a cinder block wall from the inside.  'I think it was 10x5.    The wall that he did from the inside is nothing even close to what he was supposed to have done.  That wall doesn`t even reach the basement ceiling.'

She says she can see daylight at the top of the wall.   We went looking for the contractor.  But we got no response after leaving messages.  It was March when Keena saw him last.  She says the experience is upsetting because she has a disabled daughter and her income can't take too many hits.  'It`s frustrating when you trust somebody and they just come and take money that you worked for.  I`m a school bus driver, I don`t have money to give nobody.  I don`t make a whole lot.'

Keena will have to hire someone else to finish the foundation.  And we're still looking for the guy responsible for the sloppy repairs.  Remember don't pay anyone for home repairs without a thorough background check.  The Better Business Bureau is the first place to start.   Let us know if you have a consumer complaint.  The number is 800 782-2222.   The lines are open Monday through Thursday between 11am and 1pm.

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  • Ace Baily

    very simple, do not pay for any job prior to work being done, down payment yes, but the whole bill, only after the satisfactory work is completed. anyone demanding full payment up front is one to stay away from.

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