Kelly caught in contemplative moment

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Former Cardinals pitcher Joe Kelly was traded to the Red Sox last week. Cameras were rolling this weekend during a game against the Yankees. They caught Kelly in a contemplative moment in the dugout. He looks off into the distance while his teammates go about their day.

Kelly brought a lot of fun to his former team in St. Louis. He danced in the outfield during practice, wore disguises during interviews and even started a stare-down during the 2013 NLCS series. Fans will have a chance to see their “Class clown” again this week. The cards take on the Red Sox at Busch Stadium in a series starting Tuesday.

He used to be so happy…


  • chris gibsin

    well ya take him off a world championship team and give him to a club as popular as ours but just not as good as stlouis….the real home of baseball fans…joe kelly will always be a champ in my book…no matter where he pitches…and thank you for the memories and good work

    • joannejudy

      I feel different about the Cardinal Management now…. or whoever did this to Kelly…. I would always say to my husband here comes the mighty Joe Kelly….. yes I am a cards fan… but I will never get over this trade…. he should have been told ahead ……

      • Dave Elliott

        I’d venture to say that won’t happen this year. Don’t even see the Sox in contention and the Cards are a game out of first.

  • cathy9887

    The worst part of it is how the Mgmt treated him.. he found out about his trade ON TV!! I don’t care who you are, that’s awful! Low, and awful!! Show your players some danged respect, or no one will want to play here!!!

    • Mike

      Not defending mgmt., but in this day in age with how rampant social media is thinks get leaked out and become viral fast.. At the end of the day, it is a business. Only time will tell if this is a good trade or not. From the immediate stand point, I do not like the trade, but we will see..

    • Paul Glandt

      That wasn’t on the Cardinals that came from the east Coast,guess someone out here couldn’t wait to share the news before the Cards had the chance to tell out players

  • CBC

    Was he the greatest pitcher ever..No, was he one of the greatest in moral boosting and ramping up cards fans…YUP…AND he was a Great pitcher. What a loss,

  • Carrie Ornelas

    Maybe if the media wasn’t so quick to be first in reporting news Cardinal management would have had time to tell them. In a age with social media hard to do.

  • Jim

    The above comments are a crock. FYI, a trade cannot be reported to a player until it happens. If Mo would tell all of the players being discussed in a “potential trade”, hey I’m talking about trading you, well then there would be a problem. This bunch of underacheivers needed a wake up call. My only complaint is it didn’t happen sooner!

  • Tim

    We live in the age of social media where trades and rumors of trades will continually inform players of news before management. There isn’t any blame to be put on Mo or others in leadership, folks. It’s ridiculous to think management did something wrong here. The press (not all, of course) and social media outlets are vultures circling for stories and rumors — especially on the day of the trade deadline (add to that, it was the final hours of negotiating with other teams).

  • Adam Schneider

    MO shoulda got rid of the Lance Lynn Experiment instead of the Joe Kelly Experience. His “class clown” antics are what made him such a great value to the Cards org. However, you won’t see me shed a tear for Craig.

  • HAWN

    i want my kelly back…i didn’t “see” his dancn’ till now…but i feel like he is a misplaced cardinal! u 2 ? as well as CRAIG! cardinal’s fan……………………… sad but so true!

  • tim

    I don’t have a problem with the trade kelly was a joker craig was a injury waiting to happen hes played one game since the trade. They are a team but it is a business i’ve not liked MM since they put him in charge still dont. I think he is a terrible manager, he was handed a team with great players that played great when the guys slumped he had no ideal what to do and management found out he had no control with his dugout so this is what they had to do. They had to get some players that wanted to play ball and not be clowns and so far so good.

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