Former basketball coach facing sex charges 17 years after alleged abuse

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JERSEYVILLE, IL (KTVI) – A former basketball coach and school board president in Metro East Illinois is accused of sexual abuse involving a boy. The suspect is 41-year-old Rodney L. Bailey. He coached In Jerseyville from 1998 to 2005. The three alleged offenses happened in the summer of 1997 away from school grounds.  The charges are disturbing and graphic. Bailey is charged with 3 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. If convicted he could spend 12 years and prison and be fined 75 thousand dollars.

The victim who is now about 30 was younger than 13 at the time of the incidents. He recently came forward. He told detective he wanted to help them determine if there are other victims out there and make sure this never happens happen. Captain Jim Morrisey with the Illinois State Police said, "The suspect had access to young children the allegations against him involved a young child and we want to make sure if anything else happened were made aware of it we can investigate that so it doesn't happen again."

Bailey also coached recently in the Southwestern Community Unit School District Number 9 in Macoupin County.  He was a school board president there and a board secretary until August of last year.

At the time of the incidents 17 years ago the victim did inform loved ones but authorities say the information was never forwarded to police.

Superintendents in both districts are encouraging anyone who has pertinent information to contact the state's attorney.

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  • james

    I just want to say thank you to this young man for the courage and character he’s showing. the same thing happened to me from one of my teachers in grade school and unlike this individual I was nearly 40 before I came forward to face my family or the authorities.

  • Joey

    Last time I checked, in this country, a person charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Perhaps before wishing ill on this man, we should see what the actual evidence is. What a concept – evidence. Not just 17 year old allegations.

  • Linda Kinworthy

    There is so much of this going on and young kids do not always come forward at the time and some do just to get slapped down by people who don’t want to admit or even think that a teacher could do such as this. Until other wise proven I believe the young man who came forward he knows what he has lived through and doesn’t want others to live through the same torment. They wouldn’t have broadcasted this if they didn’t have proof. Believe me been there done that.

  • sherry

    What if the accuser is a family member? Could it be a rift in the family that made him come forward? Just thinking out loud and pretty sure it was a family member. I’m not in any way condoning child abuse – family member or not. This is just strange with such an upstanding adult man – did something happen years ago that was consensual. A young man with a teen that went awry? and the adult should have known better but used poor judgement?? I guess it will come to a jury to see. In the meantime, I pray for the family members, the accused man’s children & wife. What a load for them to carry.

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