Man wants to be buried in a Jack Daniels coffin

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(KTVI) - Talk about dying for a drink!  If you love "Jack Daniels," you can now take the brew with you in the afterlife.

There's a specially-commissioned Jack Daniels coffin.  A former British soldier had it built for himself.  He decided he wanted his funeral to be a celebration complete with a coffin of his favorite drink.

The price tag for this bottle -- more than $5,000.  The father of six says he's also going to have a solar-paneled iPad on his headstone that will have a video message from him and his favorite music.

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  • Ace Baily

    Al Pacino to Chris O Donnell in “Scent of a Woman” pour me a glass of John Daniels; you mean Jack Daniels don’t you? When you have known him as long as I have, you can call him by his first name!

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