Metal detectors to be employed Tuesday at Busch Stadium

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – A new layer of security will be in place at Busch Stadium Tuesday for the Cards versus Red Sox game.  If you're going to the game you may want to arrive a few minutes early. It's going to be similar to airport security, you'll have to empty your pockets of items like cell phones, but at Busch you can leave on your belt and your shoes on.

Cardinal fans like Kevin Luebke are endorsing the addition of metal detectors, "I think it will slow people down but I think it's worth it, nothing wrong with a little extra security."

Gate four is the first gate to add 8 walk-through detectors. Vice president of stadium operations Joe Abernathy said M.L.B. is requiring all stadiums to add the detectors, and the Cardinals are wasting no time. Abernathy said, "It's a phase in of a requirement that major league baseball has for the 2015 season where they want us to inspect 100 percent of the people coming into the ballpark to keep weapons out of the ballpark."

Another gate may be secured by the end of the season and by opening day next year all six will have the detectors.  They will still check bags and use security wands.

They plan to hire an extra hundred people to work security at the gates.

Abernathy added, "It's just something unfortunately the world we live in and individuals wanting to do horrible things in areas and at public assemblies like this we need to take extra precautions and try to protect them as best we can."

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    • Robert W Robertson Jr

      ATTENTION ATTENTION; calling all thugs in St. Louis and surrounding areas. Cardinal fans have no concealed carry weapons on them so rob and mug at will, just don’t rob them until after you break into their car and get the gun they left in it because they couldn’t carry it inside. Isn’t that a bummer. I just got robbed with my own gun. Live long and prosper.

  • John

    Stay home and watch the overpaid players make fools of themsleves. Metal detectors “scream” security problems. Is this what its gotten to in St. Louis. I am so fed up with living in this nasty city. Its embarrassing.

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