Missing 9 years, FBI to offer reward in Amanda Jones case

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- On Tuesday, the FBI will announce a reward in the case of a Hillsboro, MO woman who has been missing for nine years.

Amanda Jones was last seen August 14, 2005. The then 26-year old told her mother she was meeting a man who was the father of her unborn child at the Hillsboro Civic Center. Only her unlocked car was found there. The man she went to meet said he met her there and left.

Jones’ daughter, who was only 4 years old when her mom disappeared, will speak publicly for the first time at the news conference Tuesday morning.

FOX 2 will have a crew at the announcement and will bring you full coverage.

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  • Missy

    Why the reward now? It was obvious then that the murderer was the father of the unborn baby- they just couldn’t find her body on his parents property so the case went cold

  • jcpnknife

    I’ve Written a Letters to Capt. Ron Arnhart from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept,Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney Forrest Wegge,Hillsboro Police Chief Charles Bennet,Jim Terry,Ken Waller To Get the Hillsboro POlice Dept.
    Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept.,FBI TO Go Help Find amanda Jones and her son at the jeffferson county,mo Fairgrounds on hwy 21 in hillsboro,mo. to be taken to the hospital for examination t get D.N.A. To have Suspect Bryan Lee Westfall Placed Under Arrest,Booked,Processed,Brought To Justice,Prosecuted To THe Fullest Extent Of The Law
    Punished,Tried,Indicted In A Court Of LAw With HArd Concrete Evidences To Be Locked Up In Jail Permantly To Help Bring Justice For amanda Jones,her son,daughter Hannah,Her Parents Hubert And Bertha Probst With Closer Permantly Across Jefferson County,Mo. Now.

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