Parents of a stillborn baby find an extraordinary way to celebrate her life

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(KTVI) — When the daughter of a California couple was stillborn, they found a way to deal with their grief by celebrating her life.

According to the Daily Mail, Richard and Emily Staley hired a photographer to capture their brief experience with Monroe as a way to honor her memory and acknowledge her as part of the family.

Emily, 26, was rushed to the hospital after she didn’t feel the baby moving. Doctors told her her baby had passed away.

When Emily gave birth to Monroe Faith Staley, a full-term baby girl, the next morning, photographer Lindsey Natzic-Villatoro, of Love Song Events and Photography, was there to capture the emotional moment. Lindsey spent nine hours with the Staleys as family members came to visit.

The Staleys shared the photographs of the heartbreaking day on Facebook and allowed Lindsey to share them on her Love Song Events & Photography Facebook Page:


  • Cecil Brown

    This is a lovely story…My heart and prayer go out to this young couple. My God bless both of you.

  • megan mayhew

    My mother experienced the heartbreak of delivering a full term beautiful still born girl. She never got to hold her or take her picture. My siblings and I never got to see our sister, just a tiny white coffin. The experience shattered my mother, my parent’s marriage and our family. I pray that through being allowed to celebrate their child’s life this family is able to heal without the tragic consequences we experienced.

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