Parents upset over lewd graffiti on bridge

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LINCOLN COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - Offensive graffiti in Lincoln County is worrying residents who have to pass these images every day. What’s just as upsetting to them is that no one is taking responsibility for removing it.

Young kids in their go-kart zoom past lewd words whose meaning they don’t understand yet. But since this graffiti popped up, they’ve started asking.

“They’re coming home and asking me what some things mean that I’d rather not discuss with them at this point in their lives,” explains Moscow Mills resident Emily Hudspeth.

Last week, Hudspeth discovered “bridge of death” scrawled on the concrete wall that blocks off the old Highway C bridge. Just next to those words are an x-rated phrase and racy drawing of the male anatomy. Hudspeth says the graffiti artists returned over the weekend to color in that drawing.

The wall of inappropriate graffiti isn’t the only thing worrying Hudspeth and her neighbors. They say the decaying bridge is a safety hazard, and too many kids are loitering there. Hudspeth explains, “We’ve heard gun shots, there’s drinking, we find condoms, used, laying on the ground, and trash is being dumped on a regular basis.”

Neighbor Bob Hall adds, “I’m afraid what it’s doing to the children, to my grandchildren. Because they’re out here all the time, and having strangers up and around the bridge.”

So who’s responsible for citing the loiterers and removing the graffiti? According to maps from the Lincoln County Assessor, the old bridge is county territory. But the Lincoln County Highway Department says the bridge hasn’t been on their list of projects for years. One county official even suggested that concerned residents power-wash the wall themselves.

But these taxpayers are sick and tired of getting the run-around. “Ashamed, embarrassed,” says Hall, “I drive by here every day. Tired of looking at it.”

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  • Ace Baily

    I know it will not happen, but using the methods that Singapore uses for vandals with their spray paint would at least give these wanabe criminals something to think about. may not stop them on their journey to the big house, but would slow the process a bit.

  • Andy S.

    So their kids are running around that area by themselves and they are worried about a little graffiti???

  • NB

    Hey, here’s an idea… Take your chubby fanny down to the hardware store, buy a $5 gallon can of paint “color mistake” and roll a coat over that horrible graffiti. Do something yourself rather than complaining about how everybody else needs to do things for you. Better yet, give me $50 and I’ll do it for you.

    • Emily Hudspeth

      We have tried to clean it up. They just come back time and time again.
      The most important issue here is the safety hazard. The children who live by the bridge do not play on it because it is not safe, However, we have to pass by it whenever we leave our homes. We can no longer take family walks passing by the bridge…. geez, no wonder I’m chubby! ;) When school starts next week, these kids have to walk past it on their way home from the bus stop.
      This is a dangerous place for anyone to be around & we’ve been fighting this battle for numerous years. People have fallen through the hole in this bridge & hurt themselves… Will it take someone getting killed to get it fixed? I’m personally more worried about the constant illegal activity going on here than the stupid graffiti! I don’t want it by my house, I don’t want my children to be subjected to it, I want the local law enforcement to let the State Patrol do their jobs on the highways & take care of what is happening right in the middle of town!

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