Profile: Jackie Joyner Kersee

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Her moves on the track made her a living legend among athletes and fans, but now retired from competitive sports, what she does off the track is what keeps her moving.

She travels the world spreading the word of the importance of healthy living. East St. Louis native Jackie Joyner Kersee a six time Olympic medalist, three of them gold, a heptahlete who at one point was unsure of her talents.

A classic athlete, Kersee played basketball at UCLA where she was a national champion twice. Also holding collegiate records in the long jump and heptathlon in addition to being an Olympic champion, that`s where she met her husband Bob, who was initially her coach.

Family is close to Jackie`s heart as she recalls the day she got the phone call about her sister-in-law and star Olympian Florence Griffith Joyner.

Flo-Jo left behind a daughter.

Jackie’s dedication to family and home has kept Jackie Joyner Kersee in East St. Louis, even opening up the Jackie Joyner Kersee center in her home town.

To many she is a legend, a title she has learned to embraced.

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