St. Charles man ticketed for how he parked in his drive-way

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) –On Friday, St. Charles resident Troy Underwood and his family spent the day at Six Flags. He returned home and discovered a $25 parking ticket on his truck.

Underwood became outraged because the truck was parked in his driveway on Timberlodge Landing. The citation stated he blocked part of the sidewalk.

According to Underwood, he had been parking his truck just past his driveway for over a year and never had a problem. He says his biggest gripe from the incident is he didn't get the answers he wanted from city and never got a warning.

Underwood's neighbor, Mike Schimweg, agrees.

"Stuff like this should be addressed because you can't just go out there and using these minor ordinances to collect revenue for the city," said Underwood.

"I think it would be different if it was a major road...that would be different but this road goes into a cul-de-sac,"  said Schimweg

St. Charles city officials say they are working with code enforcement on the issue. According to their website, ordinance number 350-090 says you can't park on a sidewalk, bike path and other locations.

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  • Kenneth

    Am sorta on the police side, what happens when a person is in a wheel chair and cant get around his truck. Some people can be inconsiderate of others in a wheel chair or someone who has a handicap. Then again a few inches over the line doesnt hurt either.

  • G

    This is a ridiculous ordinance. St. Charles Co. obviously needs more things to do with their time than milk the general public for ordinances that shouldn’t exist to begin with. Hey St. Charles County Government.. take note from St. Louis County and stop being money hungry and further burdening the taxpayers with this non-sense.

  • Brad

    It sounds to me like the guys neighbors got tired of him parking in the sidewalk area and called the police. People need to stop having a sense of entitlement and thinking about themselves. There are sidewalks for a reason, to keep people safe from having to walk on the street.

  • angie

    Did you see the depth of the driveway? Seems like the driveways don’t leave much room for longer vehicles. In the case of this person his truck would need to be almost touching his garage door to clear the driveway. I am not saying that vehicles should hover over a sidewalk I am saying there is a larger issue here. I used to live in St. Charles and the standard driveway length in our neighborhood could fit 2 mid size cars back to back….no parking issue there with a single vehicle. I am on the homeowner’s side. If it is a 1st offense, give a warning. At least give him a chance to amend his parking habits.

  • Jacob D Calkins

    I fully support him getting this ticket. It’s not just walking around cars but runners, as well. As a motorist, it’s annoying and dangerous when people are walking or running down the street. But, when people are parked like this, you can’t even blame the runners. The sidewalk is there to be walked on, not parked on. It’s dangerous and a liability that the home owner/renter is pushing off onto others. This is just like ticketing someone for driving 90mph down the highway – it educates and prevents possible danger to others. A big thank you to a conscientious police department!

  • anna

    I am totally against cops. I got a ticket for parking partly on the grass. There were no signs and I didn’t know it was wrong. I actually got aressted. It was awful. I think this cop was just showing off.

    • Judge Judy

      You didn’t get arrested for parking on the grass. You got arrested for mouthing off to the cop who wrote you the ticket.

  • Patrick

    I see they aren’t trying to write these citations in the “rougher” parts of the city. My guess is they only ticket the people they know will show up and pay. Also it was his own driveway so there should be a warning first to amend if his vehicle does in fact fit into the allotted space. Lastly based on comments above, nice to know that the sidewalk users feeling of entitlement trumps the use of his own property as well, just another reason not to live in one of these disgusting subdivisions.

    • Joe Brown

      Public access to an easement does trump property owners rights. It’s a fact. Man up and get used to it.

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