St. Louis city election board website hacked

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) - On the day before a primary election, the St. Louis City Board of Elections website was hacked.

Election officials say they discovered the problem last week, and on Monday the site was hacked again.

The first indication of a problem came when a Google search for the St. Louis Board of Elections was made a Google warning popped up on screens warning the site may have been hacked.

The hacker placed a message at the bottom of the page that said, "what to do when the world of tanks game launcher doesn't work properly? Learn more about spread betting UK."

The city contacted the company that services the website and the ad was removed from the website last week. But the message returned Monday morning to the website and was promptly taken off again.

Election officials say the site contains only election information and no voter information.

St. Louis city election officials say their website company is still trying to find out who the hacker is and how the site was accessed.