States increasingly raising transportation taxes

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) _ States are taking it upon themselves to raise revenues for roads and mass transit as federal lawmakers remain stymied on long-term highway funding.

An Associated Press review found that one-fourth of the states have enacted transportation funding increases in the past year and a half, and at least a dozen others are studying it.

Missouri voters will decide Tuesday whether to impose a three-quarters cent sales tax for transportation.

The push for more funding comes as revenues from federal and state fuel taxes are deteriorating because of more fuel efficient cars, a decline in per capita driving and stagnant tax rates.

Congress recently approved a 10-month patch for its highway trust fund but still has not addressed a long-term transportation funding plan.

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  • Ace Baily

    raising taxes is one thing, raising it across the board on everything as proposed with this ridiculous sales tax increase on everything taxable, while letting the users, which cause the wear and tear on the roads of this state take a ride on someone elses dime. road and highway taxes are such that the users should pay for them, not the people that never drive or will not drive til they are at least 16. raise the user tax, and modot quit squandering what they have is the place to start. do not tax my shoes that in spite of the truckers association ad of several years ago showing one in high heels walking down the road, it is the users on wheels that tear up the roads.

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