Update: Two teens in custody for Delmar Ave. assault

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ST. LOUIS, MO  (KTVI) – Update: St. Louis Police say two teens, a 17-year old and a 15-year-old, are in custody in connection with the assault on Delmar Avenue that was posted to Facebook.

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A young man is randomly attacked on Delmar Avenue in St. Louis City and it appears to be part of a sick prank to post on Facebook.

The attack occurred Sunday afternoon in broad daylight with the loop full of people. A teenager walks past another teen while his buddy videotaped it all on his phone.

The video was posted on Facebook, but it has since been removed.

As the teen walked past another teen he punches him so hard the teen fell head first to the pavement. Then the teen kicks the teen as he laid on the ground.

The teen is heard on the video laughing and talking about what he had just done.

You can hear other teens around him laughing too.

St. Louis police have reviewed the video and are now look for the attacker and his accomplices.

Police are also reviewing another video posted on Facebook showing some teens driving around in a car with guns, including the driver making threats about terrorizing neighborhoods.

It's possible some of the teens in that video may be linked to Sunday’s attack.

Police say the victim is doing okay.

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  • Scott

    I can’t even imagine growing up like this. How do these kids find it funny to knock someone unconscious with a sucker punch, and then continue to assault the victim while he lays face down and unable to defend himself? Race plays no part in this, it is the mentality of the youth and the lack of parental responsibility. I hope they find these kids and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

  • danforth73

    I made what I thought was a pretty good comment (although provocative, perhaps) about this incident’ but I don’t see it here, so I guess it was either too long, or more than a few folks didn’t like it. Oh well.

  • danforth73

    Incidents like these and the fact that whites are the victims in the overwhelming majority of them made me think of this article. Many people may deem it as blatantly racist and it did get Derbyshire fired from National Review, another magazine to which he contributed. There have been enough incidents like this across the country in the past few years, I’m thinking that his advice in clauses 10a thru 10i may have some merit.


  • marcel

    Race has absoluetly nothing to do with this. People like to get on forums like these and say derogatory things, because they are scared shitless to ever say in from behind the monitor/telephone.

  • S. Wesley Mcgranor

    Delinquency and psychopathology has long been represented as Black culture by its Black Power Communist engineers.

  • Vernon

    N on n violence is not a crime but the feral beasts must be exterminated. The social experiment was a glaring failure. Come sweet EBOLA! Come swiftly, be thorough.

  • Amber Bandicoot

    Black-on-black violence? Violence for fun? Laugh about it? This is NOT “news”. / PS – It’s sad that “beefing up security (which costs us all money) is a “solution” to the animals who wreck things in city after city (all the same species of animal). The only thing that surprised me in the video was that the victim was not white.

  • The Real Truth

    To call African Americans black apes… and not evolved.. clearly… you are being racist. Oh the joys of hiding behind a keyboard and making racist remarks … .. must be electrifying. .. I’m black and very educated… and I am sure that I make more money than you. To judge someone based on their skin color. … makes you the ignorant ape….lok

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