Video: Mom captures the frustration of putting twin toddlers to bed

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A young mom in Norway is having a heck of a summer trying to put her twins to bed at night. She made an adorable timelapse of her typical evenings. She posted this video to her blog.

The mom compares putting her boys down for bed like playing whack a mole with babies. The minute she gets one of them to bed, the other pops right back out. Adding to the difficulty, it doesn’t get dark to at least 10pm in the middle of a Norwegian summer.


  • Amanda Watts

    I agree. How about some discipline? I have a three year old that is not aloud out of her room to we come and get her. This has been the rule since we took her out of her crib just after two years old. She understands and with the some firm boundaries set these tots could too. That’s ridiculous!

    • Bec

      You have to be careful with that as well. I have a friend who did that same thing. Unfortunately the daughter got sick one night and didn’t come to the parents because the kids thought that they’d get in trouble because it wasn’t “time” for them to get out of bed yet.

  • N B

    how about just leaving them alone till they fall asleep. Its been my experience that as long as you know they are safe in their rooms then there is no harm in letting them play until they fall asleep on their own. might want to invest in a sound machine or a small dvd player, better yet seems like they want to be together so why not let them share a room!

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