Voters reject Missouri transportation sales tax hike “Amendment 7”

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -  Missouri voters defeat sales tax hike that would have funded over 800 transportation projects.

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Voters got to decide on five amendments at the polls. But, it was the proposed sales tax increase for transportation projects that created a big buzz across the state.

The vote "No" people tell me they`re not against improvements to transportation, they don`t like the way the make-up of the proposal is balanced.

The ¾ of a penny sales tax would raise around five billion dollars. There would be 800 statewide projects, about ten percent of them in the St. Louis region. A great deal of the money would be used by MoDOT for roads and highways. Some of the funds would be spent on other projects on the railways, ports and airports. Vote "No" people think less should be spent on roads and more on things like mass transit.

As for vote "Yes" folks, they say these projects are as balanced as best they could when looking at the whole state. if the amendment goes down in flames tonight so do a lot of jobs.

It looks like the vote yes and vote no folks are going to have to get on the same page if they want some sort of tax increased passed statewide and supported by the majority of citizens.

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  • Sharon golden

    Missourians will get what they get. Spoiled by clear roads in winter. Wait til they see what they get now.

    • Rich

      Where were their clear roads? Roads were cleared like shit this past season…and as far as interstates are concerned that’s federally funded so they will be cleared the same every season.

      • Ace Baily

        not sure where Sharon drives, however the memory of modot taking the approach of lets wait til it melts, before we clear the roads is fresh in my memory. she needs to take some of the lettered highways, and see first hand what a great job modot does, also the re pave jobs of which in short order have to be redone as they allow the contractors to do such a “great ” job. highway D in St Charles County fine example.

    • Ge

      This tax hike wasn’t to clear roads. We are taxed enough, cuts need to be made. That is the politicians job.

      • pistoljohnny

        Well said.. I’m sick of always having to be the one making sacrifices. When I was young, I got a small allowance.. I also had to pay for my own fuel, insurance, food, recreation, etc. If I was out of money I didn’t go to my mother and tell her to raise my allowance. I made sacrifices elsewhere or I learned a skill and WORKED for more money. We basically pay MILLIONS of dollars every year for people to mismanage our money. Their only skill is the art of bullshit.. I have more skills and am far better and managing my own money. And don’t get me started on MoDOT…

      • Daniel Wallace

        Whenever politicians want to dig deeper into our pockets they always resort to scare tactics instead of debating the ‘need’ for the increase in taxes. Thankfully, a slight majority of voters aren’t falling for that old deceitful tactic anymore.

  • Rob

    Arizona did the same thing. Fortunately the first tax hike was temporary. I would imagine the state would squander the money and the roads would not improve significantly. Arizona wanted to make the tax hike permanent and thought by stating to fix the roads a month prior to working on the roads that they could get it set permanently. The people didn’t fall for it the second time. No pay raise for their pockets.

  • RedHawkagain

    Hmmm, no mention that no votes also represent people who want MODOT funded via Income & Fuel Taxes, licenses & permits via the standard Annual Budget. People disliked the strategy to cut Income Taxes and then move the burden to the General Sales Taxes, placing unfair burdens on the elderly & lower/middle income segments. MO People said NO to Sinquefield here as well as the four candidates he endorsed.

  • Bob

    Missouri has one of the lowest gas tax in the nation. Nobody wants higher gas prices but that’s where most states get the money for road maintenance and improvements.


      If they do then explain to me why most roads in this countryare horrible. They need to be audited so we can see where the money really goes.

  • Kevin Morgan

    You have completely miss analyzed the outcome. The reason real voters (not the mouthpiece lobbyists or corporate citizens) rejected this is because the state legislature just gave away hundreds of millions in state revenue to the rich and now they want the middle class to make up the difference. Stop letting the fox run the henhouse, put your ear to the ground, and start reporting. Our state government never does anything we care about, they never do anything we need. People have had it with this garbage.

  • TheREALByeBye2TheLostSheepOfTheRite

    Hey, I have a novel idea! Why don’t we simply make the wealthy pay the same state income tax rate they paid last year on their handouts? That would raise the same amount of money!

    Imagine that!

  • John Duchek

    So how do the truckers who are the major destructive force on roads and bridges pay their fair share in this amendment. Drivers and truckers need to pay for road repair through gas and diesel fuel taxes. Duh.

  • remy h.

    This is a bad day for Missouri construction workers. This bill would have made thousands of jobs. Which the paychecks would have been spent and created more jobs and you people wouldn’t even notice the tax hike. Taxes need to pay for infrastructure. Its common sense.

    • Ace Baily

      great day for the citizens of this state that would be paying big bucks so the ones that use the roads could pay a small amount. sales taxes have become the cash cow for every guv entity in the nation. roads highways etc:pay for them if you use them

  • tom

    Well maybe you can expect toll roads now. Or a corporation owning and/or maintaining a road for profit (privatization isn’t it great). These may be things MoDOT may push in about 3-5 years. I somewhat agree that increased sales tax would allow MoDOT a kid in the candy store. I, personally have seen waste on projects simply to spend money frivolously. The good news is MoDOT can still rebuild I-70 using Amendment 3 (2004) money in a couple years albeit in smaller sections as a sliding design-build project.

  • Jake

    Its much easier and politically convenient for crook Politicians to always want to dip back into our pockets instead of making tough budgetary choices. Hopefully this signals we have had enough. We already pay more than enough in taxes. Work with what we have and figure it out. Otherwise get someone else in office that can do the job.

    • Ace Baily

      if you remember, the early ads and statements by the advocates were such that it is only a penny on a 10 dollar purchase. what can one get for 10$ anymore? a decent pair of shoes easily run over 100$ and in spite of the truckers association ad of several years ago, in which a set of high heels was said to put more pounds per square inch on the road than an 18 wheeler tire. I have never seen one walking the highways tearing up the pavement in high heels. the fine guv who said he opposed this bill, could have vetoed it and saved the taxpayers a lot of money.

  • John Bates

    “McCaskill backs Missouri transportation sales tax”. That told me all I needed to know about this issue. I voted no, and I’m proud to say “ENOUGH!” Have you ever noticed how the roads maintenence starts falling apart a few months before one of these ballot issues comes up? Last time one was voted down, maintenance crews were back at work the next day doing work they hadn’t been doing in months. Makes one wonder, doesn’t it. This would have been a 10% increase in the sales tax in my county (7.5% now, plus 10% increase would be 8.25%). It’s time MODOT and all the rest of the gov’t agencies learned to live with their income, just like the rest of us have to do. Sometimes it hurts, doesn’t it?

    • Ace Baily

      and her backing of this rip off, while the memory of her not paying a quarter million dollars in prop tax on her bird fresh in memory, and acting like it was just something she forgot to throw in the mail. she and hubby doing quite nicely on the coin he gets from his nursing homes, of which the ratepayers are paying the ticket for many of the residents.

  • jerry

    Glad to see this voted down. More people should read whats really in these amendments. This would of allowed the state to send money to towns out of state, also allow the cities and tows to spend the money recieved as they seem fit. And all the interest this account generates is placed in the general fund as is exempt for having to use it for transportation

    • Ace Baily

      and that fine provision included in such that the fuel tax could NOT be raised while this tax was in effect. fuel in Europe is expensive, however the user pays for the roads and highways, and some of the best roads anywhere are to be found there. also quite nice to drive a highway not saturated with billboards, as our highways here are.

  • Jeff

    Mismanaged funds now, don’t need to give them more. I reported a spot to MODOT that water was standing in the road because dirt had built up on the side on the pavement. It required one man and a shovel and 20 minutes work to clear. Instead an engineer surveyed it, a grader with two support dump trucks were sent in for four hours, then a week later, six trucks and they laid 1/2 inch layer of blacktop for forty feet on both sides of the rural two lane lettered highway when the dip was no longer than 20 feet at the most. Wasted tax dollars that I paid for. Yet over the winter another section of a different ‘route’ the pavement crumbled in 40-50 places in a 4 mile stretch so bad that you had to drive on the wrong side of the road unless you did 20mph in a 55mph and wasn’t repaired for 6 months!

    • Ace Baily

      Jeff, highway D in the wildlife area was repaved just a few years ago, sections closed except for local traffic. after “finished” huge dead trees in right of way still standing, tree co out there last summer for 2 weeks removing them, 2 modot workers stopping traffic for the time it took. 12 cuts in new road to replace culverts, which could and should have been replaced while road was closed. and again we just paid big bucks for another partial repave job of same 6 miles. modot cannot manage itself, and throwing more money at it , at the expense of people that never use a road, was ridiculous. I was hoping for a 70% vote against, to really send a message, I will settle for the 59% rejection.

  • Jim

    Thank you fellow voters for doing the right thing here. There is plenty of waste we are already paying for that could be eliminated and would more than make up for this. I predict the next proposed sales tax increase will be “for the children”. Since roads failed, children is their other argument.

    • Ace Baily

      do not forget “education”! first it was lottery, then casinos, and ever since prop tax for schools has been climbing at rate faster than greased lightning. give a pol a dime, it will spend a dollar.

  • Ken

    Happy to see this boondoggle go down in flames. It would have been more money for the folks in Jeff City to squander on friends and special interests. People are finally waking up to tax and spend, spend, spend.
    Like so many other “targeted” taxes and fundraising (think Lottery and casinos) the money comes in , but never ends up where intended, despite language and promises to the contrary.

  • Fred Reiss

    The stated mission of the Missouri Department of Transportation is “to provide a world-class transportation experience that delights our customers and promotes a prosperous Missouri”. A mission that lofty and noble could never be satisfied or run out of ways to spend money. One can’t fault MoDOT for spending as much money as they can get their hands on in pursuit of its grand mission. That’s MoDOT’s role. Someone else has to take the responsibility for restraining MoDOT’s thirst for funding, and it shouldn’t be parties who feed at the MoDOT trough such as construction companies, labor unions, transportation engineering firms, etc. Missouri voters did that yesterday. Now that a sales tax has been defeated, we’ll probably see an effort to raise the gasoline taxes or plans to toll I-70 and I-44. The fact is, MoDOT doesn’t need any additional funding. What they claim to be a “funding crisis” is due to their loss of federal stimulus money and the monies they’ve raised from bonds. Amendment 7 money would have replaced those 2 sources and allowed MoDOT to continue the massive spending programs they’ve had for the past 10 years. We shouldn’t be arguing where MoDOT should get more funds, but why they think they need it now. MoDOT is acting like someone who has maxed out their credit card and wants a new one to shop with.

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