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FBI director visits St. Louis to discuss terrorism

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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – FBI Director James Comey dropped a wake-up call on St. Louis and the rest of America during a visit here, Wednesday.

He warned of a growing terror threat emanating from Syria, saying international cities like St. Louis, were potential targets.

He met with law enforcement leaders here, reminding them of the 9-11 hijackers, terror training in Afghanistan, and then coming back to the U.S. for the attacks.

The same thing was now happening in Syria, he said.  Thousands of people from Europe and more than 100 from the U.S. had already gone there to fight with ISIS-ISIL terrorists and getting weapons training from IED’s to shoulder fired missiles and beyond, he said.

“St. Louis is a major American city; an international city, with lots of people, lots of travelers.  It is not some isolated side-rail place,” Comey said.  “It has common the same challenges that a Houston, a Miami, a New York, a Los Angeles, a Chicago have.  That is, we have lots of people here.  When I say it’s an everywhere thing, I mean it could be a ‘here’ thing… it is not a New York thing or a Washington thing.  It is an everywhere in the United States thing.”

He said there was no specific known threat in St. Louis or anywhere else.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson pressed Comey for more FBI help, more quickly, in combating violent crime and building federal cases against weapons offenders.  St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar wanted help in cyber-crimes investigations.

Comey said help was coming.

Comey is visiting all 56 FBI field offices in the United States.
St. Louis was his 36th stop.

Comey is 11 months into his 10 year term as FBI Director.

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  • me

    I am worried for our country, we have honestly let to many of them migrate over here. I seen their demonstrations in chicago and dc and it wasn’t friendly. (Trying to attack a us marine because he carried a us and Israel flag.) I am done and they yes I said they , need to go home and we have to close our borders, period!

  • ByeBye2TheMilitantRight

    Yeah, we should be REAL worried about those 100 people who went to Syria to learn to hurl huge rocks at their enemy. Of course, this IS similar to 9-11, but the difference is now we have a president who won’t allow it to happen to further his agenda of military spending.

    No, instead we should be MORE worried about the THOUSANDS of local, domestic right-wing terrorists training at militia camps all across this once great nation. THEY pose a MUCH more serious and credible threat to our nation and our well-being than a few goofy Muslim terrorists. One difference is the foreign terrorists are not well finances, while the American right-wing militia is financed by the wealthy and armed to the teeth.

    Note that, as usual, they admit there is no specifically known threat. So what’s the big deal?

    Meanwhile, Israel is busy inspiring THOUSANDS of people every day to hate us and want revenge on us, for supporting Israel. The BEST thing we could do to reduce our risk of terrorist attack is to STOP FINANCING ISRAEL’S AGGRESSION – period. Make them pay their own way. We’ve spend A BILLION DOLLARS on just this latest assault against Hamas alone. Enough is enough. Stop aiding Israel’s oppression of the millions of people around them and we make our nation FAR safer. Plus we save money so we can spend it on OUR people.

    • Byebye2byebye

      It is unbelievable how ill informed you are. Please enlighten all of us with your knowledge of how Obama thinks. Actions speak louder than words and Obama is currently doing NOTHING to secure our borders. Do you honestly think it is just South American children sneaking in? Please unplug yourself from our government run media and start looking elsewhere to get your news… And “stop financing Israel’s aggression”???? Israel is being attacked by Hamas (which is a terrorist organization and wants the Jewish people wiped off the face of the earth). What would you like Israel to do – just sit and take it!? I could only hope that one of these so -called domestic right wing terrorists find you in a back alley someday……..

      • me

        Goofy muslim, really? Wow! There is nothing goofy about muslims. They are taught to protect their religon at any cost which includes bold face lying, and killing themselves or worse innocent people. So no I don’t find anything goofy about that. Israeli’s have been tolerant of other religions but don’t expect them to be tolerant of groups trying to blow them up.

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