Woman set husband on fire for allegedly molesting her 7-year-old daughter

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RENTON, WA (KOMO) – A woman is in custody after setting her husband on fire for allegedly molesting her 7-year-old daughter.

According to police, Tatanysha Hedman, 40, poured gasoline on her husband Vincent Phillips, 52, as he slept.  At that point, she allegedly set him on fire.

Phillips ran from the couples apartment and entered a convenience store screaming, “I’m on fire!”

Investigators say Hedman set him on fire because he hurt her daughter, which is his stepchild.  She told police that shooting him “was too nice.”

Phillips has been charged with first degree child molestation.  He is in intensive care.

Hedman was sent to jail on assault and arson charges.

A gofundme account has been set up to help with Tatanysha’s legal fees.

For more information visit: Bail/ Legal fees for Tatanysha on gofundme.com.



  • csantiagosellshomes

    Have you seen the results of a molested child once they become an adult? They will never be whole. They seldom reach their full potential. They often wander aimlessly through life lost and confused or, they themselves become abusers. Our penal system does not take this offense serious enough and parents often feel they must take matters in their own hands. Just for a minute, think about how devasted you might feel if someone molested or brutally molested your child. Not a good feeling at all. You feel a raging fire within you. I know, been there done that! If our courts are not going to impose more severe punishment that will truly deter this vile violation of anothers body then I must applaud the position this woman took in her effort to defend her child so that the offender never repeats this offense. What is sad is that this woman, because she defended the rights and safety of her child may have to serve time. Does anyone see anything wrong here? If in fact that man molested this innocent child, I see no reason why he should not bare the physical scars as well as serve time as it could never compare to the emotional scars this child has indured !!!

    • Blank

      I believe that if a young child have to go through life with the result, the child molester should also get life punishment as well. Getting life in prison for molesting will eventually help reduce the child molest crime rate. Sadly our system is not as cool.

    • Cassie

      I see what you’re saying, but I recommend letting survivors speak for themselves. A lot of survivors come out of that horrid situation incredibly strong and adept. The whole point is that we are not victims. We are survivors, and we live our lives they way we want to, a luxury they can only try to take away.

    • sam

      may I ask ms. Pamela where you would prefer for him to be. I would rather put these people who hurt our children into prison but I believe it should be a prison where they have to work, from suns up until sundown but we don’t have that treatment any more and they shouldn’t be entitled to anything except meals and a place to put their heads . NOT happy about paying for them either but we have to keep satan away from our children and I pray that if you have children that God will hold them in the palm of His hand keep them from harm.

      • Richard Brandt

        He should be taken five miles offshore, wrapped with 15 pounds of “Tie Down” chain then told to swim. Yeah, I’ve put a lot of thought into this and should be mandatory for Child Molesters.

  • Reta

    Contact : Renton Police Department on Facebook let’s help this woman there is over 4 million people all over trying to get her released by reposting story , tagging Renton police department WA in it an pleading for her release . Calling her an HERO for her lil girl an all other victims . Let’s help comment, Repost ,tag police dept in , whatever it takes .

  • rebecca

    Tammy yeah you definitely live in lala land I’m a christin and I was raped at 16 so how’s that right for you to say god doesn’t out in anyone in this situation.

    • Tammy

      Well if u are actually a Christian then u would know God is NOT choosing or putting anyone in any of these situations. About 70% of women claim they are raped. And it happens more frequently then anyone realizes but GOD is not doing it to anyone!

  • Diane Nelson

    I would have done the very same thing this mother did. She needs to be with her daughter, not in jail. As for the husband, I hope he rots and all his burned skin falls off and leaves him a grisly mess………

  • Marissa

    My daughter was 6 when she came out and told her grandmother my husband was molesting her. We did things the legal way. He is now in prison. I have to be honest, I wanted to kill him. I wanted to do absolutely horrible things to him in punishment. But that would have taken me from my children and they needed me. So while a part of me is glad to know this mother did that, now her daughter is without her when she needs her most. The man deserved what he got but now the mother has to face the consequences of her actions as well. While it does make me angry knowing my EX HUSBAND is sitting in prison while my hard earned tax dollars fund him, at least I am with my children. And that is the most important thing. Prayers for all involved.

  • K

    She has every right to protect her child and those of you who wanna say what she did is inhumane you obviously dont have children of your own therefore you have no right to say squat because you just dont understand…most mothers would’ve done worse. And the one who wants to complain about the premeditated act of doing while he slept, how do you know he wasnt a violent man and she was afraid to do anything while he was awake obviously he molested her daughter I mean they charged him with it. People educate yourself I applaud this woman the man who did that to my daughter would not live to tell the tale.

  • Marvin

    First–what this man did was absolutely horrible. No one, I think, would disagree about that. But there seem to be a consensus on this forum that the mother did right by taking matters into her own hands. This I cannot agree with, unless we would like to totally disregard the judicial system. For one thing, as has been noted, nothing was gained on the part of the daughter by her mother’s setting the man on fire. In fact — legally speaking — she is liable for any punishments a court would give her for this action. One is not justified in commuting violent acts simply because they are responding to violent acts. It is a shame that the relativism rate is so low for pedophiles,and that this man will probably not get the punishment he deserves — but, for me, these are not reasons to justify her actions (even though it seems right intuitively) but to question the judicial system in our country and how it handles cases like these. This, it seems to me, is the discussion we should be having.

    • denise

      I understand what you are saying, However carry a child within you for nine months then after you form that bond let someone you obviously trusted enough to marry come along and hurt that child that is my right to be judge, jury, and executioner.



  • McKay

    She was defending her child which any mother should do. She shouldn’t be charged with anything. They shouldn’t have put the fire out!

  • Jenni

    The real sick thing, if she gets charged is that he’ll be out of jail before her. Molesting children isn’t a big deal if you put your name on a list when you get out. Way to go America.

  • Connie

    Kudos to the Mom! Ive read many of the comments here and let me just say this:
    If that was my granddaughter…….he would still be burning.

  • Goodmom

    Child molesters should be given death penalty because they take lives from innocent children. The mother should be released because she was protecting her child.

  • Claudette

    I was molested several times as a child. Im 37 now and I suffer every day still. Your never the same when this happens.. I’ve been in counseling all my life for what that horrible man did to me.

  • renee Preston

    SAME thing happened to ME at 5 year’s old I WISH my MOM HAD BURN THAT dog up ….I PRAY u GET OUT of JAIL I’m praying for your daughter god bless u sweet little girl..

  • Rose

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