Investigation into police dispatcher’s alleged mistake

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A police dispatcher's misunderstanding may have sent officers to the wrong address while an attacker shot two people dead.

Court documents say that Jessica Thompson was inside her apartment with a male friend when her boyfriend showed up. They say he tried to choke her. The apartment groundskeeper told the boyfriend to go away. Then he came back.

Tony Jordan, 32, and Jessica Thompson, 25, both of the 5800 block of Cabanne were both found shot and killed on July 9th. Officers received a call around 1:30am from an apartment building on Cabanne Avenue at Goodfellow. Police say Jordan was found outside the building. He had been shot in the head. Thompson was found inside the apartment. She was also shot in the head. Both were pronounced dead on the scene.

The situation could have ended much differently according to a report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Police department spokeswoman Leah Freeman says that the dispatcher, "misheard the address" and sent officers to the wrong location. But, it is not clear if officers could have saved the victims had they gone to the right place.

Relatives of the victims are very upset by this revelation. They tell the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that this crime could have been prevented.

Police arrested Adrian Houston, 37 of University City for murdering his girlfriend and the apartment groundskeeper who tried to help her. Houston is being held without bond.

The dispatcher is still working in the communications center, but is not answering 9-1-1 calls during the internal investigation. The dispatcher is not publicly identified.

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  • Andy S.

    a lot of things could have made the outcome different, can’t just put all the blame on the dispatcher…
    i have heard a lot of released 911 calls, and sometimes it’s difficult to understand what the caller is saying due to a bad connection/language barriers/talking too fast it’s really easy to misinterpret information. i work customer service and take lots of phone calls, and sometimes it’s very difficult to understand what my customer is telling me.
    so again, why blame the dispatcher for the deaths? why not blame the sociopath with the gun?

  • Sherman

    This just proves that the only person responsible for your safety is you. Even when you call 911 the police may not be coming with their guns to save you. While I do not wish to most people(there are a couple that I do) I think it would awesomely ironic if this happened to gun grabber who thinks only police should be armed.

  • Stephanie

    Who’s to say they could have been saved? He 2 as shot in the head so the odds are of hum surviving that were pretty slim. Is it possible the caller didn’t relay the information correctly?

  • No Mo Money!

    With as many calls as they get in N. City, you know a mistake will be made. It is not the fault of anyone but the stupid idiot that shot these folks. Next thing you know JJ and the Rev will be here.

  • candy

    it still dont matter they past the apartment when ppls was yellin tell them rite here and they keep goin so who is u to say if that was ur child that got killa so i blame the dispatch because they should ask her to repeat the adderss and they didnt thats some bull

  • Big Dog Tom

    The s o b who murdered these two people should be tried, convicted, and executed quickly. This low life should not be allowed to live any longer.

  • lololol

    The family of these people are hilarious. I don’t have any idea how you convince yourself that things could’ve ended differently. They were both shot in the head! The dispatcher is NOT to blame here.

  • miesha

    ok first off to all who had sumthing to say to CANDY dat my bestfriend and dat was her fiance dat was killed so she have the rite to be mad and feel da way she want to feel…yall dnt knw her pain and wat she goin thru…HAVE RESPECT

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