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Police investigating Central West End home invasion

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CENTRAL WEST END ( KTVI)-   A Central West End family is on edge after they were allegedly robbed in the middle of the day at home. The thieves made off with jewelry, electronics and the family's SUV.

Investigators say the victim reported she was home with her mother-in-law cooking when three men entered their townhouse with guns in their hands.

The home owner requested we conceal her identity, thinking the robbers may return. She gave us a chilling account of what happened.

"I will never open the back door, I will never let my kids play in the back yard. Me and my husband will be moving from this place," she said.

Police says the alleged home invasion happened around 2 p.m. Thursday in the 4100 block of Olive near Sarah.

The victim says the suspects jumped a fence into their backyard then forced their way into the back door.  She said the suspects pointed a gun at her head.

"He told me I will shoot you if you look at us. I can say that I'm lucky they did not shoot us," said the victim.

According to the home owner, the suspects searched the residence going upstairs, removing a big screen TV and diamond jewelry, grabbed their iPhones, cutting off their communication. Also stealing the family's white 2011 Buick Enclave . "They took my wallet, my green card and personal information.  I told them you want money, I can give  you.  Just don't mess with my home," she said.

Police say there were no injuries reported and they're  still searching for the suspects.


  • Stl

    They watched and knew who would be there. It’s scary not knowing who is watching work schedules. Knew that husband was gone.

    • Ace Baily

      she is going to keep her doors locked now. while not stated in story if they were locked at time, if back door was not locked, no force needed , turn the knob and enter. the implication is that door was not locked.slay and dotson can downplay crime in the city all they want, it is there.

    • lololol

      Is this a joke? She shouldn’t have to have her doors locked to avoid being robbed at gunpoint. You clearly are beyond dilluded.

  • cgstl

    To consider this area the CWE is quite a stretch. It is Midtown or Gaslight Square if anything. I think Fox 2 likes to throw around the CWE because they know it grabs people’s attention. Regardless, don’t feel this story is accurate, which should be the primary goal of news resources.

  • bob

    i worked in this area when they were rebuilding the hood, always knew it would never be good to try and have something nice when all around was something bad. it’s a shame, but it is what it is.

  • lololol

    For people like this there should be a form of punishment where we tie them up in a room face down with a bag over their heads and pistol whip them half senseless and then every hour someone come in with a loaded gun firing one shot for proof and then just basically put the gun in mouth and tell them that you’re going to kill them. And some of them will get killed. Just at random. Some real psychological torture. I’m tired of hearing about stuff like this. You lames can’t go get yourself a real job or a life so you traumatized others. These dudes will end up locked up and plunked out in no time. Some small consolation

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