Rams fans optimistic about season

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- This group of guys from the Oakville area have been tailgating at this place since 1995 and this year they`re pumped.

The guys rattle names like Sam, Robinson, and Bradford in excitement.

This season could be interesting according to this group because they feel like the younger guys have enough experience to do some damage but it`s still a pre-season game.

The next pre-season game is against the Green Bay Packers August 16th at 3pm.

The home opener is against the Vikings on September 7th.



    So all 5,000 fans are optimistic?

    Unfortunately, the other few hundred thousand people in this area are realistic about the Rams – they have about as much chance to reach the Super Bowl as I do. Probably about the same football ability, too – virtual none.

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