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See the international travels of a former “missing” attorney

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Jeff Witt traveled the world as some of his clients feared him dead and wondered about their money.  Witt disappeared last fall and resurfaced when the feds arrested him walking off of a flight from Turkey.  Fox Files investigator Chris Hayes reveals pictures from Witt’s elaborate travels in this joint investigation with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Jeff Wit took pictures of himself hopping the globe.  In one picture, he held up a handwritten message that says “I miss you and I love you.” Witt reportedly spent most of his time in Australia.  One picture shows his view of the Sydney harbor from the apartment he rented.  St Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Robert Patrick, twice visited Witt in prison.  Patrick attempted to get answers about why Witt disappeared.  Patrick said, “He has said that he was being threatened… threatened at gunpoint, his family was threatened and that’s why he left.  He said to me at one point, on Monday I had a gun in my face.  On Tuesday I was out of there.”

Patrick said the threat came from the son of a disgruntled client.  Patrick added that there’s no evidence Witt complained to police and that Witt appeared to have conflicting reasons for running.  Patrick explained, “He had a pending disciplinary case with the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel.  It was not going well.  He didn’t expect it to go well.  I think he expected to lose his license and with that he would’ve lost his identity.”

One photograph, taken by Witt, reveals a picture of an Australian identification that Witt obtained under his real name.  Patrick says Witt also relied on a charge card.  Patrick explained, “He said he obtained a credit card in Australia, charged about $20,000, he estimates… and currently has no expectation of repaying that money.”

Patrick says Australia was one of about a half dozen international destinations.   Reporter Patrick said, “Take your pick. He went around the world. He left from St. Louis October 30th, flew to Chicago.  Chicago to a province in the Philippines… spent just a couple days there and then flew to Australia. In Australia he spent about six weeks, in Sydney, much of it in view of the Sydney harbor in an apartment he got through Craigslist.  From Australia he went to the United Arab Emirates.  He was interested in having a job there and had a lead on something, but kind of got spooked in the airport.  At that point he went to Jordan via Lebanon, spent a couple weeks in Jordan, went to Turkey, went to England, back to Turkey.  He at that point he was getting spooked again, there’s a lot of political unrest & protests. He called his fiancé (asking) ‘get me to Greece.’  She said ‘well I’ll get you to London or I’ll get you to England’ and I think he changed his mind and she said ‘why don’t you come spend the weekend with me in New York City?”

That’s when the FBI met him at the gate.

Witt has since pleaded guilty to three felonies involving a scheme in which he secretly obtained a line of credit on his Mom’s home.  A Judge will sentence him in October.

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This is a photo gallery of Witt’s travels:

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