Three robbed at gunpoint downtown

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(KTVI) -Three people were robbed at gunpoint downtown Thursday night after walking to their car from Ballpark Village. Police say around 10:30 p.m. they were approached by two men with guns in the 500 block of Locust, about six blocks from Busch Stadium. The suspects demanded their cell phones and money. No one was injured.

They walked back to the ball park to report the robbery.

Less than two months ago in late June, a group of five people were robbed.  According to Chief Sam Dotson, these thieves were stealing cars from the Metro east before coming to St. Louis to commit robberies.

At the time the chief  promised to increase the number of officers, uniform, plainclothes and those on bicycles in the area.  He said police would also monitor traffic on the bridges.  The downtown St. Louis partnership has also been trying to discourage crime by adding security cameras.

City officials point out crime around the stadium and Ballpark Village area has been very low since the opening of the Village earlier this year.


  • Cit Riverview

    “Crown Jewel of downtown” Like any jewel or Jewels, it’s coveted by many. In the case of ball Park village it’s ripe for the taking. Those whom like people who are defenseless (no guns allowed) will continue to see this area as EZ pickings.

    • Rocky Stixx Stone

      The subhuman thugs continue to not only tarnish the image of BP Village, but Downtown and the City of St. Louis. NO TOLERANCE gun laws need to be enacted. Major time in prison, not a slap on the wrist. It is amazing that places like BP Village and Lumiere Place continue to get hit and do not increase security with off-duty REAL policeman. WAKE UP !!!!! Thugs are ruining your businesses. If the Rams ever have a stadium built north of the Landing, security will need to be beefed up big time. I am so sick of these disgusting thugs ruining everything for our City. That is why I love to hear when the thugs are blasted by tax-paying citizens, either carrying or that have a gun at home. I do not feel sorry for them or their families. These sub-humans know what they are doing and choose this lifestyle. I’m sick of people saying they are victims of their environment, when examples of kids doing great things out of the hood, is happening everyday. It is a choice to be a subhuman thug.

      • Mascoutan

        Rocky – what do you mean by “no tolerance gun laws”? We have tons of gun laws that the criminals simply ignore. It’s time to enforce our 2nd Amendment rights and allow We, the People the ability to protect ourselves. Whereas the stadium and Ball Park Village MAY be “safe” (there’s no guarantee some lunatic won’t smuggle a gun in and start blasting away), traveling to and from the game/venue leaves us helpless if confronted with a thug with a gun or knife intent on robbing or killing us. I agree with just about everything you posted.

      • Cit Riverview

        MASCOUTAN. My guess they mean going to the ball park and entering the ball park you’ll be stopped from CCW inside the park.

      • Rocky Stixx Stone

        ^ I agree with you. We need more C&C citizens. I just don’t see the majority doing that, just the smart ones. We can’t CC in those places anyway, so we are sitting ducks regardless. Regarding laws, put the thugs away for good, if they use guns to commit violent crimes. I’m sure the thugs involved last night, have been in prison before, likely for ‘armed criminal action. That would eliminate any second time offenders, eliminating a significant % of crime. I know what you mean though. Thugs are brazen and do not give a rat’s — about the law. Prison is a step up in life for most of them. At least there, they can’t keep robbing the taxpaying public of what they earn from actually having a job. Put them in jail and give them a job to earn their keep. I’m sick of sharing the streets and my freedom with these subhuman thugs.

      • Buck O'Famagh

        With all due respect, you’re a fool. Chicago has some of the most “no tolerance” gun laws in the country and more people are killed in Chicago than Afghanistan. What needs to happen is to do away with the areas where law abiding are prohibited from carrying a gun. The bad guys carry guns wherever they want because they don’t care about the law no matter how “no tolerance” you try to make them. That’s why they’re called criminals. The good people should be able to as well.

      • Cit Riverview

        @Buck. Now that the Ball park has metal detectors, myself and my Law abiding friends wont attend any of the Cards Games. their loss. The rest of the Sheeple will march right into the Ovens so to speak. That area will continue to have issues as with ever area were those thugs decide to lighten the load of anyone around them.

  • Ace Baily

    “fans hope these crimes wont tarnish its image”; it gets known as a spot for easy pickings, and dotson can put all the police there he wants, and it will go down the tubes just like any other spot that becomes a home for criminals. while many may not remember Gaslight Square, that is what did it in.

    • Cit Riverview

      You have to understand, their ability to earn a living has been curtailed by those they choose to take and redistribute the wealth in this country. I can guarantee one thing. The Police report ask the question of those who were robbed. “Give a description of those who robbed you.” This info is available to the public (media) yet in their reporting of the story, you didn’t see that fact they were African American Males. Want to know who is destroying this country? CBS,NBC,CNN,ABC and their affiliates. They give jobs to people who want to hide those facts from all for ONE reason, the fear that an uprising from the majority. Day after day we see Black people killed by other black people. Wake up America they are destroying the culture that put a man on the MOON!


    Per the Chief of Police for the City of St Louis
    No need to express your 2nd Amendment right if you have a valid Missouri CCW as you are perfectly safe at the ball park and ball park village.
    Yep good call Chief glad that you can tell the visitors to your town that they will be safe and no need to express their 2nd Amendment right.
    What is it going to take, someone getting killed over 30 bucks?

    • Cit Riverview

      If they put metal detectors in the ball park village venues then I for one won’t attend any of those bars or eateries. The best people can do is call or right those companies and express your feels about being a target while attending their business. The only way is to hit them in the pocket. The cost of rent at that venue is astronomical. No BIZ they will put pressure on the city and Cardinals to do something about it.

      • Cit Riverview

        Correction:If they put metal detectors in the ball park village venues then I for one won’t attend any of those bars or eateries. The best people can do is call or “Write” those companies and express your “feelings” about being a target while attending their business. The only way is to hit them in their the pocket. The cost of rent at that those venue is astronomical. No BIZ, they will put pressure on the city and Cardinals to do something about it.

      • rose

        CIT, If you and I have thought of this, many more also have. Hit them where it hurts, their pocket books. People should never go to a ” gun free zone,” they are not safe.

  • 6stn

    Can’t have anything nice anymore without the local “criminal element” messing it up for everybody..

  • John

    Strike Two @ “gangsta village”. I guess this will be a “hot zone” now and they will “beef up” security.

  • Mascoutan

    Time and time again “Gun Free” zones are proven to be target-rich environments for the criminals. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Therefore those that think those stupid little signs of a gun with a red circle and slash across it will stop a criminal from using a gun are insane. Stop the insanity! Demand your freedoms and the right to protect yourself! Boycott all “Target Rich Environments”!

  • concernd citizen

    The bad guys know that the ballpark is a “gun free zone” which means that anyone leaving the ballpark will not be armed = easy pickings. When are city leaders going to realize that honest citizens need to protect themselves? I for one will not spend any money in the City of St. Louis where I can not carry my CCW.

  • ToldYaSo

    I think we need a 2nd amendment night at the ball park and see how many of us get robbed that day….

  • Liz

    Folks – life isn’t like the movies. A robber approaches you and already has a gun in your face and demands your stuff, you don’t get to whip out your gun like Bruce Willis and shoot him, saving the day. You’ll be lucky to get your finger around the trigger before they fire at you as soon as they see the gun. So, now, you’re not only shot, but they’ll steal your gun too, putting even more weapons on their hands. How do you think they got their guns in the first place? You all sound like fools raving on about “2nd Amendment Rights” and stopping all the crime with your trusty CCW. Step into reality. You will not be the Action Movie Hero you envision in your head.

    • Cit Riverview

      For your information,I carry 40 cal in a Man’s Purse. While walking my hand is inside a special compartment with my hand on the handle cock and ready(not on the trigger). A person walking up to me with a gun or knife has no idea I have a gun trained on them. I wont ask a question or give them any warning BANG they are shot. That’s what these people have done to me and there are more of us out there then you can possibly understand. ITS THAT SIMPLE, I CHOOSE NOT TO BE AN OUTLINE IN THE STREET BY A POLICE FORCE THAT CAME AFTER THE FACT!

      • Printit

        I’m interested in learning what kind of purse this is. No, I’m not being catty….I’m serious. Crossover……leather…….what size?

    • Printit

      Liz, you, unfortunately, are ab-so-lutely correct. I have explained it many times: I have a 95% chance of getting blind-sided and unable to protect myself but I’ll take the 5% over no protection at all. Our best defense is to be acutely aware of our surroundings at all times. If I see any thug type in my vision I veer off. Better scared than scarred.

    • Joe

      You are correct, people think just because they have a CCW they are now the superhero. How many are taking advanced training courses! Just because you can carry a gun and shot a paper target doesn’t mean, when the sh*t hits the fan you can react on a dime! I have a CCW and carry and wish they would offer more advanced training classes.

    • Mascoutan

      Liz – Whereas you make a reasonable point (getting past the sarcasim) at least having a slim chance is better than no chance at all. Granted, your familiarity and level of comfort with firearms seems to be very limited based on your post, so I would agree that you probably sholdn’t carry a firearm unless you get training. On the other hand, the vast majority of the criminals that commit crimes while armed are not trained – accounts of dozens of shots fired with minimal damage in the local news reports attests to that reality. Speaking of reality, millions of crimes are thwarted by the “victim” simply reaching and displaying a firearm. Criminals are not interested in a fire fight. The vast majority are cowards and only want to prey on the defensless sheeple. So please feel free to choose what you want to be – sheeple, or at least having a chance to defend yourself. The police are just minutes away when seconds count.

    • Buck O'Famagh

      You obviously know nothing about guns and crime. I haven’t heard of one situation as you describe. Not one. The statistics prove you wrong time and time again. Everyday people with weapons thwart crimes over 2 million times a year in the US. Most times there are no shots fired. The bad guys are not looking for a gunfight. They’re looking for prey and find it more easily in “gun free” zones. The bad guys don’t get their guns from people carrying guns. They steal them or buy them from people who stole them during a burglary or the like. Sure, if you walk around in a trance or with earphones on or are focused on texting you’re a target. But if you have some degree of situational awareness, you’ll see trouble coming and have an opportunity to respond. Based on your logic there’s no reason to have a fire extinguisher in your house or car because you might not be able to use it. Fool.

  • Phil Janovick

    It’s a wonder all these wealthy folk down there…… don’t hire the national Guard…. That’s how bad it has become…. I deter all my friends from going down there….. need to eliminate the projects & the seedy apartments & around it…… Like flies on crapola….. !!! need to have armed militia every 50 feet….. YES !!! That’s how bad it is….. !! Simple fix…… BPV has the funds !!!!! If not…. Take it out of the millionaire executives that are patting themselves on the back !!!!

    • EnoughPC

      Dramatize much Phil??? All your screaming of “how bad it has gotten down there, you need the National Guard blah, blah, blah.” You obviously have not been downtown in a long long long time. We spend more of our money downtown (ballgames, restaurants, etc. than we do in St. Charles . In my 53 years on this earth, I have never had an issue with going downtown or walking around down there. You are just denying your guests and friends a chance to see our city with your whinny, unfounded fears. Stay away from “State Streets” and you are good to go. Step outside once in awhile and leave your precious rural safety blanket behind. There is a whole new world out there to see instead of being a Chicken Little.

      • Cit Riverview

        I’m so happy that nothing has happen to you or your family. I will say it only has to happen one time and you might be talking another tune.

  • Cit Riverview

    I’m interested in learning what kind of purse this is. No, I’m not being catty….I’m serious. Crossover……leather…….what size?

    Black Canvas Crossover Large. two large zippered top areas to carry wallet and money, I carry a video camera plus a still camera. Extra clip and a 6″ Knife and a flash lite. I once carried a 9 mm also but got to heavy. I’m not kidding. I go everywhere with it except government buildings and schools. I’ve taken defensive shooting courses. Again people, I’ll not become a victim or my family as long as they are with me.

  • Thomas

    This happened after the ballpark just began its new “metal detectors” and frisking & searching the people attending the Cardinals ballgame.
    HEY , St. Louis, making patrons/ticketholders of the ballgame feel like criminal/terrorist just to get to their seat is NOT making the ballpark any safer.
    TARGET THE THUGS prowling the neighbor around the ballgames , NOT the innocent ticketholders.

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