Armed man breaks into St. Anthony’s hospice center, demands drugs

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI)-Police continue to investigate after an armed robbery attempt at St. Anthony's Medical Center's deGreeff Hospice House early Saturday.

According to police, a man with a gun came in to the facility demanding drugs around 6:30am Saturday. A male nurse took the man back towards a storage area and then ran off towards the front of the building, leaving the armed suspect alone. The suspect continued back towards the back of the building. That was the last time anyone saw the intruder. Police now believe he may have left before they arrived on the scene.

All hospital buildings were placed on lockdown while the St. Louis County tactical team did a precautionary sweep of the entire campus. The lockdown was lifted a little after Noon Saturday.

Staff were prepared to move hospice patients from the facility, but it proved unnecessary when police determined the suspect was no longer in the building.

The hospice center is located on the backside of the hospital campus, away from the main hospital building.

St. Anthony's Medical Center Campus Map


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