Teenager shot, killed in Ferguson apartment complex

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - A shooting in Ferguson has tensions riding high between residents and police. Saturday afternoon, a police involved shooting occurred at the Canfield Green apartment complex in the 2900 block of Canfield. A teenager was shot and killed. An officer from the Ferguson Police Department was involved in the shooting.

At the request of the Ferguson Police Department, the St. Louis County Crimes Against Person Unit is taking over the investigation of the shooting. The police officer involved in the shooting has been put on paid administrative leave.

Witnesses to the shooting say the person shot was an 18-year-old teenager named Michael Brown who was walking in the middle of a street with a friend.

Following the shooting, a large crowd of residents from the apartment complex gathered at the crime scene in the middle of the apartment complex. In response to the crowd, Ferguson police request additional help for crowd control from St. Louis County Police. A spokesperson for St. Louis County Police says a perimeter was set-up around the apartment complex after gun fire was heard in the area.

Late Saturday night St. Louis County Police issued a news release stating that a press conference will be held Sunday at 10 am at Ferguson Police Department.

In response to Saturday’s shooting the St. Louis County NAACP has launched an investigation. The NAACP has also asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to intervene in the investigation.

The president of the St. Louis County NAACP Missouri State Representative Ester Haywood released the following statement:

“We are hurt to hear that yet another teenaged boy has been slaughtered by law enforcement especially in light of the recent death of Eric Garner in New York who was killed for selling cigarettes. We plan to do everything within our power to ensure that the Ferguson Police Department as well as the St. Louis County Police Department releases all details pertinent to the shooting. We strongly encourage residents to stay away from the crime scene so that no additional citizens are injured. I have spoken directly with St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, and I am confident that both he and his department will ensure that the investigation is conducted properly and that all details are kept transparent.”




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