Teenager shot, killed in Ferguson apartment complex

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - A shooting in Ferguson has tensions riding high between residents and police. Saturday afternoon, a police involved shooting occurred at the Canfield Green apartment complex in the 2900 block of Canfield. A teenager was shot and killed. An officer from the Ferguson Police Department was involved in the shooting.

At the request of the Ferguson Police Department, the St. Louis County Crimes Against Person Unit is taking over the investigation of the shooting. The police officer involved in the shooting has been put on paid administrative leave.

Witnesses to the shooting say the person shot was an 18-year-old teenager named Michael Brown who was walking in the middle of a street with a friend.

Following the shooting, a large crowd of residents from the apartment complex gathered at the crime scene in the middle of the apartment complex. In response to the crowd, Ferguson police request additional help for crowd control from St. Louis County Police. A spokesperson for St. Louis County Police says a perimeter was set-up around the apartment complex after gun fire was heard in the area.

Late Saturday night St. Louis County Police issued a news release stating that a press conference will be held Sunday at 10 am at Ferguson Police Department.

In response to Saturday’s shooting the St. Louis County NAACP has launched an investigation. The NAACP has also asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to intervene in the investigation.

The president of the St. Louis County NAACP Missouri State Representative Ester Haywood released the following statement:

“We are hurt to hear that yet another teenaged boy has been slaughtered by law enforcement especially in light of the recent death of Eric Garner in New York who was killed for selling cigarettes. We plan to do everything within our power to ensure that the Ferguson Police Department as well as the St. Louis County Police Department releases all details pertinent to the shooting. We strongly encourage residents to stay away from the crime scene so that no additional citizens are injured. I have spoken directly with St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, and I am confident that both he and his department will ensure that the investigation is conducted properly and that all details are kept transparent.”




    • dog

      are you referring to the new yorker that was attacked for stealing cigarettes? because that’s not michael brown. michael brown was accused of stealing CANDY, and the cashier that was operating the place he apparently robbed said he did not see him stealing anything.
      this boy was going to college. you ARE wrong.

  • dlt

    lets not talk about race because blacks in the eyes of whites we are all criminals from paying child support to becoming president of the great america.

  • The Guy

    It was king Obama and his puppets in the Free Masons that ordered this hit. Al Sharpton is king of Islam

  • Steve Rogers

    They changed the article from boy to a man. Witness the great tactics of dehumanizing a child of color so he won’t get any sympathy . I won’t be surprised if people began to defend their cops for their brutality. It’s shoplifting, no one deserves to be killed over this.

    • DD

      How about your roving pack of “teens” that are beating the hell out of whites ? Notice how that never makes national news. Dat rayciss huh?

  • D

    This kid wasn’t armed! Enough said! Why would a cop be afraid of an unarmed teenager? Cops have guns, tasers, and handcuffs. They think they are the LAW! They’re job is to enforce the law. But they harass us, beat us, profile us, and in this case KILL us everyday. I don’t feel protected by cops AT ALL!

    • st louisian


  • chris

    we as black people need to get it together and stop finger pointing, I believe we have the power to change our circumstances, ITS UP TO US.

    • Booger

      Finger pointing is a problem across all races. Too many people don’t want to take personal responsibility for their own actions. It is easier to blame others than recognize our own faults and try to improve ourselves.

  • freemind

    People always comment “why is race an issue” our black skin has and will always be an issue. Do you know the history of our country, the abuse inflicted physically and mental by white america since 1619.. I am sick and tired of some white Americans seeing our skin as a threat, and using their authority to harm our well being. What’s the difference from hanging a black person from a tree or gunning us down for no apparent reason in the street. If you think race is not an issue ask yourself, why do so many white Americans kill so many unarmed black Americans and get away with it. These killings will never stop until some of you ignorant Americans recognize that racism is alive and hold these undercover bigots accountable for their actions.

    • mary

      1619 huh!why the hell should I be responsible for something that happened in 1619?black people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions, and of couse they should not have to obey any laws. quit crying over slavery. black people sold their own people into slavery, not white people or any other race.

  • Walt

    Why hasn’t the brothers gotten this excited every time there is a senseless shooting of a Brother (s) by another Brother almost dayly in the St. Louis metro area?

  • Concerned Citizen

    It shouldn’t be a race thing. This happens all over the country everyday whether the victim is black, white, mexican, latino, etc.. same with the officer. It has nothing to do with the race, it has everything to do with the police overpowering us and assuming that everyone is always guilty. Yes, the boy in this situation stole, and yes, the police had every right to pursue the suspect, but the problem lies with the fact that this young boy was shot MULTIPLE times and for what? He had no weapon on him at all. Even if he did threaten the police which hasn’t been proven, that still is no reason to shoot him how many times? Seven? Eight? Nine? This young man needs justice. Things like this are unacceptable and it is the police fault. There is no need to ever shoot a child down like this. Not justifying his action, but I work in retail and I see children, seven or eight, everyday come in and walk out with toys or try to hide them in their pockets. Does this give the police the right to shoot them multiple times? The police need to learn there place. They are there to protect us. This seventeen year old boy did nothing to danger our society so why gun him down like a criminal?

  • Steve Rogers

    When is it enough? When? When we are going to band together, not to fight each other but group together and fight back this racist principles that have been killing out people for over 400 years. When will we wake up black people? Brothers or Sisters, how long are you going to let this keep happening? A 17 year old arm kid gets killed, and you have people defending the killer again. Wake up! Take a stand!

  • RS

    The media makes their living off of BROKE PEOPLE who love to squab because it’s in their DNA…they don’t even have to LOOK for them cause they’re already waiting to share their perpetual unhappiness.

  • Steph

    I truly hope the police are sued to the max. You don’t kill an unarmed boy from running from you after you harass him. I’m raising three black boys and I will never let out period!

    • JustWOW

      Suing will not bring back this young boy nor will it promote any change in how this situation is handled in the future.

      The black community must unite as one to protest the killings of black people by other black people.. White America will never take the black race seriously during these “Police/White on Black murders” when the numbers of blacks killing blacks is at an out-of-control rate across most of urban America..

      Most of White America finds it hard to truly sympathize with blacks during an event like this, which seems to happen on a weekly basis now, simply because throughout the week they watch the local news and constantly see black on black murders, black suspects in robberies, etc.

      Change comes within.. Changing this one police station will be short lived and likely unsuccessful anyways.. However, changing the black community and how the police station perceives it will most certainly be more successful than attempting to directly change the system.

      • Rebecca Lyn Busse-Williford

        Oh – how unbelievably condescending. “White America will never take the black race seriously…” No one needs you to A) speak on the behalf of an entire race – whether it be your own, or someone else’s, and b) give guidance to an entire race of individuals like you are an all-knowing deity. Get over yourself.

  • Steph

    I’m so sick of black people just marching and holding up signs ! We need war on the police then they would get the message! Affirmative Action!! Look how they had dogs to control us! Just like the slavery days. Makes me sick, I’m very upset! Throw that cop out! I didn’t see any black police out there! We need to get into action forget about protesting!

    • JustWOW

      How do you expect a violent protest by the black population to turn out? Even if every black american was able to put aside their beefs within their on race and united together?

      There are approximately 45 million blacks in the USA, with 2% of them currently incarcerated, and a significant percentage of the remaining 98% being under the age of 10 or over the age of 60, take into account the % that are disabled in such a way that prevents them from fighting a “war against the system”…

      That leaves (at best) 30 million blacks fighting a war against (at least) 200 million “war capable” non-blacks.. That’s not even taking into account the disproportionate amount of assets for war the non-blacks have access to compared to blacks.

      If you think violence or rebellion is the answer, then I beg you to consider a better option. A violent protest will destroy the black race much faster than if a white cop shoots a black teen every single day for the rest of Earth’s existence..

      What positive change for the black community has come from the LA riots? Compare that change to the change that came from MLK jr.’s non-violent actions….

      • rose

        JUSTWOW, All of your comments have made good sense, these people need more people like you, if possible, go out and try to talk to some of the young parents and young children. If you can get them to understand you, you have great possibilities of leadership, the right kind in the right direction.

      • JustWOW

        ROSE.. thank you for the compliment. I’d like to point out that I am a white male with a degree in social work – I’ve worked directly with white and black at-risk male youth for several years in my community, which is approximately 50% white and 50% black. And before anyone starts talking about MY “White Privilege” – my school was 80% black and in a very low income area, I was raised by a single mother with no college education that made minimum wage, I am the first person in my family to get a college degree, and my absent father has been in and out of jail my entire life.

        I don’t claim to know how it feels to be a black male in this country – however, I do know how to identify a social problem and then develop logical solutions to resolve the problem.

        If the social problem is: “young black males in our country are portrayed as criminals because 1 in 3 black males will be convicted of a crime at some point in their life”

        Then a logical solution for the problem is NOT: “Focus on racist cops, because less than 1% of non-black police officers will kill an innocent black youth in their life time”

        I think a better solution would be: “Change this country’s perception of black male youth being criminals”

    • mary

      quit playing the race card…start raising your children to know right from wrong…and not by the use of a gun. keep your babies daddy in the picture..get a job and keep your kids in school. then maybe they could become a policeman. oh by the way there are black policemen in FERGUSON. you all do such a wonderful job…look at what has happened in riverview and Normandy..pine lawn and Jennings..what is the common denominator???

  • Concerned Citizen

    ok everyone needs shut up at the end of the day. the officer or anyone is wrong for shooting someone from behind prayers out to the family. shooting him 7 times in the back was an injustice. you are the scum of the world for that and for this i hope you see his face everyday of your life remember the truth its gonna come out.

  • Dee

    This is a really sad case, when is the massive crimes gonna end? Police should not have a right to just kill because they have a gun and badge to do so. A high majority of our youth are lost due to the media and other influences but that doesn’t mean they should die. I’m very sadden for this young guy and his family it was a senseless act on that officer behalf because I know he was trained to make a better decision. These cops are getting away with bloody murder and it makes people wonder are you really safe. The Law is really twisted, he over-killed that boy, he not only shot him once but multiple times…if that was a white teen that got shot I believe things would have been different. Enough is really enough, race did play a role in this and ignorance is not going to solve this problem or other racial problems….people need to really wake up this world is coming to an violent end….we are not safe in this country or anywhere around the world….just keep watching the news and see all the killing and violence. Police are some of the most violent people to come across, not all of them but most of them because they feel they have the power to control other human lives even if that means at the end of their barrel. No justice…No Peace!!!!

  • Claudette Kyles

    This is like another Treyvon Martin case its sad to hear our next generation getting killed for nothing at all its very sad.

    • DD

      Yea, it’s everyone else’s fault. You guys would’ve made so many advances and innovations had it not been for everyone holding you back all over the world

    • JustWOW

      I agree that this case is sad. But statistically the young black generation is not being killed by whites in large numbers.. The young black generation is being killed by other young blacks.

      How do we expect blacks to be respected by whites if blacks don’t respect themselves?

      Look at the local news on any given day.. The suspects and/or perpetrators in most stories are black, even if the black population in that community is significantly lower than the white.

  • Howdareyou

    Before jumping the gun of racism was the officer white? Has that been released at this time? Was anyone of you there?

  • John D

    I have one thing to say is why did they shoot a unarmed kid who’s only 17 years old , to me I can see why alot of people think it’s racist , black or white I think alot of these cops training is part of the problem an using common sense which alot of cops want to yell an scream at you throw you to the ground like your a enemy combatant , cops are seeming to me like they are our enemy , I feel sorry for the kids parents who are the ones who truly suffer this night, this should be investigated by the FBI because cops have a habit of covering up for each other so a impartial entity needs to investigate this tragic death, prayers for his family !

  • Stebo

    This L person is a stupid MF. Read L comment everyone. Doesn’t matter what the young man did an officer is trained to subdue an detain with least amount of force necessary

  • Love Conquers All


  • JustWOW

    This is horrible if the victim was unlawfully killed… And I’m very impressed by the community’s ability to band together and start a non-violent protest..

    But imagine the change that would take place in our country if the black communities protested like this even when senseless black on black crimes were committed instead of just police/white on black crimes..

    If a black on black gang crime happens, everyone in the community should be on the gangs turf protesting.. Because white America will never take blacks seriously when they only protest police/white on black crime.. It’s very hard to take a race seriously that only unites when the victim is of their race and the suspect is of another race.. Unite when your own race is at fault as well, protest for change within your own race and community.. That is the best and only way to lead to true positive change..

    I guarantee if MLK jr. was alive, he would not be on TV asking for change ONLY when a police/white on black crime is the headline.. He would be on TV talk g about changing the issues within the black community as well.. He would spend much more time talking about the hundreds of blacks killed by their own race every year in Chicago, rather than talking about Trevon Martin’s case.. Take note, Mr. Al Sharpton.

  • jadedbeauty

    lol i laugh at most of these comments especially frm caucasions who clearly have never experiened life as a minority living in North County…or even St. Louis City. whts more hilarious is tht caucasion directly and indirectly assume since a situation like this occurs in an area where minorities are the majority, a man ( in this case a young man of 17) who was shot is automatically guilty of something a..you knw because all AFRICAN AMERICANS WHO LIVE INTHESE AREAS ARE BOUND TO BE BAD PPL. Thts like me assuming tht caucasions who live in West County are clansmen who hold rallys to plot againts unsususpecting african americans working or living in the area. i knw better though…you cannot judge a person by their environment. Now back to this situation. Frm wht I hear frm actally pp who wete there..not this media garbage compiled by sterotypical speculation…the boy was accused of stealing a cigarello…store owner alerted the officer that the boy..who had already left the store by then…had taken the merchandise. police went in pursuit of the boy found him a block or so away and approached the young man. the young man told the police he didnt made a movement..which was put his hands up to show hedidnt have anything and the officer opened fire 10 time…five which hit the young man and killed him. Pause! So an office shot and killed someone over a $1.00 cigarello. Store cleark wasnt held up. no weapon involved in actual crime of taking the merchandise and the officer feels threatened? Where is the threat in tht? If someone can tell me without bias or assumption how this is justifiable please do because right now. This is a terrible trend with law enfircement

    • JustWOW

      I don’t think any intelligent person would argue that the officer was justified in killing the victim in the scenario you posted…

      But also, I don’t think any intelligent person could argue that the killing was racially motivated… unless of course, it is determined that the officer has a racist background.. even then, it would take a pretty committed hardcore racist to shoot an unarmed black teen 10 times in a community that is mostly black.

      Which leads me to my point.. Labeling the officer in your scenario as a racist lets him off way too light – unless he’s got “White Power” tattooed across his back, he will most likely be able to prove to a Court of law that he is not racist…

      So instead, he should be labeled as an idiotic, unprofessional, trigger happy, murderous, criminal acting as an officer of the law.. It’ll be near impossible for him to convince anyone that he’s not that.

      If we choose to make this murder about race, then the victim is nameless and is looked at only as a color.. If we make this murder about what it really is, which is a unlawful senseless execution – then the victim is 17 year old Mike Brown.

      We chose to make the Trevon Martin case about race – that got the killer a “not-guilty” decision by the Court and benefited the black race in no way.

      • Son of Lucy

        Let’s quit playing and call a spade an spade. Would this have happened in a white county? Just the other day I seen a video of a youth running from a over weight cop, it was seen as funny and the youth was tasered, that youth was white. Why do you think Mike Brown was stopped, numerous reports say NO call was made about any theft (at QT or anywhere else)? Why was Trayvon chased, had he been a white youth in a hoodie you think he would had been seen as a “thug” and chased? The first step in addressing any problem is establishing there is one, America will never get better if people keep thinking racism doesn’t exists. On the surface everyone wants to seam socially correct, so no you wont see the “white power” tattoo’s, most witty racist have traded them in for positions of power and badges.

    • st louisian


  • jadedbeauty

    and before the grammar nazis slay me with insults on proper spelling and punctuation…i knw its caucasian not caucasion…i knw where to a period and wht a run on sentence is…but im not writing an essay..just making an point of opinion

  • are you kidding

    No matter what, this is wrong for an unarmed person to be shot. Our law enforcement should not be able to exercise force like that upon anyone! I am glad to see people come together in outrage..I want to know why this same care and concern doesnt occur when a black young man is shot by another ALMOST EVERY NIGHT IN STL! why is it that the N word is used among black people degrading each other but when another race says it its wrong…has it become ok to only hurt each other? When a person of another race does harm it becomes an outrage. Then threaten to hurt more people for justice. To be taken seriously as a community , individuals with in it create a community to be respected. When you act as though you dont care about yourself why would anyone else. When you go out of town you see Chinatown, Italian town, white town…but what is every black town? Destroyed ..and by who? We as a people ..the human race..has a battle both spiritual and physical here…1% of the earths population controls the money and world…if we dont have millions…no matter what color…we are worthless…people of all colors with no clout get fouled by police and government… I do hope that something great can be achieved. .like unity and building…please dont do stupid things..that is what is expected and has been the downfall.

  • Black and Beautiful

    This young man was murdered today let’s show some respect . If you people (whites) don’t like what you see then don’t go on the site you can keep the negative comments to yourself. As black people we know what to do to handle our situations. Im not going to comment because I wasn’t there and don’t know the real story. Can’t believe everything this site says

  • word

    The answer is easy! I know once I use the word GOD im gonna loose alot of you. If we learn to just get along the violence Will cease. In my field I have the right to call law enforcement if rules are broken. Instead I use tools God gave me like please and thank you to defuse a situation there is a 80 percent chance it’s gonna work. Later im respected. 20 percent get angry just because you requested that respected and Will try to run over you. That twenty does not need death by no means but needs to be sent to one of Gods religious camp’s before someone else trys to be God and say they do not deserve to live. JUST like this poor officer who has to answer to God if done this foolishly and this poor kid who I hope is standing before the lord. Ask why or how first. Then listen or just read. If everyone in the world would follow these simple rules of life we would start seeing healing, smiles, success, and more. All over the world. My heart goes out of the families. God bless you!

  • D

    Me and my girlfriend drove by that area earlier that day potentially renting a home, and noticed young thugs pants hanging down walking in groups. That alone just let’s me know the type of area I would be moving in I would have to double bolt my doors. No reason to say F××× the police because one day you may need them, and their would be an issue about a response time in those communities. We need to rally on the drugs in the neighborhood obviously there was marijuana he had rellos and no telling what else. We need to rally on black on black crimes some things just won’t change, that’s how our young children value themselves and how racist this city is on both ends. #RipMikeBrown.

  • Iamwhoiam

    The mom just said he was shot eight times on channel five news. Why wasn’t a taser used???? Why did the chief say he was shot twice? Too many questions and obviously foul play!!

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