Teenager shot, killed in Ferguson apartment complex

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) - A shooting in Ferguson has tensions riding high between residents and police. Saturday afternoon, a police involved shooting occurred at the Canfield Green apartment complex in the 2900 block of Canfield. A teenager was shot and killed. An officer from the Ferguson Police Department was involved in the shooting.

At the request of the Ferguson Police Department, the St. Louis County Crimes Against Person Unit is taking over the investigation of the shooting. The police officer involved in the shooting has been put on paid administrative leave.

Witnesses to the shooting say the person shot was an 18-year-old teenager named Michael Brown who was walking in the middle of a street with a friend.

Following the shooting, a large crowd of residents from the apartment complex gathered at the crime scene in the middle of the apartment complex. In response to the crowd, Ferguson police request additional help for crowd control from St. Louis County Police. A spokesperson for St. Louis County Police says a perimeter was set-up around the apartment complex after gun fire was heard in the area.

Late Saturday night St. Louis County Police issued a news release stating that a press conference will be held Sunday at 10 am at Ferguson Police Department.

In response to Saturday’s shooting the St. Louis County NAACP has launched an investigation. The NAACP has also asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to intervene in the investigation.

The president of the St. Louis County NAACP Missouri State Representative Ester Haywood released the following statement:

“We are hurt to hear that yet another teenaged boy has been slaughtered by law enforcement especially in light of the recent death of Eric Garner in New York who was killed for selling cigarettes. We plan to do everything within our power to ensure that the Ferguson Police Department as well as the St. Louis County Police Department releases all details pertinent to the shooting. We strongly encourage residents to stay away from the crime scene so that no additional citizens are injured. I have spoken directly with St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, and I am confident that both he and his department will ensure that the investigation is conducted properly and that all details are kept transparent.”




    • Karen Stout

      I must say, your point seems a bit pedantic. Semantics aside, he was a very young man, a human being, moreover. Lest we forget, we have all lost a fellow human being here, and all the potential therein. Whether or not the forthcoming details offer any apparent justification for his death and it’s violent nature, we will never know what this young man might have become or the impact he would have on others’ lives. He may have been destined to do great things, or simply to care for his elderly parents one day, or unwittingly give words of encouragement to someone else who will go on to make a difference. And if it is not he, himself who does these things, perhaps his children, or his children’s children. All that potential and possibility is lost now and when I think of that, I’m just heartbroken. How careless. What a waste. To mince words about his age and whether or not that makes this whole scenario more or less tragic is, at best, disingenuous, at worst, shockingly dehumanizing. And for the record, when you dehumanize others so callously, you dehumanize yourself as well.

  • dale

    Black men are endangered species, and if you feel this is a racist comment, you better wake up, or at least try being a black man. Pay attention that’s all you have to do. Not to their problems, but their shoes, try walking in them, you don’t have to be black to open your eyes.

  • guest man

    You know, the revolving theme from most of you people (and I say people referencing commentators, not color) is that, without actual information from what really happened, yall just want to create your own story and rush to judgment from there. The news? Seriously? You people don’t think the news lie and make up BS to fluff up a story? Of course not, what am I saying, lets just believe every thing a news story writes. DUH! Those of yall that just rush to judgment are just straight up ignorant in my opinion. Let me just ask this question. Have ANY of yall that rush to conclusion without knowing any actual facts ever done something that ANY ONE has ever taken out of context or misjudged and then turned around and judged you or treated you unfairly for it? When that has happened, and I know if you are a breathing human being then that HAS happened to every one at least once, then didn’t you try to correct that misinformation so that other person knew the real facts and treated you fairly as a result?……………………………………..think about it and then when the light bulb turns on, then EXACTLY my point, and now shut up and wait for facts to come out. I am not FOR or AGAINST the officer/department where this occurred, I just want to know what actually happened before rushing to conclusion.

    • Karen Stout

      I will say to you the same thing I said to another commenter who expressed similar views about waiting to get the facts before making a judgement… I understand your perspective on this, and I think we all hope that an honest and thorough investigation will shed light on the truth and bring about justice. It’s so very important to keep a level head and not jump to conclusions. I just have to point out one flaw in your commentary. You said, “Have ANY of yall that rush to conclusion without knowing any actual facts ever done something that ANY ONE has ever taken out of context or misjudged and then turned around and judged you or treated you unfairly for it? When that has happened, and I know if you are a breathing human being then that HAS happened to every one at least once, then didn’t you try to correct that misinformation so that other person knew the real facts and treated you fairly as a result?” To that I can only say, wouldn’t it be nice for Micheal Brown if he had been afforded the same cool headed impartiality and effective policing tactics. Unfortunately, his sentence has already been carried out. Specific circumstances aside, the police officer in question has, in fact, elevated himself to the roles of judge, jury, and executioner, rather than keeper of the peace and enforcer of the law, which he is meant to be. One fact we do know already is that the police have confirmed that Micheal Brown was unarmed (at least, I have seen this reported widely and consistently in the media coverage on this case). Therefor, even if the officer was assaulted or attacked in some way, there are other strategies he could have gone to in order to protect himself and subdue the suspect; a taser or pepper spray, for instance. Using a firearm and shooting to kill is meant to be a last resort, something that police officers use when they have either been fired upon or actually see a deadly weapon. In this case, and many others like it, it would appear that his firearm was the officer’s first line of defense in a situation in which, apparently, no deadly weapon was being utilized against him. People are particularly outraged and suspicious because this type of behavior seems to be on the rise and a deadly pattern of this sort certainly warrants a tough line of questioning, a thorough investigation, consequences for the officer, and possibly a comprehensive retooling of training and protocols in order to avoid incidents like this in the future.


    Crime in many black communities does not equate to every resident in those communities being criminals and deservingly being profiled, harassed, and murdered. So, the argument that profiling coupled with excessive and unjustified force against young black males because they live in crime ridden communities is absurd. The pursuit and ultimate execution of an unarmed teen over a suspected marijuana possession, in my opinion, lacks wisdom and good judgment. When police officers are employed in any community proper training in the use of their weapon as well as good judgment are vital in enforcing the law and protecting communities. ..and by the way, every black male you see walking down the street that may sag their pants and wear a ball cap is NOT a thug. Just like every white male is not a cocaine or meth addict, serial killer, child molester, embezzler, or Ponzi schemer. Because, after all, white people commit crimes too!


    All the people making comments to the effect that blacks need to stop looking to the government to solve their issues should consider that the US government provides aid and assistance to other countries all over the world since FOREVER! Let’s consider our current philanthropic and humanitarian pursuits, Israel and Gaza, Russia and Ukraine, Africa (Ebola), Iraq, and I’m sure that’s the tip of the ice burg. While I do not totally agree that the black community is looking to the government to solve 100% of its problems, I totally DISAGREE that the US government should not play a role in its rehabilitation. After all, blacks pay taxes that are used to fund the government’s aide programs, blacks literally built the economic foundation of this country on their backs, blacks are US citizens, and yes some of our black communities are in need and are deserving of assistance from the US government just as much and more than these foreign countries. For those who say the US government is not to blame at all for the current state of blacks in America, consider that blacks were enslaved in the US until 1865 and thereafter remained suppressed in this country by Jim Crow laws until 1965. So anyone with any intelligence would realized and agree that this country has played a huge role in the systematic suppression and degradation of the black community and therefore has some responsibility in its restoration. GET REAL PEOPLE! FOR REAL???? We need help, we deserve help, US GOVERNMENT, in Chicago, in Baltimore, in Detroit, and OBVIOUSLY IN ST. LOUIS!!!! This is not a black community problem people!!!! This is a US problem!!!!

  • Tony

    No where in the article does it say he was unarmed. Stop acting ignorant until all the facts are released.

    • Karen Stout

      True, it does not state that he was unarmed in this article, but most of the other reporting on this case does. If you’ve been following this incident on a variety of news sites, you would find that most of them have reported that the police themselves have, in fact, declared that the victim was unarmed. I’m not sure if this piece of the puzzle came out more recently than this article or what, but that’s what most people are hearing, just FYI.

  • ltstud85

    It says no where in this article he was unarmed or what exactly happened. Stop jumping to conclusions until all the facts are released.

    • Karen Stout

      True, it does not state that he was unarmed in this article, but most of the other reporting on this case does. If you’ve been following this incident on a variety of news sites, you would find that most of them have reported that the police themselves have, in fact, declared that the victim was unarmed. I’m not sure if this piece of the puzzle came out more recently than this article or what, but that’s what most people are hearing, just FYI.

  • yomama

    ignorant is as ignorant does , this teen did not , i repeat did not have a weapon and whether he had a criminal record is not the issue at this point . this is someones son/baby he did not deserve to be gunned down in the middle of the street in broad daylight like an animal and left there for the world to see/take pics . i am outraged , i to am a mother whom lost her teenage son just shy of 2 wks befor graduating , who did nothing to warn him being shot down i the street . this is heartbreaking and makes me sick to my stomach . yes i agree the cops are not the only ones out here taking our babies /black men out of here , its also our own race , people we have to pray more and be as angry less . #nojusticenopeace !!!!!!

  • billy

    Who said he was innocent? Why resist if you did not do anything? Not one of y’all know what happened and for some reason negros either see nothing or what they did see was a totally innocent and they were wronged! Stop being ingnorant! If you don’t put yourself in a position to get shot you won’t!

  • Drd

    Why is it if the police shoot someone all hell breaks lose a couple thugs kill each other no natl. news no anything.

  • pber

    People, I don’t feel this is about race, but some people will be acting very stupid from the black community this is a about a young man who just happen too be black this time. I don’t Understand why the office did not call for back up before addressing two young men. When a person gets pulled over often you will see two police presents. Was police office camera running? I just don’t understand why he is dead that is the question justice and peace because even if he struggled with the young man and felt threatened. Michael Brown surrender had his hands up what ever happened to having backup and hand cuffs. We in the Black community some of us! will use this sad incident too be stupid loitering, shooting, and just plain nonsense they need too be dealt with. We all should come together as people. peacefully. Also for both families the Police office and Michael Brown “s family may God be with you all..

    • rose

      PBER, Perhaps in the beginning it was about what you say. Not anymore, it is going to be another crime scene because they are not capable of figuring out what is even happening around them.

  • robert

    channel 2 news hears is a very good ideal would be to get the video cam from the police car that there alone would point the start of what lead to the shooting and death

  • Biracial

    This is disgusting. The answer is not destroying your own community by looting . Go home and set a good example for your children. The black community needs good role models!

    • Dan Dicta

      While it wouldn’t be fun, it would be interesting to see how you reacted if a government employee murdered your unarmed teenage son outside of your home. Are Americans really this coldhearted people? Or is it just conservative mid-america/southern people? It happened once in Paris, France and the whole city was “looting” as you call it, not just the community of the boy but the people from all races from the whole city and it spread to different cities. And they are not “looting” they are protesting, looting is when you burn down homes, cars, rob stores and on.

      Your imbecile way of thinking is telling the family of a murdered kid to go home and cry, to accept that their kids lives is worth nothing.

      • Jill

        “It happened once in Paris, France and the whole city was “looting” as you call it, not just the community of the boy but the people from all races from the whole city and it spread to different cities. And they are not “looting” they are protesting, looting is when you burn down homes, cars, rob stores and on.”
        Actually they were looting… a Gas Station was burned down, and many stores were broken into with people running in and taking things. I understand protest, I do not understand how looting local businesses has any positive affect on the case at hand… it doesn’t help at all.

  • Dan Dicta

    80% of black people in the US were semi-freed from oppression for less than 50 years ago (after being oppressed for several 100s), uneducated, low self-esteem, no well structured routes in life, facing hate and oppression from government, teachers, employees and on. What did they get? food coupons and the rights (according to the law that is).
    Of these 80%, say 20% might’ve still not made it out of the bubble the oppressors put them in, but the rest have made it out with minimal worthless help. When incidents like these exists in your daily life, it affects a good amount of kids, it destroys their confidence, they don’t feel that they are worth the same as kids who look like the police, they will not trust people who look like the police and these type of incidents keeps the problems persistent.

    Of course US is a fantastic country in many ways, for example, stupid people can be politicians, stupid people can own guns, become police officers, stupid people can own companies, become millionaires, bodybuilders can be governors etc which allows stupid people to feel that they are smart enough to comment on such complex issues without thinking through the whole spectrum of events that lead to these problems. THINK idiots, think, this is a very deep problem with very complex causes.

    I’m not from the US but as a political science major in a Switzerland we are taught about the US worthless social environment. Even with all these smart people, major companies, natural resources, strong immigration laws a good part of the system still manages to look like a third world country and too many areas as well.

  • Mary Washington

    I’m reading these comments and this sickens me…but I live in Detroit and we have our issues to…I even speak on it..all I know is that I always wait for the facts before I comment…some of you should do the same.

  • Eyes_Wide_Open

    If the young man had followed the officer’s instructions, he would be alive today. Also, no one is talking about the other 5 killing in St. Louis that were committed by blacks. If all we had to worry about was one killing by a cop, we would be okay. But black are killing each other everyday and no one is upset about that. Blacks look foolish complaining about one shooting when they are killing each other everyday and no one says anything about that. It time for blacks to wake up. Our problem is not the cops, Our problem is each other. I am more likely to get shoot by another black person then by a cop. Wake up! The cops are not the problem.

  • Vichy Viking

    Am I to understand he was shot 10 times? I don’t think any cop would fire 10 shots at anyone unless they felt they were in danger. Now to show their anger over this, these “good kids” are out breaking into stores and looting not to mention committing arson. When you raise “animals” who don’t give a sh*t about what they do, then this is the result. Let’s see how many excuses the NAACP, ACLU, and the rest of them come up with for the actions of these “good people”. When there is no truth in sentencing for crimes then people know they won’t get into trouble for doing anything wrong. For example I’ll bet that the 30+ they arrested last night for looting, and breaking and entering will get a slap on the wrist and let go. I say make them pay restitution to repair or replace all the damage they did, then send them to a cozy 6×9 cell for a couple of years. Then MAYBE these “good people” will get the message that you don’t go out and do this kind of stuff.

    • Karen Stout

      Does anyone here recall the American Revolution? Or a key event known as the Boston Tea Party? You see, a bunch of political radicals broke into a ship yard and looted the hell out of it, dumping the cargo into the sea. Why? Because they were angry about what they perceived as unfair taxation and lack of representation in the British parliament. What eventually followed was a long and bloody guerrilla war and that was bad enough. What do you think those old boys might have done if the British soldiers had been gunning down their kin in the streets? People do not take kindly to oppression, you see. It causes them to behave in ways that content people might never imagine. I don’t advocate looting; not one bit, especially when you consider that it’s their own neighbors whose properties are being damaged and who are being put in harms way. They’re outrage is directed neither appropriately nor effectively. It’s an ill-conceived and emotionally driven response to a horrible event which is shrouded in the possibility of some grave injustices. I don’t agree with the behavior, but it’s really not that hard to understand WHY it happened. Don’t be so obtuse.

  • Vichy Viking

    If I were a police officer and I had “someone” in the back of my squad car and they were wrestling with me to get my gun I’d shot them too. It’s funny how because the person is “black” the cop did it because he was “black”. If the “black” hadn’t tried to take the cops gun then, the “black” won’t have been shot! Why is it “always” the “blacks” being shot? Probably because any other race has more respect for law enforcement and wouldn’t have fought with the cop unless you’re a thug to begin with. So once a “THUG” always a “THUG” just like the “BLACKS” that looted the stores, I didn’t see one “WHITE” person on film.

    • Common sense

      So you’re saying that you didn’t see any white people in the riots over the shooting of a black teen? Wow you’re very observant. Good job. Way to go not addressing Karen’s points about the Boston tea party were also riots due to feeling of unjust conditions. But it’s ok just continue with your clueless rants of how black people are begging the cops to shoot them. I’m pretty sure you though Eric Garner was begging the police to kill him too smh

  • Linda

    You’re free, if you want to be free…..you’re oppressed, if you want to be oppressed. You have an excuse, if you want an excuse….you have a possibilities, if you want a possibilities. It’s what’s inside a person, no matter the circumstances, not what’s on the outside. You world is what you make it…..or you can LET others make it for you. You are who you are, because that’s what you choose to be. Every act/behavior, is a decision. Every thought/motivation is a choice. We either react or respond….that’s our freedom. It’s all of what’s inside of us…..the thing that motivates us, to do/say one thing or another. We can live in our “darkness” or live the “light” on the other side…..it’s a matter of making up our minds. This is not new age philosophy…..it is wisdom from living 21 years in oppression and abuse. We can either “suffer” from it, or we can live in “freedom” despite it. My circumstances haven’t changed, I still live in a world that abuses, disrespects, inflicts pain;…..it’s a matter of how I choose to live in and with it;…..with self respect, peace, and setting my mind on living MY life to see and experience all that is good for ME. It all starts with “me”. It’s the ripple effect, it touches all those around me. It changes how I treat others and, hopefully, how they treat me. We all have to live with ourselves, when the day is done. If you don’t know what your choices are….find out. If you don’t know what emotional freedom is…..for God’s sake, find out. Don’t live in a personal hell for the rest of your life. Life is more than a stereotype, or a stigma. It’s more than skin color, class status, or social circumstances. This IS YOUR LIFE, people. This is YOUR WORLD, you live in it, start with yourself, and change it. It IS within your own power to do so. And it doesn’t take money to do it…..it’s free. :)

  • Chris

    I do not know the facts, nor do any of you commenting on this, but sometimes we have to see things from the officers point of view. Police officers fear for their lives when they have to patrol in bad neighborhoods. You know that police are marked men when they enter in these bad areas. I would bet that many of these thugs out there, if had the chance, would love to shoot a police officer if they could get away with it. Unfortunately, these officers respond in fight-or-flight situations to protect themselves, rather than do the dutiful thing. But on another note, how come these people never protest when all their kind keep shooting each other every weekend. Instead they take advantage of the situation and loot stores. Makes a lot of sense. Always finding a way for freebies. “SMH”

  • Rex

    him din dew nuffins, hims wuz a gould boy…..

    Funny how the media doesn’t get upset over 2000 white victims of the knockout “GAME”….you see it’s just a GAME when violent blacks attempt to murder people just for being white……

  • Thulani

    Condolences to the berived family.we experience the same police killings here in South Africa.It is fashion to kill a innocent citizen here.Our police are so fat ! They won’t chase a suspect ,infact they can’t chase with their big tummies hanging like shy.They just use bullets to do the chasing for them.Shame

  • MAE


  • James J

    I only see paled-faced cops in the footage shown. Something is seriously wrong with that picture. Black population, and paled-faced, colorless cops over them.

  • Renee

    I am a teacher in North County and I have earned the respect of my fellow teachers and students. I think it is a horrible loss for his family and what he may have given the world in the future. I feel sad for him and his family and their heartbreaking loss. I would like to see people hold judgement about what happened until all the facts are made available. I used to work for a police department in St. Louis county so I know if your not a white male you do not count. Women, other race and cultures or even individuals with disabilities do not count. I figured out after awhile that the police officers do not abide by we enforce the law, many believe they are the law. Sad, that they work for us and we pay their salary, however I understand reverse discrimination and it is a horrible experience when some black families teach the same prejudices against the white race. I have friends that I respect of many races and cultures so I judge people on how they treat me, not skin color. This is a two way street, but nothing justifies an individual’s death, sometimes lessons are so heartbreaking to learn.

  • lisa kennedy

    I used to live in st.louis as a teen. My parents moved us to the counrty when i was 14. . I lived on the north side, went to ames school, i saw alot of things good and bad.. those things taught me about the most important color there is , THAT COLOR IS RED. I AM WHITE AND HAD MANY FRIENDS OF MANY COLORS. WE ALL BLEED RED, THAT IS THE ONLY COLOR THAT I SEE AND THATS IMPORTANT.

  • Brimanatl

    I live in Atlanta and shall I say, I have no doubt this guy grabbed for the officers gun. Officer should get a raise! Since when is a shooting time to break into shops and steal? They do that everyday! Im not racist but as soon as the world realizes that blacks are exactly as they are treated, the better the world will be! There are good ones but 98 cent are not. Get a job,stop having kids and pay for yourselves!!!!!

      • rose

        T, One HAS to question, if the South would have won, would we be having all these problems today? I think the country might would be a lot better off today, and all the communities as this one. One thing for sure, we will never know.

    • Iyana

      Are you serious , how dear you, I can see your not very bright… and you think cops need a raise..smfh

      You need help. Not only that dum your racist

      • Amay

        “Are you serious , how dear you, I can see your not very bright… and you think cops need a raise..smfh

        You need help. Not only that dum your racist”

        Sigh, in your rage, you have forgotten your schooling.

        Let me help you.
        Are you serious? How dare you! I can see you’re not very bright. And you think cops need a raise? SMFH
        You need help. Not only that you’re a dumb racist.
        Okay, that last sentence, I had to guess the order in which you were trying to put your words in. Hey, emotions do get to the best of us.

        Now, what is sad is that the only time we cannot use the race card is when something happens to the white people. How does that work? White skin privileged? That does not really work much anymore. And people want to talk about how black people are oppressed and held back. So what race/color is the current President of the United States? Yeah, I know, the guy has some white in him, so it is said, but, he identifies himself as black. So, sounds like the white people are not holding people back, it is only the mentality of a person that holds one back!

        So this shooting. They will do an investigation. Part of the people will be happy with the outcome and the other half will not. In the meantime, can you explain how looting and destroying shops in the local area are helping move this case along? I feel like those who are out there doing that are only making a bad name for those who they claim to represent. How is that helpful? When it is pointed out, people scream racism! If it walks, talks and looks like a duck… it most likely is a duck and there is nothing that changes all of those facts! All the name calling in the world, that is a simple distraction, in hopes to guilt people and bully people into allowing such behavior to be accepted.

        The protest where there was a group that went to the police station and simply held their hands up and said do not shoot. That was peaceful and it was getting their message across. Hopefully, the full storyline will come forward and truth will prevail.

        Looting and destroying property, no excuses. NONE!!! They should be dealt with accordingly as the law sees fit.

        Do not like it? Then do not commit the crimes.

    • Starr B

      Your real tough behind your computer. Please shut up and have several seats. Im a proud educated african american woman. No matter what the color of your skin is, NO ONE deserves to be gunned down

      • wondering1969

        I was not working or attempting to be “tough” behind my computer. I was making a clear statement and people seem to be threatened by that.
        You can tell me to shut up and have several seats all day long. It is not going to keep me from saying what I have to say.
        As for you being educated, that is great! Being an African-American woman really has nothing else to do with it, unless you are trying to play a race card again. I DO NOT CARE WHAT RACE ANYONE MAY BE. IF YOU COMMIT A CRIME, YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE CONSEQUENCE!
        This does not mean that someone should be shot and killed. However, sometimes things escalate to that and when that happens, an investigation needs to happen and hopefully an honest one. An investigation that does not care that you are part of the police department or what color of skin you have. Simply deal with the facts that are before you to get to the truth and follow through with REAL JUSTICE, not street justice.

        So, please tell me at what point did I say someone deserved to be gunned down?

        My secondary issue had been with looting and destroying property. If the property had been yours, I am sure that you would want to have the knowledge that people would act civil and protest in a more effective manner. How would that be helpful to the situation at hand? Again, I praise those who went to the police station and held their hands up and said do not shoot. That was reasonable and made sense for the message that they are trying to convey. You say you are educated. If you are honest, then that is something you might have done. Would you be destructive?

        So how is it that you are taking me as this person that thinks that gunning someone down is right? I am simply saying, we need to have an investigation to have the facts heard and reviewed. I did not say it in so many words, but I guess I should spell it out. There are so many different stories going around. One even says that the young man that was shot had grabbed for the officer’s gun. All these things need to be heard, weighed, and considered. Just because a portion of the public is calling foul does not make it so. And just because the police department says it was justified does not mean that they should not be investigated to ensure the truth is being told.

        So, no, I will not shut up. I will not tell you to shut up. This country is about free speech and I would no less take that away from you than let you or anyone else take it from me.

        Enjoy your freedoms and pray for the truth, the REAL TRUTH, whatever it may be, come forth.

        Good day to you!

    • Let's talk sensibly!

      This is a very interesting conversation. I think the other commenters err when they seek compassion from people like you. When you are dealing with a racist, logic or humanity have no relevance. But please allow me to speak on their behalf. I’m sure no matter how this situation went down you are no doubt pleased that another black male was murdered so there is no need in replaying the tape back, you are satisfied. But in response to your over all comments about black people your ignorance echoes!! No we aren’t going to stop having children, we are the people that God put on this earth first with the responsibility of showing the rest of the pagan world (you guys) how God requires man to live. We are the ones that civilized the world, and yes, we civilized you guys too. You guys were living in caves with animals no different from the animals. We taught you guys to be civilized, well, we tried to anyway. Nevertheless, your white government and fore fathers constantly lie to you and hide the truth. Your history is no more than a few centuries old but in a short period of time you’ve managed to achieve murder, lies, deception, and evil as no man has ever imagined, “purely evil!” You are not the majority but the global minority and you are known across the world by all races as devils and your history supports that whole heartedly. Before you so freely comment on groups of people you might want to step outside of that small, local, bubble that you were born, raised, and programmed in because you only sound intelligent to someone that happens to have as little knowledge as you. But to get back to the origin of why I am even responding to such a proudly-ignorant fool as yourself, yes, the boy was murdered for no reason other than being black we all know that. That’s what white males do here and across the world and we have to face that. And guess what, going through the white man’s systems of “Justice” is pretty much like a sheep complaining to a wolf that it was bitten by a wolf. You people speak so proudly but have no moral compass at all but you will soon see that your reign of evil is only for a period of time. Good luck in your race against the clock, kill all the blacks you can kill, but remember, God said He would always keep a remnant of “Israel” until the end of time so we will never be eliminated, you on the other hand…….. “Yes fool,” black people are God’s chosen people referred to in the Bible not those russian converts that today call themselves the “Jews.”
      So when you murder and do evil against us you heap God’s wrath against yourself most of all.
      Look it up pagan gentile and then tell me what you think! Holler!

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