Rev. Al Sharpton in St. Louis Tuesday

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FERGUSON, MO -The Reverend Al Sharpton is expected to be in St. Louis Tuesday at the request of the family of 18-year-old Michael Brown.   On his website Sunday, Sharpton wrote the shooting  was "very disturbing."

Sharpton is expected to speak with the family Tuesday and hold a press conference at around noon.



  • Cit Riverview

    People this is virgin territory for Big Al. Nothing like this has ever happen except in the early teens in downtown st. Louis, they killed blacks coming across the bridge from East St. Louis.

  • Demetrius

    Oh, God, everything is cheapened when this guy slithers in, he cant even speak basic English, hes embarrasing..Watch what you say around him, hes a snitch..

  • Big Luke

    How does burning down buildings and stealing help your cause?…Just animals, savages…this is one of several reasons why Norf County is the rancid armpit of the entire metro area

  • voter

    why no word from NAACP AL SHARPTON HOLDER guess they condone the action last night by there people. great show of the stupidity .

  • John Holmes


    • Bob

      The problem is that the few white people left in Ferguson can’t sell their homes except to black people, and they won’t get the money they need or want to move somewhere else. The longer they wait, the less their home is worth.

      • Cit Riverview

        BOB that time has passed. when the populations went passed 60% African American its just a matter of time.

  • ME

    oh great.. make things worse AL.. Just stay where you are please.. all we want is peace and justice. and the safety
    of our own family.

  • ClockN

    So long as Al approves of the looting and vandalism and spews disdain for the police the people of Ferguson will listen. Either way Al gets his media time.

  • former north county resident

    Why didn’t Al Sharpton show up when the Grandmother was gunned down in front of her grand kids? Oh yeah that’s right because it was a black on black crime and he doesn’t care about that, no face time in it for him.

  • Be fair

    Just wondering, have they officially said the police officer involved is white? I have bee watching the news since it happened off and on but have never heard them say he was white, or even release his name. Did I miss it, or did they not say it? Personally I will laugh my butt off if it turns out the officer was black. Doesn’t make anything right, but it sure would make a lot of people mad

  • Bob

    Sharpton needs to remember that the police officer doesn’t represent the entire white race any more than he represents the entire black race. I’m sure that when he’s speaking, it will seem both were true.

  • Joshua

    This is just ridiculous a shooting happened this is not about the boys death anymore this is more about racism now people burning buildings looting people used a boys death to vandalize and steal from businesses that give them work how sad.. I am not racist i feel very bad for what happened and it takes time for the police to figure out everything that happened but when they gotta deal with the protestors they are not givin any time to investigate the case. Al Sharpton has no reason to be here the family went way to far in doing this he does not care about them he just wants to show his face and make everyone think hes here to help..

  • Ripped1x

    I expected nothing less out of this race hustler. Sharpnado is the lowest of the low functioning d bags in the world.

  • EdgarPoe

    Why does Sharpton always have to stick his nose in others’ business? He was not here when the Grandmother was killed walking across the street. Why not, mmmmm

    • REAL American

      Have you ever tried because uh YEAH you actually can, you idiot. Why do you even have a brain if you refuse to use it?

  • S. Jensen

    Al Sharpton is the worst thing to ever happen to black Americans. He speaks like a ghetto mongoloid and sullies every cause he’s involved in because he is a self serving media whore. If you are an educated black that supports this man, shame on you. He, like many other “reverends”, preys on his own community

  • REAL American

    Al Sharpton is still around because of the people like you all on this comment board. I feel sorry for your mothers and fathers. They were clearly incapable of raising decent human beings. YOU ALL DISGUST ME.

  • REAL American

    Judging by this comment board Missouri is filled with ignorant racists. You do know that problems like this would not even occur if your parents didn’t harbor old attitudes about white superiority. I don’t understand how you can look at an innocent teenager being killed by an overzealous police officer and then begin firing off your RACIST vitriol before they even buried him? DO you even know whether or not he did anything wrong yet? Why is this kid’s life so cheap to you people? I bet some of you probably think you’re Christians as well. I hope you share the same sentiment when the police come for you one day. Why do these people not register as human beings to you just because they have a different skin color? Some of you sound no different than radical Muslims, who hate people just because they are different from you. What is wrong with you people? MY GOD! And you wonder why blacks still need Civil Rights leaders…

    • rose

      REAL AMERICA, It is not because they have a different skin color, have you not noticed a behavioral problem for the past 30 years, or, past 3 days? Thas is why, not color of skin. Do you not see a pattern here?

  • Jim Bronson

    Word on the street is Cop is half black and the “Gentle Giant” has previous arrest record for armed robbery. Don’t be so quick to judge.

  • Robert Fuqua

    It never ever takes but a day or so before either Al Sharpton or Jesse “Illegitimate child” Jackson show up to race bait people and to make the violence that much worse. Let the cops and FBI do their jobs before you rush to judgement like you did on the Duke Lacrosse team you sanctimonious hater. Jesse you need to stay away and take care of your baby momma.

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