Video: Possible looting at Auto-Zone in Ferguson

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – FOX 2 captured what looked like looting at an Auto-Zone during a live newscast.

Protesters are in the area over the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson Police. Shortly before 8:30 pm Sunday night a large crowd gathered at the intersection of West Florissant and Ferguson Avenue when trouble broke out. Police have responded with additional officers called to the scene.

Video has also surfaced of Michael Brown protesters looting a QuickTrip nearby. The store is on fire, windows are smashed and most of the items have been removed from store shelves.

More: Report: Michael Brown protesters damage police vehicles on West Florissant


    • Bill

      Every thing is a reason to loot and steal, they call it protesting and claim that white people stereotype but don’t see any white guys running out of the store with rims

    • Darnell

      Who the fuck are u to make proud. If u knew real history u would be displeased with yourself and race to kno tht u are really inferior cheats n the real thieves! Know the real history n not his (your)story…did you know tht your beloved government is breaking the law and has committed treason against the American people??? Do u really know anything or should I say real truth!?

      • Patricia Evans

        Your grammar is so good Darnell – I bet your mother and dads are so proud of how educated you are.

  • JR

    Looks like all black people doing the stealing and looting. Stealing the rims and now have to steal the car. HAHAHAHA

  • Darnell

    These comments are all stereotypes! I jus frustration. I don’t agree but I do understand. However if the story was in reverse how would all u ppl feel…black cop shoot an unarmed white child several times n he died. Also tht black officer is now at home on “paid leave” of absence or in other words on a paid vacation. No recourse at all for his actions. How would u ppl feel abt the situation then!?

  • Darnell

    Also stealing the rims are not to take home n put on cars its to destroy tht business tht does nothin for tht community n employees none of the ppl in tht community. If they take jus one rim then tht business can not sell those rims therefore no profit no benefit to take business besides I’m pretty sure they’re insured so just pay the deductible with all them profits tht u mk anyways from those ignorant ppl tht r from tht community tht do spend with you although the business does nothing positive for the community in which it resides in….

  • Martin Cohn

    Love how the station walks on eggshells. The title of the story starts off with “Possible Looting” and then gets really bold saying there was “What looks like looting”. Hmm, what evidence is there for the news writers to decide if it was looting. Maybe the video itself and the observations of the reporter. No, we still don’t want to unfairly denigrate the people taking stuff out of a closed store. We don’t want to make them mad or anything

  • Mike Warren

    Possible Looting, Hell yes these Savages are looting, what do you think is going on a Blue Light Special, these Savages don’t care about the kid that was shot, they just want to rob and steal from innocent People, they are the True Victims, Police should have protected these business and stopped the looting by these Savages. They hurt the Good Black people of America.

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