Fight prompts police presence at the Galleria Mall

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RICHMOND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI) – A fight at the Galleria Mall Monday evening led to a huge police response, and stores closing early.

Authorities had been on alert after social media postings suggesting some of the unrest in Ferguson would be making its way to the Galleria on Tuesday.

Police however say the fight on the second level of the mall was unrelated to the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

'I saw one of them, one guy they were handcuffing and then all the cops started coming in and telling everyone to clear out so most of the stores all started closing down then,' said shopper Pam Medlock.

'It was a little hairy,' she said.

As a precaution, several stores down the street from the Galleria on the Brentwood side of I-64 also closed early.


  • Gina

    There were in fact posts on social media and rumors stating that there would be a protest/demonstration at the Galleria. I didn’t see an original post about it, just someone talking about it on Tumblr warning others. Heard the rumors a few hours ago and then saw this article on Facebook. Praying for our community!

  • gWibz

    “The protesters are upset over a police involved shooting that led to the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.” Everytime a news story includes a line like that in it, it disrespects the family and memory of Michael Brown.
    These are not “protestors”. They are nothing more than opportunistic vandals, thugs and terrorists.

  • A. Johnson

    This has gotten WAY OUT OF CONTROL!!! This has nothing to do with what happen to Michael Brown. You destroy your neighborhood you take from those that buildup the community. This man lost his life the mom and father lost a son YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT MICHAEL BROWN AND HIS FAMILY!! I HATE THIS IS THIS GOING ON RACIAL PROFILING AGAIN HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU PEOPLE ARE DOING…I feel sorry for the new generation of youth you people need to get it together…My heart goes out to this young mans mother and father I would loose my mind if I lost my babies. WHATEVER COLOR YOU ARE WE NEED TO STOP THE LOOTING STOP TEARING UP THE STORES CAUSE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANTHING. SMH IN STRAIGHT DISGUSS

    • A. Johnson

      This is now a “personal gain” for those that took part in the riots last night. I hate that this has come to this…..

  • me

    The author of this article needs to be responsible enough to update it. This was a fist fight and a few stores closed their roll down gates as a precaution. No big deal. Reminder. This mall is in Richmond Heights and Brentwood police are there for target practice only. (As required) as they DON’T PLAY!!

      • me

        Lol not. Two females fought this evening and fools used it as excuse to TRY to loot as fools often do. Silly rabbit. Tricks are for kids.

  • kelley

    When will people understand that you can’t fight violence with violence. If these “looters” really cared about this kid and his family they would not be making a national specticle of violence. Robbing and burning buildings down does not solve anything, it will not bring him back, it only shows how ignorant you are.

  • Mel Mozz

    I would just like to say that Shirley Washington did a fantastic job of reporting Sunday night.. She was very professional and a calming influence with all the chaos. I hope things settle down soon.

  • jurlean johnson

    Praying for our city. It’s sad that the attention is now focus on the riots or looting. Is this not about why a young man that was unarmed was shot numerous times by a police officer. This is the way they (white society) expects us to behave and what do we do we validate it. Do people stop and ask “What am I gaining by tearing up or burning down MY own community the community in which they live, the perhaps work and shop shop if not them their family or friends.

  • gillman

    The looting has done nothing but strengthen the stereotypes. I feel very sorry for all those hardworking blacks who get up everyday go to work, raise their children, pay their taxes and try to lead by example; they are the true victims of this incident. Talk about a cross to bear. Now the racial opportunists will carry on the drumbeat for their own gain, and this counterproductive cycle continues, tragic.

  • C lo

    Animals, savages, second class citizens..what a great way to honor this kid, what a great example for the youngsters, if youre not happy about something, just start burning sh*t down and stealing, sad

  • donna juris

    Please have respect for the family of the young man that lost his life.. what is happening now has Nothing to do with the shooting.. its just opportunists taking advantage of a tragic situation for their own benefit.. there surely will be a special place in hell for those that looted and burned their local businesses. They have no conscience and no regard for the family and their community! Praying for Michaels parents and loved ones.. and ashamed for the horrible and tragic happenings that have occurred since the shooting! St. Louis, you are better than this!

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