Jennings School District cancels first day of school due to violence in nearby Ferguson

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JENNINGS, MO (KTVI)- Jennings School District has closed on what should have been the first day of school due to violence in nearby Ferguson. This information was reported Monday morning around 5:15 a.m.

The letter on the district’s website reads as follows:

“Letter to Families and Staff- School Canceled Monday, August 11, 2014

Dear Staff and Families,

Unfortunately, unsafe conditions in areas within north county have continued through this morning and as a result, the first day of school will be delayed until Tuesday.  Safety is our uppermost concern. At this time we do not feel it’s safe for our students to walk to school.  We appreciate your understanding. Principals and all administrators will be available at school to inform families who may not have phone or television access, or who may not have received the message before 8am.  Again, thank you for understanding.

We do look forward to having a safe and peaceful welcome back on Tuesday, August 12th at 8am. We will be keeping all involved in the tragedy that has sparked recent events in our thoughts and prayers.

 Dr. Tiffany Anderson, Superintendent”

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  • Bob

    Might as well cancel classes. Most of the “students” will be marching for justice. Some were probably up late last night helping themselves to free stuff.

    • imahippyburning

      If any of these imbeciles had a 5th grade education they wouldn’t be looting and carrying on like someone just let them out of their cages for the evening! Cancel school for a day? The Black race has all but completely cancelled education, self respect, personal responsibility, adherence to civil law, parenting so I say cancel their schools permanently! They wish to maintain existence on the DEMONrat plantation then let them! Why bother wasting bazillions trying to educate those who refuse to be educated???

      • Dunedain

        It is not about education really, except marginally. It is about their moral depravity and spiritual bankruptcy. They steal like thieves. They justify lawlessness. They hate God and live for themselves. They couldn’t care less about justice since they unjustly destroy property and hurt their own community.

  • John

    Half of them don’t go to school anyway. The district didn’t want to look stupid when no one showed up for class on the first day

  • Will S.

    Many of the commenters so far seem to be not just ignorant and racist but sadly without shame. Right now not a single person knows 100% what occurred with the death of Mr. Brown.

    That said;

    to Alan; Pres. Obama has NOTHING to do with the actions of a police officer in St. Louis.
    to IAMABICPENTAMASTER: Pres. Obama does not have a son and your comment was more silly than his during the Trayvon Martin debacle.
    to LSLGuy; people are not apes and all you do is ensure your community looks racist and that supports the position that the police acted in a racial manner.
    to Bob, John and Rex; minus the ape part . . . read the comment above for LSL Guy as it applies to the three of you also.

      • Will S.

        You sound amazingly ignorant. If Pres. Bush was attacked because of his ethnicity than of course it was wrong. But, neither Pres. Obama or Pres. Bush are connected to this story.

    • eliotdennis

      Without shame? Maybe you just wasted your investment in white guilt and we ran out of it. When black people start showing shame (hey, even a little bit!) then maybe we’ll start feeling sorry for you again.

      • Will S.

        EliotDennis; Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. Folks being ignorant and obviously racist has nothing to do with “white guilt” and point out the ignorance they display is not connected to “white guilt” either but is connected to ethical behavior based on biblical teachings. I am sorry you are unable to understand that and based on your comments please spend no energy feeling sorry for anyone . . . you need all your energy to start thinking clearly.

    • dan

      Obama has everything to do with the actions of these looters… running around bloviating about how bad race relations are and how we have a long way to go improving them, white police officers acting stupidly, etc. Black males hear that constantly coming out of the mouth of the president and feel like a victim. Him and the likes of al sharpton, jesse jackson, eric holder, sheila jackson, etc. should be ashamed of themselves – they are the one setting race relations back 50 years…

      • Will S.

        Dan; you have apparently never heard of the Detroit Riot ’67, LA Riot (post Rodney King verdict), Watts Riot, Newark Riot ’67, D.C. and Baltimore (after the assassination of MLK), DNC Riot of ’68 (Chicago) or even the ’99 WTO riots in Seattle as all of them involved looting. No question that Rev. Sharpton, Rev. Jackson and others have made a career out of promoting animosity however you do yourself no service to act like this a “new” thing connected to Pres. Obama – it doesn’t. If you want to say that you believe Pres. Obama’s behavior has helped foster an environment where racial animosity is pushed to the forefront, cool – you have the right to say that and I am not sure I would disagree with you. Just don’t act like somehow this is something “new”. It isn’t.

  • Dixie Suzan Davis

    Quote — We will be keeping all involved in the tragedy that has sparked recent events in our thoughts and prayers. —
    I thought there was separation of church and state. The word prayer is banned on public school grounds. Prayer Think is evil and can get folks fired. Where is the ACLU when their needed to protect the public school children from Prayer Think?

  • TooTired2CareAnymore

    As our country devolves into anarchy, violence, and economic Armageddon, grab a bag of popcorn, park your a$$ on your government paid for couch, watching your government paid for flat screen tv and call the congresspersons that YOU elected on your Obama paid phone to complain.
    The rest of us are too busy working and paying taxes (supporting YOU) to fix the problems YOU created….But apparently, YOU have LOTS of time on your hands to get the job done.

  • gunnyginalaska

    May as well cancel the year since they don’t learn anything anyway. To busy smoking choom like their idol Ovomit. Speaking of Ovomit, did he pause on his vacation to say that the police “acted stupidly?”

  • Yarply

    Surely the actions of one person would not cause a whole ethnic group to rise up, attack, burn, and rob innocent people of other ethic origins? That would be,,, hm whats that word,,, it will come to me.

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