Michael Brown’s family pleads for witnesses to come forward

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Benjamin Crump, the former attorney for Travon Martin's family is set to speak at a news conference at 4pm on Monday.   He will be speaking on behalf of Michael Brown's family.   Brown was an unarmed 18-year-old shot by police on Saturday at a Ferguson apartment complex.

Members of the Brown family along with their attorney, will share developments in the Ferguson, MO police shooting death of Michael Brown .



  • Bill

    Crump didn’t waste any time getting his $million ticket. Wonder how much he’s paying “witnesses” to perjor themselves when it comes to trial. Bet there will be a long line.

    • Ed

      He has to makeup for losses in the Travyon Martin case that he lost, he did that case for free and lost big time?

  • Gideon

    Here is the problem, what if the truth is not something the NAACP or the lawyers like? If the police did something wrong then they need to be tried by a jury of their peers. If they followed procedure then social media, NAACP heads, and Crump need to be convicted of inciting riots and property damage. I would almost go as far as to say domestic terrorism.

  • steve

    Why, if all of these eye witnesses have all the videos that they said they had on Sunday would they not hand them over ? At least give them to the family or their lawyer. They had like 10 people on camera saying they saw it happen and several said they had video and pictures. Were they just making stuff up. I guess the answer is probably yes for some of them as several had completely different eye witness accounts.

    • D common sense

      There has not been enough money offered for the video yet. Wait until they start offering cash for video, then we will see some response.

  • sadday

    Wow dude with the stuffed dogs in the second vid down goes off! Nailed it too. I was surprised he wasn’t censored, haha don’t back away…. The way I see it this is clearly a tragedy but out of the ashes may rise REAL justice. If it is true that he was executed (which I do believe he was) then real justice would prevent this man from dying in vain. I hope that is the case here, we have seen to much of this and to many have walked away from it. IGNATZZ I like your comment. My heart is heavy for the family, friends and community. May u all get lifted up by the hand of justice.

  • shelly

    People take race out of the issue for a moment. A young man lost his life because a police officer was to COCKY. WHATDREASON HUSED TO MUCH FORCE THAT WASNOTJUSTIFIABLEE.

  • bub419

    I sit back read some of thethings tht white ppl are texting yall are quick to say black people are acting racism but you’re doing a good job of making this cop seem so innocent

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