Nearly 32 arrested in Ferguson overnight: Active looting has ceased

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(KTVI) - A community is on edge after a night of mayhem and rioting in Ferguson. The looting started around 9:00 p.m. Sunday and ended close to 1:30 a.m. Monday morning. The SWAT team was called in to make arrests and try to restore order.

FOX 2's Chris Regnier is live at the police command center at Lucas & Hunt at West Florissant.

St. Louis County Police spokesperson Brian Shellman says active looting has come to an end.





    • SadDay

      Getting Even? How does destruction of a community “get even”? Community members destroying their own local businesses…. Harming someone’s way of getting by and providing for their familiy… how did that hurt the police? How did that hurt anyone?

      • Cit Riverview

        You don’t understand the mind set of mobs. Start reading about other riots across this country where blacks were involved. They use these incidents as a means to shop for items out of the income bracket. It’s what this president has been promoting since 2008. Wealth distribution. When given the opportunity this is how those doing the looting see how to get what they deserve. They don’t care that those businesses will leave their community it’s not theirs.

  • morrow

    This had absolutely nothing to do with this young mans death, those we’re all thugs. As i had posted earlier, a lot of the people at the march in the complex we’re thugs, you could see them standing in the crowd. Quik Trip is through at that location and that little strip is already a ghostly area and now it is a graveyard.

    • Cit Riverview

      My biggest fear is they will reward this behavior with will build this or give you that. Only in America does aberrant behavior get rewarded. My prediction, The Police Chief will be forced to resign,a black chief will be hired to placate the blacks in that community. a Movement to have blacks get elected on the all white government board. The relocation of whites will start by mid September. the property values will drop to 30 to 40% by 2017 This area will be the new Kinlock or Berkeley.

  • Be fair

    I’m white, have black friends, live in Florissant and have friends in Ferguson. Do NOT clump all blacks together as thugs please. Some of my best friends are the hardest working people you will ever meet, and they are not white. None of my friends, black or white condone what happened last night, and are disgusted by it. For you to clump the entire race together as thugs, jungle animals, etc. is just as disgusting as what took place last night. Go ahead, make excuses for your comments, but know that you are no better than the ones burning down businesses, stealing from their community and acting out violently.

    • Cit Riverview

      Are you kidding us? you compare comments made to the violence and the looting as the same? You Sir/madam are STUPID. Any other comment to you, or others that think like you has got to be taken to the funny farm and given meds.

      • Be fair

        your saying making hateful comments towards a whole group of people that have nothing to do with this is ok? If a black man was your best friend would you still say the same junk? If you really think you are better than all the black people, go out and stop the riots.

    • disani

      I agree with you. What we are missing are those blacks that do not condone this to stand up and make it clearly known that this activity is not acceptable in the black community. Only blacks can stop blacks at this point. Whites can only stand by because the NAACP will spin it out of context as always. Whites simply can’t help any longer because we will be blamed for something race related. Question – why are blacks not protesting all of the black on black shootings but they will protest and loot when a police officer shoots a black man for being aggressive and reaching for a gun? Insane!

    • ashamed to be blk

      Blacks are of one people. When good blacks and bad blacks make a separation that is loud and clear, it will be perceived that way. Listen… Shhhh. Do you hear anything? Nope. Good blacks are being silent yet again so they remain of one people. Good blacks better speak up and scream your disgrace to this outrage. Where are you Obama? There is internet on Martha’s Vineyard. You can message the world your thoughts on this… Nope. Nope. Nothing!

    • disani

      Sad to say but I have to agree. Only animals would do something like this. Wait, let me correct myself. Animals would never burn down their own neighborhood. So, what do we call them if animals are above them? It’s time to cut off the entitlements, for anyone convicted of a crime. Maybe that will be an incentive to act civilized.

  • Mike

    Really? Wow this is sad. I cant believe this happened when are people going to learn that rios dont change nothing. To the idiot who said let them go they were getting pay back. I guess I must have misunderstood the story. I thought it said that a young man was shot and killed by a police officer.So i guess burning down quick trip sowed him whats up. hey this kid was shot so lets go steal wigs and weaves. To the idiots who did commit these crimes your stupid. Lets go steal using a car that has a licence plate on it or post what you stole on face book and to the guy who stole the one rim from zisser tire just think 3 more riots and you will have a full set. how about next time you go riot and burn the police station down. But wait that would take courage. So once again you guys are cowards. To truely justify this kids death how about standing behind the family shoing support maybe raiseing money to help with the funeral instead of standing in font of the family and you guys reciving compensation through the loting on the back of this young mans death


    did the employees of quik trip deserve their jobs being lost as a result of this was best said this morning that 2 wrongs dont make a right.if you want to protest a wrongful death there are more intelligent ways of doing so. please try and work out a more positive way than tear up your community where people work and shop for their everyday needs

      • ashamed to be blk

        but they are not intelligent….. that is the issue. they are a lost cause and at some point we need to back off and let them end their own misery.

    • tired

      We don’t even know if the shooting was wrong. If the man did fight a police officer and reached for a gun, the shooting was absolutely right! Stop making it impossible for our police to do their jobs because of race. Do blacks want no cops in their neighborhoods? OK. No cops it is. Nobody to call when every black man kills every other black man. When the black man beats the back woman and black kids. No cops. Right!!!! Come on Al Sharpton, put on a vest and arm yourself. you will have to protect every black neighborhood in the US. Hope you have a good vest! BUT we all know you will be on the first jet out of the country if you actually had to fix the black community. Unfortunate money hungry slum lord.

    • tired

      They should come in with a big scissor to cut the EBT card in half. No more food for you! Cancel the section 8. No more roof for you. Shut off the Obama phone. No more texts for you. You act like a loser, you lose!!!!

  • Be a role model

    What is an opportunistic predator?
    Dogs are a good example of an opportunistic predator: they take immediate advantage of any situation that benefits them, ( begging for or stealing food). As a predator: they prey, attack and capture however being opportunistic they also scavenge because it’s easier than hunting.

    • Cit Riverview

      You may be on to something,they call each other Dogs do they not? But most canines have flees. they jump from one animal to another. Oh wait they do that in their community its call placing their seed in young women.

  • Marie

    I expected 132 to be arrested ,.. I counted at least that many different people in the video’s on the news tearing up the neighborhood, out of the 32 arrested ,.. I bet not one of them knew this teenager personally that lost his life on Saturday.

  • brenda

    i know that if i was one of the business owners whose business was practically destroyed, I would not rebuild again. These people did nothing to deserve this. And can anyone tell me in what way and how these people who destroyed and looted help????? what did this accomplish???????

    • Clementine

      Agreed, Brenda. I feel the situation was ripe for something like this to happen. It was just a matter of time. The looting destroying is brought on by mob mentality and there will be nothing to stop it for quite a while until they tire out. Sad, so sad about what is happening.

  • wanabewest

    This is in part a result of the younger ferguson police officer culture of acting like they are better smarter and don’t have to play by the rules. Thier prejudice is obvious to everyone, just like what caused the LA riots. But unfortunately government institutions don’t seem to have the ability to learn from history. I live in ferguson and know black people prejudiced against so called black people. Lets not forget thier are black and white people and black and white dip shits.

    • Cit Riverview

      “This is in part a result of the younger ferguson police officer culture of acting like they are better smarter and don’t have to play by the rules” People who hire these guys want younger ones. ever seen a 45 to 60 year old cop trying to run down a criminal? don’t be absurd. Let me let you in on a secret about police. Most people have a dislike for cops that includes white people. Let me put it another way. Do you like the IRS? well now most people feel the same way about cops. They both have the power to take from you based on a decision THEY make! if the cop is wrong it cost you plenty of money to right the wrong. if the IRS is wrong, getting the point?

      • ashamed to be blk

        I think you lost everyone involved in the riots with this message. They don’t pay taxes and don’t know who the IRS is… Only when they get paid for another baby mama..

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