“Snitches Get Stitches” message spray painted on burned-out QuikTrip

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - An employee who was working the Quik Trip that was looted and burned told a terrifying story of survival. The 18 year old man didn't want to be identified but he did say, "Terrifying very, very, terrifying. Madden says: tell me what was going through your mind. Worker: I thought I was going to die tonight, I really thought I was going to die tonight.

His mother added, "I'm very thankful that he's alright."

The worker said he was at the register when the looters rushed the store. He and his two fellow workers locked themselves in a back room. One signaled the company's alarm system. They got a phone call telling them to stay put, that the police were on the way. But after ten or twenty minutes they decided it was best to escape, fortunately before the fire started.

The workers said, "One of the employees said we can get a way out of here and so we grabbed jackets to cover our uniform and we ran out of there, out the back door."

He said when he got outside he could see the looters keeping police at bay. He was glad he did not stay put and he was told to do, "If we would have stayed put we would have died."

Nearby homeowners were also scared. Deanel Trout doesn't live far away, "We loaded our weapons we didn't know what was going to happen it was total chaos last night."

Leonette Hiliard posted a sign apologizing for the destruction asking that Quik Trip reopen. Hilliard said, "We're angry what happened to Michael Brown we want justice for him we want an investigation but we know this isn't going to solve anything this isn't going to represent who Michael was and our values as a community."

The QT worker said he thought Ferguson was a nice place. He said, "I thought it was peaceful until last night, everybody pretty much flipped out."

People who live in Ferguson insisted that the looting and fire were caused by outsiders taking advantage of a tragic situation.

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The rioting began around 8:30 p.m. Sunday night after a peaceful rally for unarmed teenager Michael Brown who was shot and killed by police in a north county apartment complex.

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  • Kelly

    The sad truth is that the news outlets love this stuff. They feed off it, and they hope for more. The worse the violence and vandalism, the more they have to report.

    • Mike D.

      Yes, news outlets love news. The Media isn’t starting the riots or the violence. Accountability begins and ends with the perpetrators.

  • Val

    Wow really people???? I undertand someone was shot, but let’s not lower ourselves to terrorist ignorance… wow… very ashamed to even be associated with St. Lous right now… keep showing your mentality and proving over and over again that you are IGNORANT AND UNEDUCATED, it looks great on you.

  • Sickened

    How disgusting. A cry for “justice” yet a store is looted and set on fire with employees still inside. Way to prove your ignorance. They used the death of a young man to behave how they want to behave. Can’t wait to see arson and attempted murder charges.

    • Danrar

      That’s okay. If it’s a ghetto they want a ghetto they shall have. Some of these businesses won’t rebuild, or reopen. The already struggling economic climate will get even worse, the people that don’t want to be associated with these ‘people’ will leave and they’ll have their own ghetto all to themselves.

      Congratulations ‘people of Ferguson’ (yes I realize it’s just a small portion of people doing this). Stay classy. You set race relations back 50 years.

    • Ace Baily

      why call these looters animals? if you can show the world 1 case of a deer, fox, rabbit horse or any other member of the animal kingdom, other than humans do this , then you have a point. I will not hold my breath waiting for such.

      • :/

        unfortunately for you Ace, there are plenty of videos of animals DESTROYING vehicles, stores, houses, you name it looking for things to take (eat). so, animals was the correct term in this case… I can only assume that you may have been involved or are standing with them for you to not think this way…

  • Towtruck

    Wonder if they will be charged with Hate crimes ? Maybe all the other races in st louis should all stand with each other and demand the 32 arrested be punished to the max.

  • Bob

    I remember Reginald Denny, the dump truck driver during the Rodney King riots, who was yanked out of his truck and beat nearly to death, all for the unfortunate luck of having white parents.

  • Whirled Peas

    As horrifying as last night’s events are, I’m equally shocked at the comments I’m reading here. Is this 1950?? So many racist and bigoted comments… shame on you! There are foolish and ignorant people in EVERY race, and it’s small minded to assume that that’s a fair representation of an entire race or culture.

    • Interesting Thoughs

      When 70% of demographics of the community is African American I am sure this is what you will see. (Not what is actually true.) The folks that say that all the looting events that have occurred in African American communities involve only African Americans are just plain wrong. READ your facts. This is not right what this community is doing and surely not the way to express dissatisfaction with what has occurred, but these most of these comments represent what the people see and hear everyday. Some our taught this is life and part of society you conform and move on if you want to be successful. Others are taught violence is the way your voice is heard. (Almost like the bad kid in school gets all the attention.)

      • dylan

        like they say were not born racist. they made us this way by the way they conduct thierselves. yes we get it, its only half of the black community while the other half puts thier head down in shame. its sad. i do admit im racist probably 2-3 times a week lol but at the same time i know theres good black folks out there too.

    • David Miller

      There is no one more filled with blind racial hatred then the average black American. They are taught to hate white people by their family and by their schools. Yeah, there is ugly racism, and it’s in the black community. At this moment they are holding-up signs at the Quick Trip store in Ferguson. The signs say, “Kill Whitey.”

  • Rob

    The comments aren’t racist, they are factual. When the looting is on tv and all you see is black people…the comments are going to be about how stupid those black people are. I did not see one single white person looting. However, I did listen to a black dude offer excuses of anger and justice seeking.

  • Yvette Hicks

    All homeowners in and around the Ferguson area get ready your insurance will go up and your property value will go down…. God Bless You in a snowballing ripple effect on your economic stability.

    If i lived in that area… I would petition for the law enforcement to receive race relations training as well as promote community connective outreach programs with officers. Trust must be regained. Police departments need community volunteers to run youth programs like Cease Fire meeting and facilitated in the department for youth and men from that community who know the realities of things that happen within that community not outsiders who don’t have a clue.

    I would request that governing boards take a pay freeze or work on voluntary basis…This will also ensure your have ppl working to make a difference … as well as more youth job placement n programs…..but its vital that community mentors support, spearhead, and mentor our youth. Its up to us to bring change not expect change.

    It all begins with you….

  • Tyrone

    “Justice to the people” has become looting tacos, tires, and tennis shoes.
    It was almost a Full Moon last night ……………

  • AKIL


  • Gods child

    For everyone that has something too say first prayers go out to that young mans parents and family. What I’ve seen I these last few days was a reason to break the law it’s no longer about the young man that lost his life our youth is out of control we as parents have to teach our children it starts at home I was a single parent raising 4 sons yes it was hard but I wasn’t out here robbing or stealing to take care of then teach your child about God raise them in church like our grandparents did us coming up it helps believe me teach them how to pray for peach in this world that’s what’s real but this has gotten out of control people and it’s sad my grandmother is 93 and it hurts that she has to see all that is going on after what she’s gone thru in her days let’s get it together stop pointing fingers everything is done for a reason we didn’t know that young man ask yoself if that was you what would you have done I’ve heard 10 diffrent stories but God knows the truth!!!!!!

  • Concerned Citizen 314

    Why couldn’t it be that they moved after his graduation? Why must it be that he was a problem for any district??!!!

  • Alicia Monroe

    So glad that all the employees were okay…I am sad to see our city is becoming a mess over night…..Our crime level is so high up and we wonder why? Hmmmm (that was sarcasm…)

  • laura

    The people who rioted are obviously angry and feel they are oppressed and have no other means to express themselves. I find that very sad that any human being feels that way inside and I am grateful that I do not personally understand how that feels. The answer to this is not anger and hate towards these people. That only compounds the problem and shows your weakness. I do not hate these people or wish them any more inner turmoil. They are hurting enough, and whether their oppression is real, imagined, or a combination of both, it does not matter. If they believe it in their hearts and heads, it is real. Our thoughts become our reality. I am sending all the people who did this, love and compassion and praying that they find inner peace and realize that the answer to changing their lives lies within themselves. I pray that the real truth comes out for Michael and his families sake. I pray that justice is served and Michael’s memory is preserved. I pray these actions have no bearing on that happening. No matter what happened Michael is someones child, if you cannot understand anything else, please at least understand that. Please stop hating and being racist, it lowers our values as human beings. God created us all and he loves us all. Together we are strong, apart we are weak.

    • Ace Baily

      is it ok for any group to destroy property, steal and all the other things that transpired last night and early this morn? that is the tone of your first line.

  • Chris

    What has happened in this community is horrible. There is no excuse first a tragedy then horrific behavior. But to blame a race as a whole is wrong. We as Americans and people are and should be better than that. I pray for the violence to end for the safety of all and for justice to be done. This is a time for people to come together and work as a community not destroy one. Grow up

  • Dee

    That was nothing let that cop get off on this shit c what happens it was wrong I admit but u dealing with folks that feel like what we got to loss treatment folks right


    I just heard that the police are going to start using a new proven technique for dispersing these looters and people rioting.
    All of the officers are now going to be carrying job applications as well as DNA tests.

  • GPP

    I have a funny feeling that if the STL County police made sure that the forces race ratios where representative of the demographic that there would be an outcry of racism for that as well.

  • Coco

    I love how the family stated thier son wouldn’t want this……. He stole something from Qt and disrespected authorities……shut the front door

  • Lattonya

    Please stop associating the looters with the real protestors that did not have anything to do with the looting. Most of the looters came from other areas to Ferguson. We did not destroy our own city nor local businesses. Please stop thinking that all black people behavior is like the looters. It is never acceptable to steal. I am heartbroken for the Brown family and for my fellow Ferguson residents and businesses. The looters saw an oppurtunity to caplitalize on this young mans death. His family did not want a riot did not want looting, They did not ask for their child to be executed. Please have some compassion and understand that we all want justice for this young man as we could want for anyones life that is murdered. We need prayer for our city, for the world. May God have mercy on the one’s who are racist and continue to fuel this matter and not trying to find a solution to the problem. I really wish the news would retract their statement that these looters were protesting. NO THEY STOLE AND DESTROYED OUR AREA FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL GAIN!

  • Lattonya

    First off my mother is desceased so please do not be ignorant as the looters were! No I do not loot or steal or kill nor do I wish to be a racist as most of you have been raised. My parents taught me to not judge people by the color of their skin but accordingly to their actions. It’s a shame you want to attack me now for standing up and speaking the truth only to confirm that yes we have a big racial problem here in Missouri! May God have mercy on you and all other evil doers come judgement day! God bless you and may he keep you!

  • Ann Brown

    @Coco..Where did u get MB stole from QT? I haven’t read that anywhere, what did he steal and what/where is it? No mention of either. Respect law enforcement yes but law enforcement also need to respect citizen as well. Were you there to say how this young man acted? What makes you think the cop wasn’t disrespectful huh? One thing I know is tbis young man had is hands up and unaremed when the police shot him and not just once but multiple times, that is a COWARD MOVE and OVERKILL. So where was the RESPECT for HUMAN LIFE? The cop needs to be in prison
    I heard he has multiple complaints against him if so it will ALL be disclosed in this investigation, we will all see!!!

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