Video: Protester justifies the looting in Ferguson

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ST. LOUIS, MO – DeAndre Smith, 30, of Ferguson, justifies the looting that happened in Ferguson. He spoke with Kim Bell of the Post-Dispatch on Monday morning as the burned-out QuikTrip still smoldered in the background.


  • ron

    Several things we need to clear up. First, we must stop with insulting each other. Second, this is not a black and white issue. Third, we must wait for the truth and facts before judging. Fourth, I do believe there are bad cops and good cops.
    Now on to the video. St. Louis is not a state, it is a city. The last state to abolish slavery was Texas. If you want to get technical, Mississippi ratified the amendment in 1995, but because the state never officially notified the US Archivist, the ratification wasn’t official. They recently submitted documentation on Feb. 7, 2013 to abolish slavery. Now, let’s talk about looting. The definition of looting (verb): stealing things from (a place, such as a store or house) during a war or after destruction has been caused by fire, rioting, etc. It started as a peaceful protest in memory of Michael Brown. What it turned into was disgraceful. Let’s talk about Quicktrip, they aren’t afraid to build in communities at risk. They also give back to the community i.e. Safe Place, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and United Way. Community is a unified group of people who live in the same area and who have the same interest. There are a lot of people in that community that are speaking up against the looting and rioting. These people want a better life for their children in this community. One final thought, let’s all step back and wait for the facts. Once we have them, we can all start the healing process.

    • Factual

      Exactly! Finally a civilized person with rational thinking..i agree totally,I’m not racist at all but I can identify it #Mississippian I was taken back on how racial these comments are,does it really come that easily!?

    • DrinkDDT

      Spot-on. I agree that people should let these investigations continue before anyone jumps to conclusions. There is a lot of conflicting information at this time.

  • Steven Vanwormer

    I don’t know where this guy learned his values, but they’re not American values. There may been an injustice done in that community, maybe not. The investigation is barely started let alone over. But these people have already reached a judgement and inflicted punishment (on the wrong people) already. One thing we can be completely certain of, none of the businesses that were robbed or destroyed in that neighborhood had anything whatsoever to do with the police killing of that young man. Americans have the RIGHT to peaceful protest. If it’s a good cause, I’ll march and protest right alongside them. When it turns to looting, burning and destruction it’s no longer a protest, it’s anarchy! I think anarchists should be shot down right in the streets, every one of them…

  • Jas

    There are some really divisive comments being made with regard to this video. I agree with the person who said that the media plays a big part in all the chaos and foolishness. They opted to go find someone who probably was part of the Quick Trip riot and ask him his uneducated opinion about looting. He is not the spokesperson for any African American community. But to take what he said and to make his statement be meant for how all African Americans feel is dead wrong. There are a lot of people that do not agree with this, so remember that. Also, to resort to calling names and making racist comments does not help solve the problem. Who sold slaves to who, calling people baboons and monkeys is not constructive at all. That is what the media wants. They covered the fight in the mall and the smash and grab in South St. Louis City and automatically associated this with the Ferguson riot. Everything from here on out will be associated with the Ferguson riot. People need to be still and get all the facts, stop jumping to conclusions, stop the hate, and stop the ignorant comments.

  • Danny

    Not sure if I heard it correctly, but around the 43 sec mark a man in the background said something about “burning city hall down”

  • Woody

    Some things will never change Because they wont let it change…….Go to school,,,Get a Job…Live well….that’s all you gotta do….NO ONE MEETS YOU HALF WAY!!!! NO ONE WANTS TO PAY FOR YOUR BAD DECISION!!!

  • seen-it-too

    I have seen both sides of the equation – real and percieved injustice. I was married to a Latino who was trying very hard to establish himself as a law-abiding citizen in St. Ann. He was repeatedly harrassed by the building inspectors and PD. Everytime he completed a list of requirements to meet occupancy, they created a new list. They approved his building plans then after they were installed, said, “This is the wrong kind of window. This has to be torn out and a new one installed.” They repeatedly called him into court if his tenants didn’t have the appropriate stickers on THEIR cars. Why didn’t they just ticket their cars? They knew if they got him out, his hispanic tenants would leave too. The breaking point came when after he completed the partition in the basement project, the inspector said he’d have to tear out ALL the walls so they could inspect inside of them. Instead, he sold the house to another Hispanic woman in California. He said, “Good luck dragging her into court. My tenants get to stay.”

    On the other side of the coin, I dated a black man. He was always looking for a reason to assume injustice especially related to PD. We were going to the grocery store once and he became very agitated when we arrived and an officer had responded and was talking to another black man outside his police car. BF started complaining about how they were just there to harrass the black man. I also said, “You don’t know the situation. Maybe the store called the police for assistance.” He stayed angry and was snapping at the staff throughout the store. Upon leaving, it turned out they were arresting a white man, and the black man was the witness. People need to stop jumping to conclusions and IF YOU WANT JUSTICE, WAIT FOR THE JUSTICE SYSTEM TO DO IT’S JOB. If you want instant justice, go to Afganistan (but I doubt you’d live long).

    And the dude in the video – he doesn’t deserve to wear a hat that says ST LOUIS. He does NOT represent this city he hates so much. I’m just sayin’….

  • Ed Smith

    This man’s illogic is beyond bizarre. Burning down innocent community-serving businesses is insane. QuikTrip cannot do business here with people like this. By these events this person’s “community” has demonstrated they, without provocation by QuikTrip or any of the other businesses, will unpredictably loot stores and destroy buildings. QuikTrip’s best choice is to simply clear the lot and leave for civilized, peaceful places where they will be appreciated and supported.

  • Wendy Thayer

    this “citizen interview” clearly answers any questions as to why the Officer felt he needed to use deadly force and obviates any doubts regarding the justification of it’s use…

  • Rich

    If they resent being stereotyped as overly emotional, uncontrollable sub-humans, then why do they play out the stereotype?

  • North County Citizen

    This is the result of babies having babies for benefits and the lack of a father figures. Plus, no regard or care to be educated. I’m willing to bet that more than half of the citizens in Riverview, Castle Point, Dellwood, Jennings, and all municipalities bordering north St. Louis city have not graduated HS and have criminal records. And, are on government assistance. I’d bet it’s closer to 75%. Listen to them speak and low behold have them spell. There is a lost generation of illiterates who contribute nothing but degradation of society and until this is addressed… it will never get better and good citizens who are able to move out will… just as most did starting in the 1990’s.

  • CJ

    Why interview the town idiot? “St. Louis was the last city to abolish slavery”…… Really!?! Go back to school Mr.Smith, and never reproduce!

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