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Ferguson police will not release officer’s name involved in Mike Brown shooting

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - Ferguson police will not be releasing the name of the officer involved in the shooting death of 18-year-old Mike Brown.  They say Mike Brown's family attorney would have to go to court to compel release of officer's name.

The family's attorney, Benjamin Crump, says they are looking at options to force release of officer name.

Ferguson police Chief Thomas Jackson says that after attacks on officers last night, it is not safe to release cop's name.

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  • C

    Why would they hire the Zimmerman attorney, didnt he just lose a high profile case? they can do better than him…Why is all of this happening when the facts havent even surfaced about that night? Embarrasing

    • Jim Jones

      Zimmermans attorney won! martins attorney LOST, browns family attorney is martins. i asked the same thing.

      • Super Cat

        The Martin’s Family Attorney did not lose. He didn’t prosecute the case he just represented the family.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, Florida state attorney lost the case of the State v. Zimmerman. The Martin’s attorney was successful in winning the civil suit that was brought.

    • D

      Here is my problem with this whole thing when the two black kid’s shot the college girl in the central west end just to steal her cell phone . Did you see the white people riot or act like animals. No they did not why because we understand how things work and that it does no good. It seems that in the black community they can kill white people all day long and its no big deal. But once one black is killed by someone of another race here come the blacks crying foul and saying that they are always the victim. I was a paramedic in north county for 8 years I saw what they did to each other and normal people do not act that way. If anything should come from this it seems that we need to take a look and see all the killings that have been done by black people. And then see how many white people have been killed. I think its always funny that most black people have to be the victim even when they caused the problem.

      • Chedder

        Not that my opinion matters, but after that statement…

        D, I hope the intent in your comment wasn’t to paint a picture of ‘the black community’ with a single, slighted brush stroke. Based on the the info coming out on the news, the people involved in the violence were people that were already inclined to such actions, many of which were not even from the area. Though their actions may have been an excuse to misbehave, I don’t think you can pin it as a community reaction, especially not the whole black community. I’ve actually seen more people from the community you have identified here acting for peace and justice, rejecting and admonishing the people involved in the criminal activity. I hope people can see this for what it is, a community crisis, and more importantly what it is not, a racial commentary.

      • kj

        Clearly, you have lost site of the issue here and haven’t reviewed the statistics in this situation. Most crimes against blacks are done by blacks. Not blacks against other races. But in this case as the black community is tired of being killed by those who have vowed to protect. Children should be allowed to walk home without being harassed by police. I actually had to go to the police station with my son when he was 12 because he was being harassed by police at least once a week. Stopping him, checking his bags asking him where he lived. Why can’t he be in this neighborhood and go home. Leave him alone, in our case I told him to has the comply because I want him to always come home. Why should I have to teach my son that police mean him harm? The looting is down right ridiculous but I understand the anger. It is the same anger that caused me to call and show up to the police station with my son requesting that the officers leave him alone. The reality in this situation is that the black community does not receive respect because the images that are shown are mostly of ignorance but if you speak with officers and review statistics you will find that 95% of the black community carries burden of the criminals. There are 30 million black people in the US…there are more than 300 million white please know that the majority of crimes are not being committed by black people but when a crime is committed by a black person there face is plastered all over everything. Usually we know a white person has committed a crime because they don’t show the face. Making the face of criminal activity black. I wish that criminals in general would do better and I wish that blacks could gain respect. I have to live in fear that my none criminal son maybe killed just for being a 6’4 black kid. People automatically fear him even though he is kind and gentle. Not all black people are violent and definitely criminals. You calling prior animals is offensive on so many levels. The looters are ignorant, but your commitment also shows your ignorance.

      • Self

        First of all that makes no sense! The problem is this was a policeman who is supposed to protect and serve….not do the killing! People should be able to trust the police and live without fear of being shot down by one simply for not walking on the sidewalk! Secondly, let’s not talk about what race kills who because every race kills. U hear more about blacks because of the area it’s in however just as many white people kill white people, it just may be in a different fashion! Now lastly, do us all a favor and find a new job because with the racist comments u are making, u have no reason to be the person standing between someone making it to the hospital!

      • lisa

        If I am to take you at face value then this young man is the exception to your rule making this death all the more all the more unacceptable and shocking….just like his mother said. You have proved her point.
        People saying I should have to obey police’s simon says or die seems quite heavy handed….are police not human? Are the police not more militant today than in years past? Doesn’t the police departments leaders set the tone for the street force? And apparently the tone for other first responders? How many police departments today are getting national attention for abuses towards the people they were charged to protect? Were the Louisiana and miami and Arizona police just as “righteous” when they were killing people ? The Cops television show seemed to start this trend of using human suffering as entertainment and power attitudes towards people. I have had many police members in my family and around our family gatherings many of my elder family members are VERY pround and relieved to say how they made it through their career without ever having to fire a shot, today the mindset seems to be your not “vaild and a tuff man” until you shoot someone….SHAMEFUL. I would say the police don’t have enough to do these days as entire forces show up now to one “exciting”event. This crazy desire for “proof of power” over other people has reared it’s ugly head all the way down to my gas station clerk…respect, ask, listen, try to think outside one’s self and have a modecrim of empathy for others. That’s how these things stop.

  • Becky Ingmire

    I believe this is the right decision. With the way these idiots are acting his family don’t need to be in jeopardy. He ” MIGHT” have done wrong but his wife and kids didn’t.

    • e

      Out of all the things being said, Becky your comment is one of the few that makes since. The law says they have to release the name but if they don’t, what will it change.

    • lisa

      As the united stated gets more polarized politically and people just choose to stick with the party line maybe the way one should judge the “fair” way of right and wrong is to reverse the situation. Can you fathom the idea that a criminal on the loose would shoot a cop and the department would not release the name of the murderer because someone may kill them? And no one can say that cops have not been in situations that they could have “righteously” been killed. Cops were drug runners, paid workers for the mob, rapists, and the creepy police chief (iirc) that was a stalking killer. Questioning authority is never a bad thing and I believe we all have been in a position at one time or another to have to do so….cops, bosses, etc, and politicans, etc..when people make this a black and white issue it’s the beginning of confusion and deception. It also reaffirms the ideas that it could never happen to them and that is only dangerous to the thinker. One would be shocked , appalled and demand blood if it happened to them or a loved one. When anyone denies ANYONE else’s rights they are losing a piece of theirs. Someone asked if a cop would just wake up and decide to shoot someone…does that idea play any better to this young man? As he was on his way to going to college and probably being the first child in the family to have a chance for a better life for himself and the ones the loved? I’m gonna bet that cops views were more ingrained than that boy’s understanding of what his future could even be having grown up with people having preconceived ideas about him.

      • Jo

        Pretty sure if this cop was “on the loose” they would release his name. He isn’t running, they know where he is. Huge difference.

  • Maggie

    This police office and his family should be protected from acts of violence. This investigation is not over, and few facts have been released to give everyone the information needed to pass judgment on this officer. I’m sorry but you can’t always rely on witnesses, and we have no details from any forensic investigation. It is troubling that everyone wants this officer’s head when there could have been a struggle for his firearm, which would be perceived by an officer as threatening his or her life. It seems that if there is a trial, no matter the evidence, the only acceptable verdict for this officer is he’s guilty, even if he is not. We need a fair investigation and trial for both parties that were involved in this incident.

    • Self

      So if no one should rely on witnesses, why do the police rely on them and will charge someone with a crime by witness identification?

      • Maggie

        I was simply saying that we are awaiting forensic infomation, not that you can never rely on witnesses. There is more that goes into a investigation such as this, since there is also physical evidence that has to be reviewed.

    • Seriously...

      Soooo Melanie… You admit you have no facts. But you believe it was NOT racially motivated? Plz share why you feel that way

    • lisa

      So please help me understand…a policeman who is willing to put MULTIPLE gunshoots into a young man, even if you believe he grabbed for his gun, inside the cop car??, is legitimately worried about his safety because the walked in the road???? REALLY?? Not a warning shot? Not a single shot? Not a shot in the foot??? Up to seven bullets seem rationale to you? Anyone who is that scared of another human being really shouldn’t be filling out applications for the police force, don’t ya think? And so far this is the best logic for the cop anyone can come up with. I dont want my airline pilot to be scared of heights…….come on!

  • that saint Louis girl

    we won’t know anything until.facts are revealed and if the witnesses are participating in riots and criminal action. That in a makes them uncredible in a court of law. I am an African American woman and I can say that i have never once had a problem with the police. I have never taught my children to fear them because i have always been civil with them so they have always treated me the same. This is something that has brought to light that we all need to change. If we want the change we must first change ourselves.

    • ray

      I wholeheartedly agree. If we as a SOCIETY want change then we as a SOCIETY must first change. I truly believe in the golden rule “treat others as you want to be treated” if you treat people with respect you will more than likely get it returned to you. I don’t care if you are white, black, brown, green, red etc. If we as a society can not only learn from that but also teach that to our children then we would be taking a giant leap forward to make this place better for not only ourselves, but those that we leave this world to in the future.

  • this is all just crazy

    The bottom line is teach ur kids to respect the law and shit like this wouldnt happen..u go for a cops gun expect to get shot

    • lisa going to quess this cop was alone or his partner sat there froen while his partner was being attacked? Slow partner? ? That this cop could blast off multiple shots before his partner could, oh say..jump on this person? taze him?
      Why didn’t his partner shoot? As the defense lawyers are reading this for a better story line lets say his partner was eating donuts or drinking coffee!

  • Buddy

    When will the black community realise they are thier own worst enemies? Someone else above this comment mentioned the constant murders in North County. That happens every single night there! BUT,, it’s black people killing black people. There are very few protests, or peaceful demonstrations for the hundreds of young lives lost in STL, but this kid gets a riot?
    I’m not sure about anyone else, but when I grew up, I respected people like AUTHORITIES, and I respected other peoples property. I wouldn’t have been walking down the middle of the road with my pants around my butt. I wouldn’t have given a police officer a hard time for ordering me out of the middle of the dang road either! TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS AMERICA! WAKE UP! Every day you make choices, and there are consequences. IF this officer made a wrong choice, he will have to deal with the concequences, but we don’t know what happened until the investigation is over. My heart goes out to the family for their loss, but hiring an attourney right off the bat just seems shady. You don’t know what happened either! You weren’t there. Why do you think they have to BEG for witnesses to come forward? There probably aren’t any except the digital witness of the dash cam and recorder (if the officer was so equipped)

  • John

    All he had to do was move onto the sidewalk and he would be @ school right now. Instead, he had to act up and and run his mouth like all of the looters interviewed are doing and you know the result. Obey the law. Respect police and you will live. If these peopel would learn to shut their mouths and listen once in a while, they would be much better off. All he had to do was move out of the street. Sad.

    • Self

      Who is the “you people” you speak of? Do you have those people at work? Do you speak to those people or tell those people that they are considered “you people”

    • Lest We Forget

      His cousin Thomas McEntee Jr is a good friend of mine, and although I didn’t know Sgt Bill from what I’ve heard posthumously he was a great cop that cared for the people under his watch, and was great with the kids both black and white.

  • Jo

    Well does anyone remember Sgt Bill McEntee? Shot to death while down on his hands and knees by his own gun? He was a friend of mine, a good gentle man. Seems that unarmed thug was pretty dangerous. I wonder how many cops in the area still remember what happens when a black thug gets your gun!

    • Matt

      Only a fool would take that bet. The media has told us that the police chief, mayor, and 5 of 6 city councilmembers are whites but have never told us the race of the officer that was involved. Coincidence? Doubt it.

  • from the lou

    Why is it when a black kid gets shot by a white cop it’s always racist? What if it was an accident? What if he legitimately did something to provoke that type of response? They heard the police version and they reject it to say it was racism. Why don’t people notice all of the reverse racism? Such as all black scholarships, having to take a minimum number of African Americans for a job even if someone of a different nationality scored higher on the test? Or Black Entertainment Television? If a black cop had shot a white kid the public wouldn’t flip out until a verdict was reached and they would most likely believe the police department and definitely not loot or burn down buildings that had no involvement. In my opinion they’re trying to make an issue out of something that is not there because it is easier than accepting the facts. Bring on the discussion.

  • blacksuperman

    If you want the facts get a police report. Witness are only going to tell what the worst situation possible and mislead the facts. AND why is this a reason to destroy other peoples business and property. I agree with the officer; if you touch my weapon i’ll shoot too. But nobody knows the true story beside the officer.

  • S

    Why would they want the name of the officer if for no other reason than to harass him and his family? If they demand his name, the we should demand the kid’s juvenile criminal history. At least know what kind of person you are defending in this situation.

  • A Black Man

    These comments are simply amazing to me. After so many years, white folks really can’t seem to understand what racism looks like, and what it does to a community. Well, let’s hope Anonymous holds to their word. I hope the cop’s name is released and very soon, along with his entire police record. You all can go on agreeing with each other about the so-called black “animals” of Ferguson. Man’s judgement is always flawed. But the Lord’s isn’t. And it will eventually come.

    • from the lou

      I understand what reverse racism feels like because I experience it when I go for different jobs that require a certain number of ethnicities to get hired. You only notice racism towards African Americans, what about racism towards everyone else when you pull the race card? It’s suddenly everyone else against the whites and so on. Don’t get me wrong, there’s “white animals too” but that is not what this discussion is about so we aren’t discussing it. As far as religion… that’s an entirely different subject.

    • jb

      The only racists in this country are those who use race to make a living…Jackson Sharpton Crump etc…..and those who cry racism cause they don’t get what they want. For 12% of the population they commit a disproportionate amount of the violent crime and continue to bring children into this world with no fathers and no family structure. Too bad the liberal media gives em so much play…..they don’t deserve it.

  • Tami

    Shouldn’t they be called Americans considering they were all born in the United States and not African Americans or blacks. Guess what!!! My ancestors were poor to and picked cotton along with other Americans. Quit with the racism card already it really gets old to hear. I didn’t do anything to your race, my kids nor my grandparents and great grandparents didn’t either so quit blaming whites for your poor uneducated choices. Go back to College and get a degree so there can be more black officers not just for Ferguson but anywhere. Educate yourselves!!! Look at all the help that is offered to blacks to go back to school. Hell !!! You even have the Black Negro College Fund, NAACP, Black College etc. If white people had these groups you would be outside picketing them but you don’t see whites standing outside the meeting place of the NAACP with posters screaming RACISM!!!!! Who is the true racist here? I do not believe its whites as you say.

  • pacific101 (@pacific101)

    This entire thread is disgusting and white people are vomit. I am so glad my father moved me out of that hell-hole decades ago. I am white and ashamed of my family there that sound just like all the asinine white people in this thread. White kids don’t get shot for stealing candy or walking in the road. We all grew up that way, or at least had a friend or cousin who stole a candybar. Suddenly it happens in a black neighborhood and it’s okay to gun a kid down? You are worse than the venom you are spewing at African-Americans.

  • Jason

    They show the mug shots of people who stole candy but not the name of the cop that killed the kid? Pure, racist Missouri. Place is a hell hole of white trash.

  • Chedder

    This isn’t meant to be sarcastic, but might sound that way. Why is it OK to not name the police officer when it is apparently OK to release names and pics of 9 of the looters? If we are truly a country of innocent until proven guilty, then why that double standard around full disclosure?

    I get there is a safety issue for the policeman’s family, but isn’t there an even greater issue deteriorating faith and trust in our police forces, which could ultimately lead to even greater harm?

    • h

      You answered your own question no-one us making death threats against the looters but they are making them against the officer

    • Donna

      The looters were caught breaking the law — on tape; the police officer is innocent until proven guilty of something. His name endangers his life and his family’s life because there are people who don’t about FACTs. They only care about violence and accusations. There is no reason to release his name.

      • Chedder

        Hi, totally get your point and that isn’t lost on me, but the looters haven’t been tried yet, so by our system, they are still to be considered innocent. To publicly subject someone proir to trial in my eyes is in direct contrast to protecting a police officer’s identity before being tried. Bottom line, the dude killed somebody and people saw him do it, so he should be treated publicly in the same manner as the looters; either release the identity in both counts, or keep them both private. The double standard is clear in my mind.

  • Martha young'Turner

    As crazy as a bunch of these blacks are acting; it good they don’t release his name. It’s funny how blacks can shot each other every day; and they don’t seem to care. A cop shoots a black kid and they act like animals.

  • Namaste

    Have you noticed that the protesters are 99% black? I haven’t seen any Asians, Mexicans, Whites, Indians (India or Native), or people from any other race protesting. Wonder why? Support is lost when people steal, threaten, or try to intimidate people in general. I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands of people who would like to help our brothers and sisters with their plight, but the bad few ruin it for the rest.

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