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Mugshots of Ferguson looters released to the public

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) – St. Louis County Police have released the mugshots of some of the looters arrested Sunday night.

There have been reports of 32 or more arrested in Ferguson. St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch says only 10 have been arrested and charged so far and are all being held in St. Louis County jail on $50,000 bond.  Many are from St. Louis, not Ferguson, and Trey Brewer is from Texas.

McCulloch says they face felony burglary charges.

The pictures are posted in this photo gallery:



  • OhKate

    I saw white people in the protesting lines when the news crews were down there. The few clips I saw of the looting were not white people…but I’m sure some of them joined in.

    • Are you kidding me?

      Actually a guy got beaten and his phone stolen by a couple black males. They told the victim that it’s a “black folk thing”

    • GOD

      Lol, no, no. We white people have way too much class and self respect to loot. Your eyes didn’t deceive you. There were no white people looting.

      • Tired of the nonsense

        Sorry to burst your precious bubble but, there were white people looting as well. The looters were stupid and made a bad situation worse. Sad situation for all people. People kill me with this “my race is superior” attitude. Believe it or not, whites commit and get away with more crimes than any other race. But this isn’t about you (yes you), it’s about justice for this young man.

    • none ya

      Whiggers of course!! No self respecting white person would b caught looting in Ferguson… that is soooo beneath us!!

  • Danielle GC

    @cit riverview, okay, so lets turn your question around and ask what the point was of releasing the mugshots and names of looters?

    • Ugh

      Because they were probably caught or videotaped and the investigation into the looting was finished. As far as I know the investigation is ongoing for the death of Michael Brown. That’s just a guess though.

    • captain obvious

      Because they are proven criminals we know they were committing crimes and because they won’t be in danger from people knowing who they are. I I’m sure someone will throw out the “race card” they always do when it’s white on black issues, fact is nobody knows exactly what happened between the officer and that boy but if you show a picture of that officer people will react poorly and try to hurt him or his family

      • Injustice Prevails

        There were multiple eye witnesses that says what happened. Let me guess, because they were not white, they are not credible right?

    • STL BLues

      The police always release the mugshots of people arrested and charged for crimes. You must not follow the news much. In fact, the Post releases a photo lineup monthly of all the people that were arrested and charged the previous month. The cop has not been charged. If and when he is, the picture will be released.

    • cc fealds

      Thats because white ppl are not going to go and start doing what the blacks are. We dont want to tear our own town up and go to jail over dumb stuff. And if the cop that shot the kid is anything els but white should white ppl be protesting about how racist the black ppl are. In my point of view no because u are all just hurting your self so jobe done.

    • rose

      Mugshots were released because they were arrested and most likely charged with property damage and theft, just like all the guys arrested in the prostitution ring, all charged with a crime.

  • Brad

    You make it racial by saying “white people/black people. The fact is ignorant people looted and destroyed local business and property that had nothing to do with the situation. Does it matter what color they are. If it does to you then your part of the racial problem. Media included!!!!!

  • kert

    I know of 2 white people that went to the protest and were beaten afterward and that is not on the news either. One was a journalism teacher that was beaten and robbed by fellow protesters! How did this become a racial thing? I thought the police killed that boy not the white people there to support the community.

    • Are you kidding me?

      This did happen and it’s really not even about mike brown anymore. His family wants this to stop. Nobody understands this isn’t logical at all. It’s just an excuse to steal and vandalize tsk. Idiots in all direction.

    • Son of Lucy

      Now that is sad! It is NOT a black thing, its about Mike Brown a young man who’s life was cut short by a trigger happy cop. I’m speechless at the ignorance!

  • Haisen

    name and shame, love it. fox2 news growing a set of marbles and doing this. People still do not get it, looting is a crime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jenagles

    The police will release these photos and not the name of the officer who murdered Mike Brown? Doesn’t seem right

    • Not a race thing

      Don’t like it, change it or leave the country. Don’t sit behind your computer and say what is right or wrong. It’s all wrong what everyone is doing. Let the police do their job. You got your national attention now the investigation will be done right.

  • k8

    Arrest records and mugshots are public records. They are available online all the time. They didn’t give us anything we couldn’t have looked up. The verdict is still out on the shooting.

  • The Truth Is....

    I’ve been a resident of St Louis for 17yrs. St Louis has to be one of the most racist cities in America. None of this surprises me. They need to release the cops info just like they did George Zimmerman. Transparency is needed right now.

    • Not a race thing

      I would say you are the racist. Don’t like to leave the country. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. We have an awesome life here go to a different country and see true corruption in police! But you just sit behind that computer and judge.

  • m


    • A

      You do realize, if I went out and shoplifted or stole a car,my mugshot would be online for the world to see. It has nothing to do with race.

    • now way

      You and people like you are the exact reason there was a riot. It did go beyond Michael Brown’s death. As a white person I am way more embarrassed of your behavior than any of the rioters. Including the mug shots here that aren’t “just being released because they were arrested” but picked up by the media and posted all over social media.

      • Not a race thing

        Really people did this because a person or people spoke their mind?? Really??? Nooooo people did this because the moral of this community is terrible. This reflects how people act in response to things that happen! Instead of doing it right they choose wrong probably the same why this adult that got shot did!

  • R

    Are people really standing up for the looters here? Michael Brown’s family isn’t even supporting them, so there is no basis for any argument in their support. Let’s not let the rioters be grouped in with the real issue at hand.

  • Kelly

    Yep. A fine bunch of people just working hard to peacefully change the world and prove that stereotypes based on their race are unfounded, while improving their community. Umm…not so much. It’s such a shame that a small group of young idiots who just live for today and don’t think about their actions or the future can so quickly destroy the hard work that so many in their community have put forth. Decades of hard work and determination by those that TRULY wish to improve their community and improve race relations down the drain. Back to square one.

  • Mary Davis

    Since chances are, everyone is speculating that the officer caused this but we really do not know what happened since we were not there. This is a very sad situation and let’s stop blaming people and calling names and focus on what is important and that is that we all start treating everyone with respect and begin treating people the way we would want to be treated. Stop the bullying, name calling and judgement. Be kind to others and that will become contagious.

  • Charleston

    Wow, was it worth a Federal offense to prove your point, good example for your 9 kids by 5 different females

  • n.

    the cop shooting will b posted somewhere soon enough anonymous has a name haven’t verified it yet… they working on it…. thats what i don’t get in this day and age with technology its just a matter of time

    • Son of Lucy

      Black On Black Murder = 20-30 years in Prison
      Black On White Murder = Life in Prison
      White On Black Murder = Innocent/Freedom

      • Not a race thing

        Not a race thing so stop trying to be a victim! Black on white gets life because that black person had 20 violent felonies prior to the murder. But you don’t look into the further reason behind it. You just want to be a victim.

  • Stating the facts

    Let’s show the public the police officers photo, let’s show them how innocent mike brown busted his face up including a broken eye orbital socket and many stitches to his face. This all starts with respect, and everyone on here knows that the police are given none. Not saying the officer is completely innocent but we will find out soon enough. This kid beat a police officer and was reported by a qt employee to be carrying a gun while robbing cigars from their store. Just some facts that no one has heard about yet.

  • anonymous

    If anyone was racist around here it is the black people. They hold a grudge against white people and blame them for all their problems. They have the NAACP. They always push the black empowerment agenda and hell they have their own tv network BET. If white people were associated with something like that they would be labeled racists or clansmen. Nothing but a double standard. I wish Bill Cosby would come to Ferguson. He would set people straight.

    • Son of Lucy

      Not saying that black people don’t need to do better, because it speaks for itself. But 400 years of slavery, followed by 100 years of oppression and lynching, might just make some people a little mad at their oppressor. I for one would give the NAACP, BET, Affirmative action and all other things you think black people have away just to have a fair and equal playing field as a white man.

      • captain obvious

        Slavery was a horrible thing I can’t deny that and nobody should but it happened so long ago. Nobody alive today is responsible for that and most people who were responsible for refusing the black community their rights as citizens of this country are dead by now so let’s not take your anger or resentment out on the entire white community It’s about time we get over the past

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