Mugshots of Ferguson looters released to the public

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) – St. Louis County Police have released the mugshots of some of the looters arrested Sunday night.

There have been reports of 32 or more arrested in Ferguson. St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch says only 10 have been arrested and charged so far and are all being held in St. Louis County jail on $50,000 bond.  Many are from St. Louis, not Ferguson, and Trey Brewer is from Texas.

McCulloch says they face felony burglary charges.

The pictures are posted in this photo gallery:



  • Trixie B (@TrixieB3)

    People are complaining the city was locked down and they couldn’t get out, well if they’re not from the area they shouldn’t be there. I just hope the FBI can find the main ones who planned the looting with their pick up trucks being filled.

  • Anonymous

    The family should be allowed to grieve the loss that has happened. Get an investigation done of what has happened and take the legal steps accordingly. I don’t care if you are black, white, yellow, red etc. Do the right thing. Two wrongs don’t make a right. The people that were looted and robbed didn’t shoot Michael Brown. If you want to be heard stop taking it out on innocent people. As an outsider and as white I see the rioting and I say you want to be treated equally and you act like this? Deal with the issue at hand and do it right.

  • Love Conquers All


  • Anonymous

    I know everybody wants know the officers name.
    I know it will come in time.
    I’m curious as to how is the officer doing?
    Physically and mental/emotionally?
    Has anyone asked this question?

    • Coco

      Yes because he has lost his lively hood over someone who was a drain on the economy he had 4 rap sheets not as innocent as everyone making him out to be

  • Michelle

    bwahahahaha whites are not guilty huh ya hands is as white as snow, free from stains huh ya some saints..emo movement=whites, rock music=whites, kids commiting suicide=whites, kids shooting up schools=whites, slavery=whites, who is behind the military and government before Obama=whites, who murdered thousands on 9/11=whites, bones and skull=whites freemasonry= whites, do ya want me to keep going huh ok lets keep going atomic bomb= whites, nuclear=whites, who took away our rights to vote=whites, going around hanging blacks and wearing Halloween costumes and looking silly=whites (I don’t want to hear they are from another country or culture I don’t care they are still white) against disciplining their children=whites, abusing their own women=whites, all the wealthiest people in the world=whites ( I don’t want to hear they worked hard blah blah blah) Hitler=white. Catholic pedophiles=whites, Pope=white, Raising their children on hate=whites…. stop it with the white/black thing its stupid hatred. Every culture has their ups and downs. This just needs to end seriously God created us all and if you have a problem with that much less him its your problem. IM DONE.

    • youforgot

      You forgot to mention white people killing each other for no reason. They don’t. Mass killings yes but turn on the news Sunday night you African Americans killed in St Louis city by other African Americans. What happened was a shame but look at your community first. You kill each other every day and no one cares.

      • MeowMix

        @YouForgot oh yes… white people have NEVER killed each other over stupid and trivial things…… Nice revisionists history you got there. Why would the people who killed and murdered each other to get to the top, suddenly keep killing each other in the street when they are at the top now? YOU forgot all the white gangs that fought with each other, or mob wars in the street, and fights in poor white neighborhoods… If more whites now have higher incomes thanks to the institutions they built, why the heck would they still be in the streets fighting? Why don’t you stop being racist, and pick a country that is incredibly poor and filled with mass poverty, and then tell me about the murder rate there… If white people are so peaceful why does RUSSIA have far more murder than the U.S.??? Here is a hint for the racists….. because white Americans are more well off than white Russians economically… White Americans killed each other long ago, and don’t have to do it as often as they used to anymore… by all means, don’t let facts stand in the way of ignorance..

    • ChucktownTrace

      So you’re blaming rock n roll on the “whites”? 9/11 terrorism on “whites”? When did the “whites” take away the black vote? Oh that’s right… they never took away a right to vote! They gave blacks the right to vote before women were allowed to vote! I mean, I could go on and on with contradicting juat about everything you said… the thing that really bothered me the most about your racially biased opinion was that whites= hate… I don’t hate. I’m white! I don’t care what color anyone is. People are people! But it seems that you are the on chanting HATE all over this page! Am “I” at fault for your troubles? No! I don’t know you. You don’t know me… but you sure as hell think you have it all figured out. What’s even more sad is that you ranted your “white hate” and then said that God created us all… are you serious? HYPOCRITE!

    • James

      This has to be the most ignorant comment on here. You’re right white people have done some pretty terrible things, but so have blacks, asians, and arabs. But not everything you mentioned on that list is accurate. For example, the Pope is actually Hispanic, and no not all the richest people in the world are White, many are Arab, Asian, and there are even some Blacks. Oh and yeah the terrorists on 9/11 were Arab not white. I know this doesn’t fuel your Black and White view or the world, but thats the point everything isn’t so cut and dry. Of course until people realize that we are all people of the same race… the human race… it’s much easier just to blame each other for our failures and faults… what a shame.

    • Just Me

      Dang, Michelle your rant made absolutely no sense and your spelling and grammar was as equally senseless.
      Apparently, your parents [oops sorry I forgot Baby Daddy is gone] I mean your Mother and Grand Mother never took the time to read to you and teach you to write a simple sentence and expected the schools to educate you.
      Didn’t work out so well for you did it?

    • blank

      Holy hell your ignorant to the tee. Do yourself a favor and move elsewhere (outside the US). Oh, not that bad after all then huh. Either that or the expenses won’t be covered on a ebt card? Which one is it. Nobody its forcing anybody to live here. Your more than welcome to get the fuck out if your that upset withus white people. I mean after all we are running this country and since were all white devilswhy would you stay

    • bridget

      What does rock music have to do with anything lol! Have you heard the lyrics to RAP music=black, kids killing kids in school=black as well, hence the metal detectors! Teen suicide= I’ve seen this in the black community as well. Slavery, read up on your history, black man kept black slaves long before white men did. Seriously read up on it.

    • rose

      LOVE C ALL, I don’t side with anyone, often, actually, most of the time I -agree- with CIT R, I’m not sure which comment you are talking about. I haven’t seen a light, but if I do, I’m not walking into it, I’m running into it. LOL

  • Chris

    Hundreds of African Americans are shot every weekend in the bad neighborhoods of Chicago. Why don’t they protest for them? All the innocent children that get caught in the crossfire. Where is the protesting than? There needs to be somebody to hold them accountable and tell them to get their acts together. But unfortunately, no one does this because they are figure it’s just a way of life. They say they can’t get jobs and act like the world is against them. We’ll where there is a will, there is a way. Mexicans cross the boarder and take all the jobs that nobody wants to do. They sure has fuck don’t have degrees from Harvard nor any cash to support themselves. Black community, start holding your own accountable instead of defending them. Your image might start changing for the better.

    • Andy S.

      they are protesting because an officer of the law who is sworn to protect the neighborhood shot an unarmed civilian in the back.
      this isn’t criminal vs criminal crime but a cop vs civilian crime

      • none ya

        Prove it!!! U where there and saw what happened. Come on now, use the sense God gave u, oops he must have forgotten u.

      • Andy S.

        prove that he was unarmed like the chief of police said he was?
        im not saying mike brown didn’t attack the officer, but his body was laying face down, which means he fell forward, which is concurrent with what the witnesses were reporting of him fleeing.

  • Nasdaq Lady

    All of these thugs say “NO JUSTICE” – “NO PEACE”
    How about “NO PEACE” – NO WELFARE”

  • Mariah

    I am a History buff. This country was founded on Looting and killing…American Indians were looted from and exterminated as well as African Americans were burned out of their homes for wanting to vote. So don’t make it seem like Blacks are so violent. This was retaliation. I’m not in Saint Louis but I’m outraged that once again a coward in uniform has gunned down a young person which is just SICK!!! You have released the faces and names of all these Black people who clearly broke the law but where is the picture of the MURDERER who caused all this chaos? Stop the biased reporting.

    • none ya

      Then y is it, historian, that every night on the news broadcasters report about blacks killing blacks. These r MURDERERS, killing ur own kind. We don’t know the”color” of this police officer nor do we know what happened on that unfortunate night. So let’s not condemn anyone until the evidence is presented and let the justice system do their job… cuz they got jobs, do u???

    • Gideon

      Really? The murderer? Where is your evidence? As of today, no one has determined murder as a fact. People who think like this are the disease of this country. There is concrete evidence of what these people did, not of the suspected murder. You may return to your rock.

  • Anonymous

    Did you miss that there was a struggle and that the “Unarmed Teen” was trying to get the cops gun, that it hasn’t been said that when the shot went off in the car, who was doing the shooting? Also, if you aren’t armed, it doesn’t mean you can’t be dangerous. I don’t know what they will find in the investigation. Maybe the rioting will stop so the investigation will continue and justice can be served in whatever way it needs to. Assumptions don’t get you very far.

  • citizen

    As a white citizen, I am sickened by the fact that these people are identified, yet the cop who killed Mike Brown is still unidentified. Two weeks ago when a cop was killed in St. Paul, MN the suspect’s identity and photo was plastered all over the media literally minutes after the incident. This double standard in our country can only lead to continued tension and distrust of police and governmental leaders. Stay strong St. Louis. Question everything!


    Don’t forget to go round up DeAndre Smith, 30, of Ferguson (they guy in the video on Fox 2 who justified the burning and looting of the QT.) If you look at other YouTube videos about the QT looting you can see him with the wine bottles. None if this is about race you theif! Nice weed pics on your FB page.

  • mediahack

    This is just fuel for the hot coals, it should have been left alone right wrong or indifferent. We had already watched the videos and saw faces. Media should have left it alone, you just gave the rioters a new excuse to continue.

  • Matt

    Justice for Michael Brown I’m assuming the officer assumed he was armed and a danger without properly getting the facts.Being shot ten times is overkill and police should only match force with the same force presented.Everyone that feels lost know that there are people who care and we as a community willl see this through.We are all children of God so let’s conduct are ourselves as such!

    • none ya

      Dude, shuty and watch the news or maybe not bcuz I’m sure someone mistakenly reported that or thats what u think u heard and that’s what u now believe. So not the case and it will all come out.

  • Chris

    Can anybody point out an area somewhere in the US where its white people killing each other by the dozens every weekend? Please tell me, because the only neighborhoods I ever hear about where shooting and killing is a normal thing is in black communities. I could be wrong.

  • n.

    what u think them posting pics gonna fix they’re mess…. ask belmar and knowles if they are enjoying the night…. sure they are not being anonymous gave there whereabouts… not so funny now is it cops

  • :/

    No one knows what happened except the cop, and the kid. The kid (obviously) isn’t talking, and the cop (obviously) isn’t talking. So, on both sides of the equation BOTH sides need to STOP being so judgemental on pure HERE SAY. Where is the justice for the kid in looting a gas station/convenience store? Where is the justice for the kid robbing a fucking shoe carnival? WHERE? If a white citizen kills a black citizen, or a black citizen kills a white citizen, or a fucking martian kills a Hispanic citizen while walking down the street with their Jewish girlfriend/boyfriend, where is the Justice in FUCKING UP YOUR OWN COMMUNITY!? GET REAL! DOES IT FIX ANYTHING!? IS ANYTHING AMENDED!? Ridiculous.

    • Mr. Rational

      It’s called “stickin’ it to da man”.
      Do Blacks riot when Blacks kill Blacks?  Hell, no; there would be weekly riots in Chicago.  All they do is “march for peace”, which they will never get because they cannot be peaceful.

      Whites should riot when Blacks kill Whites.  Whites should have rioted when Colin Ferguson (the Long Island Railroad mass-shooter, remember him?.. he’s Black, a Jamaican immigrant… which the media never bothered to mention) murdered all those White people just minding their own business.  THEN this might stop!  Violence is the only thing a savage understands.

      • Chris

        EXACTLY Mr. Rational. Whites should have also rioted when the poor Australian college student was out running and two black males drove up and shot him in the back because they were “bored!”

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