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Mugshots of Ferguson looters released to the public

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) – St. Louis County Police have released the mugshots of some of the looters arrested Sunday night.

There have been reports of 32 or more arrested in Ferguson. St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch says only 10 have been arrested and charged so far and are all being held in St. Louis County jail on $50,000 bond.  Many are from St. Louis, not Ferguson, and Trey Brewer is from Texas.

McCulloch says they face felony burglary charges.

The pictures are posted in this photo gallery:



  • Edith Bunker

    “SNITCHES GET STITCHES” Now I understand why our Chief of Police doesn’t want to put the name of the Officer out there. I Love Ferguson! & I LOVE CASTLE DOCTRINE!!! OUR MOTTO HERE IN THE FERG…. DONT START NO SHIT & THERE WONT BE NONE.

  • Bystander

    I don’t understand why this is a race issue? Do we know the cop was white? Do we know the cop was at fault? Last time I checked this was the USA where both the innocent and the guilty are to be treated as innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.
    I have personally driven through this area for work (not just Ferg/Flor but many other communities as well- and no, not just the predominately African American ones) where teenage boys seem to take great pleasure in intentionally getting in the way of traffic by walking in the middle of streets as slowly as possible. Would not surprise me at all if that was the case here. If so, let’s be honest, teenage boys (white or black) tend to get a little inflated in front of friends…. When the cop tells them to go to the sidewalk it wouldn’t surprise me if a snarky or outright rude comment was returned. If I were a cop, and boys who looked like they make be up to no good (such as being out late at night) were being rude to me, I might want to check into the situation and remind them that there are laws. If I were then assaulted (again, Mr. Brown is just as innocent as the cop right now- but no one seems to be questioning his actions) and the boy wrestled with me for my gun, I can see how I might respond violently. If someone tried to shoot me with my own gun…. I would definitely shoot back, whether they were 5 feet from me or 100! If I were disoriented from being assaulted, and shooting into the dark, I might just unload that clip to make sure I hit him. According to the interim police story, which like it or not is most likely the most honest story in the media (not supporting the police, I’m just saying that the kid running with him and instigating the altercation might not be exactly reliable) the officer acted in self defense. He may or may not have acted over zealously, but it’s still self defense. Murderer does not seem accurate.
    Again, like it or not, Ferg/Flor isn’t exactly a friendly area for police, so I think it’s reasonable to assume that officers may act more severely here than elsewhere for their own self preservation. If you don’t like that, then encourage an attitude of respect for law enforcement!!!
    Also, whether you agree with the officer’s actions or not, he probably has a family. It is not safe or fair to expose his identity until his safety and the safety of his family can be assured. Based on the actions of the community, it is certainly reasonable to expect the family and officer is in danger by being identified. Looters identified and charged have no right to privacy. They lost that right when they stole from innocent business owners trying to support their community!!! If I were Zisser I would never re-open. These individuals have ruined the trust between the community and business owners, which unfortunately perpetuates and exaggerates the current economic woes of the area.
    The constitution protects the right to peaceful assembly… These “protests” are mobs, and shouting “kill the police” is not peaceful. There is no reason for the police or anyone to be subjected to the environment the officers in Ferg/Flor are seeing. If protestors act as they are, they should be punished for mob behavior, terrorism, and unjust assembly… Atleast disturbing the peace!! And for those who criticize the officer for calling protestors “animals,” shame on you for being so biased. I think the word animals is the understatement of the century. If you don’t want to be called an animal… Don’t act like one!!!

  • a

    I love how this became racially motivated by the black community yet the white community is getting blamed for being racist!!! Apparently this started because a white cop shot a young black man? NO ONE KNOWS THE ACTUAL FACTS!!! Stop spouting black this and white that….in the end we all bleed red….who in the hell cares what your skin color is! Do you think when you stand before God it is going to matter about the color of your skin? No its not life is way to short to blame other people for your problems if you dont like where you are in life you have the power to change it…Mr Brown was trying to do that I am guessing but obviously something nn went wrong and I guarantee when he met our Lord he wasnt worried about the color of his skin!!!!

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